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Filibuster Change May Put Sarah Palin on Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Sarah Palin?

Supreme Court Justice Sarah Palin?

How cool would that be? Would Liberals brain’s explode, or what?

First and foremost, you must understand what is behind the proposed change in the Filibuster rules Dirty Harry Reid is about to introduce (or a Reid surrogate).

It is all about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or Darth Vader Ginsburg as she is known in the Empire. She MUST retire before 2012. Long enough before to have a suitable ultra-Liberal replacement found and confirmed by the Senate.

But the new Republican Minority/Majority in the Senate will never allow a liberal of Ginsburg’s caliber on the court. There are enough strong right wing Republicans to more than make up for the the squishy RINO Scott (#41) Brown, who was Scott (#60 for the Democrats) Brown quite often, and the Witches of Eastwick Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Now the Democrats will be pretty much unable to shut down discussion on a bill, or more importantly, a nomination for SCOTUS.

So, what is likely to happen is the Dark Lord Ginsburg will be replaced by a far more moderate Liberal who is likely to actually apply the US Constitution every now and again. And the Progressives just can’t have that, now can they?

So Harry must change the rules or the entire balance of the court will shift decidedly to the right – which would actually be a shift to the Constitution. Even (gasp!) abortion will be threatened! And ObamaCare would not stand a chance with someone who actually read the Constitution.

The US Senate was intended by the Founding Fathers to be the body of no. Or more precisely, the body of slow. A moderating influence that fosters bipartisanship and cooperation as the only way to pass legislation.

The House can be full of Hot Heads, but the cooler heads of the Senate are an important balancing factor to keep the country on an even keel. A lot of knees must jerk in the Senate to really muck up the Nation.

And both parties have used the filibuster in the past to slow or stop bad legislation – bad as defined by the filibustering party.

As is the habit of Democrats, the unintended consequences of their actions always come back to bite them on their collective arses. But, more often, it bites Americans in their pocketbooks or their sense of morality and decency.

The argument being put forth by the Progressives who wish to end the power of the minority, now that Republicans have enough votes to stand in the way of their radical agenda, is that the Senate is not a continuing deliberative body. Which means, in essence, that the current rules of the Senate are no longer in force, and new rules must be enacted regarding the procedures in the Senate.

Now, that is true in the House. All 435 members are freshly elected every two years. So, their rules must be voted upon every two years. But the Senate is a continuous body in that only one third of the members face re-election in any given biennium. Which means that the majority of the Senators remain in office in any given election year.

The Senate is allowed to visit the rules under which they operate at any time. But the current rules require 67 votes to change. Harry Reid believes, apparently, that since they are a “new” Senate, the old rules are no longer valid and may be changed with only a simple majority.

We can’t win elections, so let’s change the rules is the mantra du jour.

If the Democrats are allowed to change these rules and effectively end the ability to slow down bad legislation, this will have little effect because the House will stop any Liberal Agenda bills that have been rammed down out throats these past two years.

But remember those unintended consequences?

This power play will drive voters absolutely mad with fury. There will be little doubt that the Senate and White House will move to Republican hands with such an arrogant and blatant move as this.

Republicans will have the power to remove every one of these ill appointed judges, repeal every scintilla Progressive mischief and more when they return to power in 2012. And with a mandate from the voters.

So, the Republicans should promise to impeach any far left court appointees and replace them with far right ones in 2013, saving the best for last.

Supreme Court Justice Sarah Palin would be rammed through with 51 votes in the Senate to replace the illegally appointed ACL you got to be kidding scheme Reid is instigating, for at least 4 years.

Or if they want someone with experience instead of Palin, Ann Coulter might be available. Mox nix.

And then when Dems take over again, we can completely wipe out the right leaning Justices, and so on and on.

Do they really want to go there?

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

12 Responses to “Filibuster Change May Put Sarah Palin on Supreme Court”

  1. There’s one thing you haven’t thought of. If Republicans win big in 2012, enough to take over the Senate, there will still be a lame duck session between that November and January of 2013. And don’t think for one minute the Democrats would be too proud to hold a lame duck vote and change the rules back to the traditional filibuster rules we have now. They have no shame.

    • Tom White says:

      And the first order of business in 2013 for the Senate is to vote on the rules.

      • Actually, if the GOP does take control of the Senate in the 2012 elections, they ought to change it back to the no-filibuster rule, assuming that I’m right that the Democrat lame-duck would change it back if they lost big in 2012. Anything that can take away the remotest chance of even the smallest influence of the Democrats is fine with me. The GOP needs to stop playing nice with these people. They ought to use the exact same tactics against the Democrats that the Democrats use against them.

        • Rob Miller

          Hi Tom,
          IMO it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to impeach a sitting Supreme Court Justice, no matter what legislative tricks were used to confirm them. A mere change in the Senate rules would not be sufficient grounds.

          The best thing would be to simply delay things and simply bork all of his nominees until Obama is out of office, even if it means a few months with an 8 person Court.

          Ginsberg, FYI has pancreatic cancer and may not last until 2012.

          Otherwise, a good post!


          • Tom White says:

            Rob, Pancreatic cancer is a really bad disease. The prognoses is almost always grim. And the life expectancy after detection is not very long. Frankly, I was surprised that she did not step down immediately. Most people would have.

            As I understand the process, a simple majority in the House is all that is needed, but Article 1 specifies 2/3 of “members present”. So, it depends on the size of the Republican majority, but also the number of members present.

            But the point of my post was not to REALLY put Palin on the bench, but to put forward the threat of “Mutually Assured Destruction”, balancing the Dem’s insanity with the threat of more insanity.

            Alas, Republicans have a tendency to fight “fair” and take the “high moral ground”, meaning we all suffer from the Dem;’s willingness to cheat, and have little recourse.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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