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Former President BUSH defends NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND! His rationale is EXACTLY WHY NCLB is BAD!

There was an interview with former President George W. Bush about No Child Left Behind.  A discerning reader might decide to vote for Ron Paul instead:

Here was part of the answer to the question about the effectiveness of NCLB:

First of all, I am extremely proud of the effects of No Child Left Behind. For the first time, the federal government basically demanded results in return for money.

That is exactly what is WRONG with NCLB:  The Federal Government ought not be using money to influence local education.  Look at who President Bush praises:
The President has to take the lead and say, Wait a minute, No Child Left Behind has worked. Let’s not weaken it. And he has to find leaders in both parties to be willing to step up and make the change. That’s why [Democrats] Ted Kennedy and George Miller were very effective. We didn’t agree on the funding formulas and certain issues, but we did agree on the basics. And that is, you cannot expect excellence unless you measure.
Ted Kennedy needs nothing further in explanation; Rep. George Miller once tried to do away with home schooling in the early 90s and was only stopped by the united front of believers faxing and calling Congress.  (This is from a Salon hit piece on Mike Farris’ Home School Legal Defense Association.)

HSLDA does have a reputation for silencing the opposition, relying on a well-organized membership network to make its demands known. Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., found that out when introducing a measure in 1994 that would require that teachers be certified in the subjects they teach. Home-school groups were satisfied that the measure would not apply to home-schoolers and advised HSLDA not to pursue it, but HSLDA leaders sent out instructions to oppose the bill on the grounds that it might be interpreted to mean that home-schooling parents need to be certified as well.

The call to action brought a barrage of phone calls and faxes that shut down Capitol Hill phone lines for days. The vote was 435-1 against the certification proposal. Not one representative other than Miller wanted to risk the wrath of HSLDA, illustrating an intimidation factor that critics say further allows HSLDA to dominate on the issue of home schooling in state and national forums.

Here is a better version of the same struggle.  it is a long quote for a blog so about 60% of the way down where it says HR 6 begin to read.  it’s a great effort!
Miller is one of the most liberal representatives there is!
But there’s more from President Bush:
In some circles, punching No Child Left Behind is a way to basically say, I’m against Big Government. In fact, No Child Left Behind is a way to promote efficient government. In a lot of these debates, you don’t hear real detail or analysis about how to improve the law. In essence, it’s No Child Left Behind is big government. Well, No Child Left Behind basically says, If you’re going to fund [schools], like we’ve been doing for years, we in the federal government ought to demand accountability, which seems to me a very conservative principle. Yet some conservatives are saying No Child Left Behind is an improper role for federal government. In that case, it’s more philosophy than actual analysis of how No Child Left Behind works and its effectiveness.
This is exactly the kind of Big Government conservatism that hallmarked the Bush years.  President G. H.W.Bush was enthralled with Agenda 21 and George W. Bush wanted Big Government hands in education, laws like the Patriot Act and start wars all over the world.  I will be very careful before I ever again vote for a Bush.
There is no federal role in education save defending civil rights.  That can be done by the Justice Department or local US Attorneys.  If the Federal Government can demand accountability and test score results, it can ram down indoctrination down the throats of our kids.  The liberals have no conscience about indoctrination for children:  They teach the kids about global warming, carbon footprints, globalism, food tyranny, and revisionist US history!  Just tonight, the preteen TV show iCarly had the First Lady Michelle Obama on their show.  She is critical to the 2012 campaign and I am sure it was subtle bias toward the Obama re-election campaign.  I support what Texas did in their curriculum.  No Child Left Behind is a huge start towards federal control of educational curriculum.  That will be enforced liberalism for sure.


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