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Former Delegate David Ramadan Resigns From Republican Party – Expresses Support for 3rd Party Candidate

Former Delegate David Ramadan has been one of the most vile of the anti Trump insurgents in the Republican Party. His Facebook page is a steady stream of post after post that echos anything and everything the liberal media puts out that paints Trump in a negative light. From polls to made up baby stories, accuracy seems to be of no concern to the #NeverTrump Ramadan.

Congressman Scott Rigell announced his support for third party candidate Gary Johnson and when he did so, he automatically resigned from the Republican Party according to the bylaws.

Article VII

Section C Removal

A member of an Official Committee is held to a higher standard of support for nominees of the Republican Party than an
individual who merely participates in a mass meeting, party canvass, convention or primary. Therefore, a member of an
Official Committee is deemed to have resigned his Committee position if he (a) makes a reportable contribution to and/or
(b) knowingly allows his name to be publicly used by and/or (c) makes a written or other public statement supporting the
election of a candidate in opposition to a Republican nominee in a Virginia General or Special Election, and/or (d)
becomes an officer of any other political party. A majority of the elected officers of an official committee are charged
with recognizing when this provision is in effect. For members of multiple official committees, such recognition by a
given official committee applies to all subordinate official committees. Such member may be re-instated by a majority
vote of the other members of the Committee


And Ramadan – as well as Rigell – are both banned from participating in any party activity for 4 years.


Article I

Section A

2. A voter who, subsequent to making a statement of intent, publicly supports a candidate in opposition to a
Republican nominee shall not be qualified for participation in party actions as defined in Article I for a period of four (4)

Here is the offending written statement by Ramadan on his Facebook account on August 3, 2016

Ramadan Votes 3rd Party1

Even though Ramadan uses the word “might” that still indicates a degree of support and does not absolve him from following the same rules that were enforced on former Delegate Mark Berg. Berg’s “support” for a third party candidate was entirely passive. Berg never gave any statement of support for a write in campaign against the Republican nominee. A campaign that Berg himself was never involved in that was started by others.

If that was sufficient to have Berg tossed from the Republican Party, Ramadan’s written statement in favor of a write in vote for a third party candidate is far more compelling.

And when you add in Ramadan’s Tweet supporting attacks on anyone who responds to a Donald Trump tweet, this guy has no place in the GOP.


John Whitbeck, do your job!
Keep in mind that this resignation does not require action on the part of the Party. Ramadan has done all the action required to tender his own resignation.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

19 Responses to “Former Delegate David Ramadan Resigns From Republican Party – Expresses Support for 3rd Party Candidate”

  1. Trump Voter says:

    The SCC won’t vote for a Convention on August 27th. Too many of the “Republicans in Virginia’ won’t be able to pass the credentials committee test in order to serve as a delegate but at least they can Vote in a Primary. They’ve violated the oath to support the nominee.

    Rules have consquences Mr. Whitbeck, Chairman of the RPV. Do your JOB! Remove all the Republicans from the party posting #NeverTrump on their social media.

  2. Bob McMahan says:

    Remember that when former Delegate Ramadan ran for office, he was endorsed by a number of senior national level Republican figures. I wonder if those folks now regret their endorsement.

    • Silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids says:

      Check out 1st District SCC rep Attorney and Ken Cuccinelli pal and Loser Ted Cruz Supporter Steve Albertson of the Conservative Fellowship raving about David Ramadan in his BULLSHIT ELEPHANT BLOG.

      • Hank M. says:

        OMG- thanks for the post.

        Read the 44 comments- see the names of all the RINO leaders in the Republican Party of Virginia who love them some David Ramadan, too?

        This just solidifies the long standing belief that the Conservative Fellowship run by Albertson is nothing more than a Middle Resolution straw man army and The Bull Elephant Co-Founded by Albertson is a rag to compete with the Bearing Drift. MR Pac loves them some David Ramadan, too. Loves his money from the terrorist countries. Google Frank Gaffney and David Ramadan and read all the CIA intelligence on Muslim Delegate David Ramadan- and he was a Delegate thanks to the Republican Party.

    • lawrence wood says:

      In today’s PC political environment it is highly unlikely but he seems to have collected a significant pile of passes on both his conservative credentials and his actual background and business associations. Sort of the don’t ask, don’t know delegate from NoVA. But again at least he is up front regarding his support issues and open dislike of the Republican nominee compared to others that feign outrage and respond with name calling and accusations if you point out to them they engage in exactly the same behavior.

      • Calvin S. says:

        If Muslim David Ramadan shows up with his Muslim Brotherhood in Loudon County for the Ed Gillespie and Carly Fiorina Road Show which Travis is hosting- Travis Witt is going to crap in his pants- Travis is an Islamophobe- and a Homophobe.

