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Finally, Let’s Do A (Probably Partial) Response to my Commentators!

First, I want to say: I do appreciate my commentators. They make me think and sometimes make me angry or laugh. I’ve even made a friend from a comment: Stan Scott is one example!

First, to Old Redneck about Larnie Allgood: Larnie can be on my next campaign any time and I would be honored if he would help me. Maybe 2021…

Mr. Nobody asked several questions: His first is whether the delegate decided to keep the convention (quickly old news) when he discovered he would win. No, rather I do believe Delegate Peace discovered that he was not likely to win the convention so he sought to scuttle it. Mr. Nobody discovered that in his next comment:

I told you Peace would do this if he didn’t have the votes. I agree with the Chairman. And, Peace has had months to challenge the pick of a convention over primary. But, not until he found out he didn’t have the delegate votes does he pull this BS out of his hat.

Peace is what’s wrong with the Republican Party. Why don’t you ask Peace who greased Washington to allow Communist China to purchase Smithfield?

I do not know the answer to the Smithfield question but it is virtually certain Del. Peace had nothing to do with that sale.

Then Mr. Nobody turns to the question about Dems voting in the “firehouse” primary.

My take on this is: I think it is a bit harder due to the requirement of a signature or some form of affirmation to support the candidates of the GOP. (That is why I probably will not vote on June 1; if Del. Peace is serious about enfranchisement, he’d ask the Party to waive that requirement. But since this is really NOT a primary but a canvass, they can require the loyalty oath.)

I got a great compliment from Mr. Nobody although praise is only for the Triune God of the Bible! I thoroughly disagree that the court system is corrupt although I do agree the government and those with money can do better but that is more based on resources not graft. I also know that the Wyatt campaign has a lawyer from a prominent firm out of town (Staunton) so I think he’s okay in that.

Now I get a comment from Patriot and I completely agree – except I add to some extent the Wyatt campaign, too – mainly for not getting out of the Hanover seat long before he was running or even considering running for delegate – or stepped aside and supported another candidate. Here it is from Patriot:

The situation in the 97th LD is an embarrassment to the Republican Party in general and to the RPV and Peace campaign in particular.

I think it was misleading for Del. Peace and the RPV chair to say the convention was CANCELLED. They can say it might not have legal efficacy so go out and vote your conscience – all delegates should vote because we do not know how the legal wrangling will turn out. The convention did occur and was not cancelled. The RPV chair might ought to have stayed completely neutral pending appeals.

I am not settled on outside pols getting involved; they do have the right to do so but it might not be good politics because you have to work with the winner: Peace or Wyatt. And it raises a question: Why? What’s their motive?

I got my email box blown up with my (sort of) liveblog of the actual convention. A few comments:

Response to Kim Singhas: My use of the seven star Venezuela flag (abolished and replaced with a eight star similar flag by the commies) was to protest the attempt to reset the method of nomination at the last minute. It is NOT an endorsement of the present Venezuela regime.

I have come around to the idea that conventions should not be done at the state legislative level and maybe not even at the Congressional level. Now I disagree with Kim Singhas about the disenfranchisement of the people – I do agree that the convention method was tainted in the initial involvement of Wyatt in the process – even though he did give a proxy to the actual meeting and that proxy COULD have voted primary.

Let’s stop and rebuke Mr. Nobody and warn him: Don’t insult me at the blog or risk being blocked. (“Now, just so you will know, I have chickens that possess more intelligence than you.”) I admire tough dialogue and I have to say I was surprised at this. Maybe it was a slip of the typing finger(s) – I’ve been there, done that – and if so, I am ready to accept an apology as a comment here on this post.

But Nobody also said something that won’t get him banned but will get a hearty BOO from me and that is attacking the Honorable Nina Peace:

After what, 12 years in the Virginia House, and with those 80,000 voters you mention, Nina Peace’s son Chris, could not get enough people to show up at a convention to win.

I do not think this was a compliment. Judge Peace is one of the reasons I originally enthusiastic about her son. She stood for what was right; I admire her for it. The Hanover Bar Association’s highest award, given every Christmas, is named after Judge Peace. I might have come out for Peace this time if he hadn’t cited the satanic bible (The Washington Post) favorably twice and I felt his defense was not humble which is what this sort of thing called for. (I was not pleased when Del. Glenn Davis voted with Peace but he did not seem so strident about it.) Admittedly, I could have said: Maybe this is Chris’s chance to stand up for what he thought was right. I admittedly did not consider that.

