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This video is from the Jefferson Tea Party website – it is from the May 11, 2011 Board of Supervisors meeting. It is inspiring to hear the people rising.


Here it is as a link. I also decided to quote Dr. Charles Battig’s remarks to the BOCS. He needs help. I am trying to help from Hanover!

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors
May 11, 2011
Charles Battig, MD, Albemarle County
It is my pleasure to continue my “sustainability” monologue here; I wish it were your choice to have a dialogue instead.
Last Friday, I e-mailed you a point-by-point response to issues raised at the May 4th BOS meeting. Lack of any direct communication by the United Nations (U.N.) with the BOS has been offered as evidence of no influence by the U.N. on the BOS or on Albemarle County. Perhaps those making that claim are unacquainted with Greek history and the tale of the “Trojan Horse.” You may not realize it, but you have been dancing to the U.N. tune.
I use the terms ICLEI, Agenda 21, and the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development somewhat interchangeably as they are all cut from the same cloth. ICLEI helped shape the U.N.’s Agenda 21. It was a U.N. Conference which proclaimed: “Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals…Private land ownership…contributes to social injustice.” “Social justice” appears as a goal in the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) grant.
ICLEI has purchased a position of influence in County government for a measly $1200 per year. Whether it is the ICLEI “Clean Air and Climate Protection Software” or the “Climate and Air Pollution Planning Assistant” used by the County in following the ICLEI 5 milestones, the inherent message is the same. A well-meaning, public concern for environmental stewardship has been used a guise for a program advocating a radical curtailment of private property rights and individual freedoms, and an unwelcome intrusion into every aspect of our personal lives. The term “Sustainability” has been given cult status in our Federal and local governments. The term has achieved a “Silly Putty” character which allows its meaning to justify whatever its users define it to be.
ICLEI was brought into the County at the prompting of County staff in 2008. ICLEI is more than just software; membership brings a variety
of tools, and self-referential ICLEI training aids, support services, and the ICLEI mind-set. Who chose these County staff and by what criteria? Why suggest that this issue be referred to staff when staff attends ICLEI events? Several years ago I made numerous efforts to have County and City staff correct some of the more erroneous claims being made regarding climate science. The City web site was somewhat modified, but it remains a science embarrassment.
I assume that your staff is well acquainted with the 2002 “Smart Growth: Legislative Guidebook” produced by the American Planning Association with a grant from the U.S. H.U.D. It is a cookbook guide for achieving effective government control of growth and environmental issues, such as sustainability, by nibbling away at private choice and property rights by legislative design.
Long-frustrated that its 1998 Sustainability Accords were not implemented, the unelected TJPDC has now set out to change the County’s Comprehensive Plan with a $999,000 H.U.D.-funded “Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program.” Although the term “sustainability” appears almost 70 times in the grant, the TJPDC has an apparent case of buyer’s remorse and has changed the name to the “Livable Communities Planning District.” Such name change has precedent; former President Clinton’s advisor on Sustainable Development, J. Gary Lawrence, noted: “We call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management, or smart growth.”
I could not find a Trojan Horse to bring along; however, I did bring along a “ducky” to remind you that if “it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. ICLEI and the TJPDC are ducks of a feather.

There is one more thing to do: Go to the next meeting of the BOCS – June 8 is the work session. Just go and indicate you agree: ICLEI out of Albemarle County!

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. We are in this same fight with the Town of Abingdon. Hope to know soon what their decision will but.

    NEWS FLASH: HUD has chosen the New River Valley as their incubator project which will bring “Rural Sustainability Hubs” to Appalachia. There’s a $100Million grant in play, and all the Boards of Supervisors are buying into this Marxist Trojan Horse Scam:

    If you still run into bozos that think this crap is ‘conspiracy theory’, lay this 40-page utopian “vision” (they LOVE that word) on ’em. Urban Development Stack & Packs aren’t enough—now they want to bring The Projects to the sticks!!!


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