        Travis said so Saturday at the Christian Taliban Meeting in Goochland with 100 Witnesses in the church.

        Travis forgot he wasn’t reenacting Peter Muhlenberg recounting George Washington drumming the Sodomites out of the Revolutionary Army.

      • Tea Party Commando says:


        In 2015 Bob Bailie of Midde Resolution offered the Hanover Tavern to newly elected 7th District Chairman Fred Gruber for a grassroots training venue on a Saturday. The trade? Bailie wanted Ramadan as a speaker. MR Pac promotes Ramadan. Albertson promotes Ramadan?

        Why? and why is Bull Elephant Co-Founder Steve Albertson carrying Ramadan’s water if he is indeed the defacto leader of the Conservative Fellowship since Russ Moulton’s departure?

        • King and Queen Liberty Party says:

          Mosely Architects: Chairman, President, and CEO Stewart D. Roberson, Ed.D.

          Retired Hanover County School Superintendent Stewart Roberson built many schools in Hanover County during his decades in his lucrative position. He retired earning $250K annually. Guess who miraculously received all of those contracts? YOU BETCHA. Bailie’s donors- business partners/investors.

          Who is going to build Bailie’s Charter Schools for the MUSLIMS?

          You can bet Mosely Architects will design them and Hanover Contractors will build them.
          Bids? What Bids?

          • Steve Albertson

            Psst…Kim, your desperation is showing. Showing so bad that I can tell from all the way where I’m sitting that you’re posting using multiple fake names again.

      • Enforce the Constitution Don't Change it says:

        The connection between Middle Resolution Founder Robert Bailie and Imad Afif “David” Ramadan is their common goal for a Convention of States. The Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the Republican Party in Virginia with Dirty MONEY in support of a COS to destroy the Constitution for Sharia Law in America.

        Robert Bailie has used his influence and money to take over the VTPPF in Virginia.

        Chris Walker from Amherst County is the Virginia Director for the Convention of States and attended the Goochland County Conservative Fellowship training program Saturday which was nothing more than a Middle Resolution convention. The Tea Party has been corrupted by the influence of the Middle Resolution in Virginia. Their evil tenacles are everywhere if you look closely.




  3. Trump Backers says:

    You can look it up pretty easily at – for future reference.

  4. Calamity Jane says:

    ASK what the hell were MUSLIM David Ramadan’s Qualifications to serve on George Mason’s Board of Governor’s. Bet MO got Diamonds? Bob McDonnell should go to Prison and so should that Gold Digger Wife of his.

  5. lawrence wood says:

    These two are just the tip of the iceberg in fact as dozens of other elected state Republican officials concur but hide in the political wood line taking every opportunity to undercut the Republican nominee but carefully allowing others to wordsmith their positions for them in print and media. To that end I have more respect for Mr. Ramadan and Mr Ridell then that bunch of phony opportunists many of which wrap themselves in the Tea Party flag and the righteous defense of some self defined conservative cause to stab the party candidate in the back. Their reward is Clinton’s personally guaranteed policy statements of a tax and spend economy, more regulation, immigration amnesty and expanded phases of Obamacare if elected.

    Trump has proved if nothing else to have been the ideal state matchmaker in the final judgement for a not so odd couple. The traditional Virginia country club Republican “conservatives” that vote consistently nationally for so called conservative stalwarts like McConnell, Ryan, Romney, McCain, Graham, et al with current fellow travelers of the soapbox preaching “preserve the integrity of the conservative movement” crowd that long ago betrayed it by focusing on their PACs and fund raising while failing to deliver any voter base solution or roll back a single Obama administration program forced on the back of the suffering working and middle class voter. Who would have predicted? The one major flaw of this new matrimonial is that it fails to recognize or acknowledge that the Republican Virginia voting base may not be in any mood to accept this partnering of convenience from their “betters” after their facilitation of placing Hillary’s boot firmly on their necks. Good luck Mr. Whitman you are going to need it regarding 2017 and the likelihood of a Republican state governorship given this partnering.

  6. Craig Orndorff

    That assumes that either of them ever signed one. Many localities only use them when they want to screw somebody. Proving once again how ridiculous this all is in the end.

  7. Underground says:

    >Who is Imad “David” Ramadan?
    >Posted on October 24, 2011
    >David Ramadan
    >*David Ramadan won the August Virginia primary for the Republican House of
    >Delegates seat in the 87th district. Ramadan has bought the endorsements
    >of many Republicans including Rep. Frank Wolf. The following is a website
    >that outlines the questionable past of this possible stealth jihadist:*
    >*Who Is Imad “David” Ramadan://>*


    Congresswoman Barbara Comstock won’t endorse Donald J. Trump.

    If you live in Barbara Comstock’s Congressional District let her know you won’t be voting for her in November. She votes like a Democrat anyway. Elect one.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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