Rick Ryan, who I admire very much, brings up the big reason for avoiding primaries: The other side voting in an unethical manner. I do fear this – even more in Trump days then today. I am leaning toward party registration with indys voting in ANY primary. And mandatory primaries at least for the major parties; any party with say 10,000 registrations would be able to to attain major party status but has to be registered at 5% or more – maybe 10% – to have a mandatory primary. Statewide elections can be by convention.

Ted O attacks my dear friend and political colleague Dale Hargrove Alderman. I’ll let her answer this more as much of this is matter I am not intimately acquainted with. Dale is my friend and she has given me encouragement and political advice through the years. And her father is my hero: Delegate Frank Hargrove!

Now let’s talk slating: Technically there was none. BUT what occurred was not great. Maybe some neutral manner of selection of delegate versus alternative such as by date of signing the form perhaps or a change in the rules to allow all to be delegates and give each delegate a weighted vote of less than one vote. And both sides were accused of doing the “slating”.

I am concerned about the gifts (Peace’s lobbying activities appear to be BEFORE his first term at delegate in 2006. It and the gifts are no civics lesson for sure.) but at least the delegate DID report the gifts. A voter could and should ask Wyatt the question: Why did these senators support the convention – and by extension you?

So, let me say: Neither side won this battle. Both lost. The GOP lost (especially the Hanover Committee) as well. Be thankful that the Dems did not run Stan Scott for the 97th. And that I doubt there is a Libertarian to run that could win. And maybe that a certain blogger did not run as a Libertarian. Believe me, I thought and prayed about it. Now this mess will probably go to court. Let’s hope we never have another convention.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

One Response to “Finally, Let’s Do A (Probably Partial) Response to my Commentators!”

  1. Mr. Nobody says:

    Well Sanford, first off let’s get this straight. I am not about to apologize to you or anyone else for those comments that you mentioned. Unless, of course, something is untrue, then I certainly will retract and apologize. What exactly is not 100% true in my comments?

    1) My comment about my chickens intelligence was in “reply” to a comment by someone using the name Kim Singhas. However, even if I did believe that I have at least one chicken smarter than you or someone else, I am still entitled to my opinion. And sir, you are entitled to yours.

    2) On the VPAP website, it clearly shows that Chris Peace lobbied on behalf of Smithfield Foods. If I remember correctly, Peace continued to do work for Smithfield in some capacity for years even after he was elected and had left McGuire Woods. If I recall correctly he listed Smithfield as an employer for years after being elected in the 97th, on his website. Not sure when he officially stopped working for Smithfield, as a lobbyist or otherwise. To the best of my knowledge, Peace has never denied being involved in the sale of Smithfield, or the approval of that sale that was required in the US senate. Perhaps you can provide DOCUMENTATION from your friend Peace when and exactly what years he did work as a lobbyist or otherwise on behalf of Smithfield, and what was his relationship with Smithfield after he had left McGuire Woods and was elected to the Va. House??? I have never accused Peace of doing anything illegal. Should the people however be allowed to make their own decisions about honorable and ethical after being presented with the facts?

    2.5) Now, look at the votesmart link below and you will clearly see that Chris Peace is listed as a “Consultant” for Smithfield from 2006-2015, under “professional experience”. Does “Consultant = Lobbyist? This info was also on Peace’s website for years after he was elected as a Delegate. Its been no secret. Where is your DOCUMENTATION that Peace was not in anyway involved in the sale of Smithfield to Communist China?

    3) Why do you attack me for merely pointing out that Chris Peace is Nina Peace’s son? If she is as well thought of in the 97th District as you claim, surely this would help Chris Peace at election time? But yet, do you not seem to write as if this mother/son relationship is somehow a negative? Also, you refuse to give credence to the part of that comment that details that Peace cannot get enough people/delegates in the very heart of his district to win at a convention after 12 years as a Delegate.

    4) My comments here from the start about the convention in the 97th were meant to inform people that there would only be a convention if Peace knew that he had the votes to win. As late as the afternoon before the
    LDC meeting where they cancelled the convention, a member of Peace’s staff claimed that they thought they had the votes to win at the Saturday convention. Was that nothing but lie? My observations were 100% correct.

    5) Are you threatening to ban me from Varight because Peace or his campaign wants me banned? Banned for presentation of the facts? Do you one day hope to be a judge that would require GA approval? Is a disclaimer in order, if so? Are you working for Peace or his campaign pro-bono or otherwise?

    6) Surely, it is you who owes me the apology. But, please do not fret friend as I hold no grudge nor hatred towards you. We have all come up short.

    7) Regards


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