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The so-called nutrition rules for school meals and vending machines and bake sales go into effect for this coming school year.  Heroic school districts have opted-out like the ones discussed at this blog and in this Business Week article:

As superintendent of the Fort Thomas Independent School District in northern Kentucky, Gene Kirchner oversees 3,000 students who buy about 1,400 cafeteria lunches each day. At least they used to. Since federal school lunch nutrition requirements championed by Michelle Obama began phasing in over the past two years, Kirchner has noticed kids don’t buy lunch so much anymore. Last school year, Fort Thomas sold about 30,000 fewer meals than the year before. The problem is particularly acute at the high school level. “They’re just skipping lunch and stopping by the minimart on the way home instead,” Kirchner says. “And when they do buy a lunch, they go by the trash can and throw half of it away.”


In July, Fort Thomas dropped out of the program. Kirchner estimates doing so will cost his district about $200,000 in federal funding. But he says his lunch budget will be deeper in the red if he has to serve food students refuse to buy. “With the new guidelines coming into effect on snacks and a la carte items this fall, we’d be losing money this upcoming year,” he says.

Of course, nobody in DC thought through what the consequences might be of a top-down lunch menu.  (It is like Common Core for lunches!)  It is causing problems for the menus:

“I currently have one lunch entree that meets the a la carte requirements: grilled chicken breast on a whole-grain bun,” says Julia Bauscher, director of nutrition services for Louisville’s public schools and president of the national School Nutrition Association (SNA). “But I can’t serve condiments with it. How many kids are going to eat grilled chicken with absolutely nothing on it?”

I’ll have fries with that (OOPS I FORGOT!  Can’t have fries with that!)  Liberals and progressives tend to think that if you impose it from the top, everybody will go along.  What we need is a conservative GOP Senate in 2014 and a new President in 2016!

But until then:  Let’s start something:  People should pack their kids’ lunch on September 17, 2014, Constitution Day.  As a reminder that this nonsense that the meddling First Lady helped impose on the American People is not authorized by the Constitution!


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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