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Freedom Lullaby – The Martha Boneta Story in Song


Virginia Right! Editor Tom White and Martha Boneta posing with fresh organic eggs from Paris Barns

Note – The song is included in the video below, but I have had requests for the MP3, so click (or right click and select save in some cases) here and download to listen to wherever.

If you live in Virginia there is a good chance that you have heard of Martha Boneta. And even if you live elsewhere in America, there is a good chance this has hit your radar.

Family farms, once the backbone of America, have nearly disappeared. In their place, large corporate farms have taken over the task of growing our food. As fast and as cheaply as possible. And the additives to the food are not a healthy choice putting profit ahead of health. I have nothing against making money, but food is one area that there are exceptions.

Martha Boneta has a farm in Paris, Virginia. The rolling hills and blue skies are a picturesque backdrop for the red barns and the silos that dot the landscape. The fresh air is the first hint that things are different here. And on Martha’s farm, everything is organic and the animals and critters are well cared for and the symbiosis between human and animal is the very definition of the circle of life.

And one day Martha Bonita’s world was suddenly turned upside down.

American Farm at the time wrote:

Her operation consists of farm sales, rescued animals, an organic tea café, and special events which have included filming a documentary, a seasonal pumpkin patch and carving event and birthday parties.
The birthday party part, has many steamed. Boneta hosted a birthday party at the farm for her best friend’s daughter and nine friends. The birthday party, according to Johnson, was grounds for fines up to $5,000 since proper special events permits were not obtained.

Appealing a Notice of Zoning Violation and Corrective Order takes a lot of time, money and energy, not to mention Boneta, said she planted 2,000 tomato plants and 1,000 eggplants, started an apiary this year, and she is responsible for numerous animals.

The appeal process requires submitting a land development application, paying a filing fee of $500 and writing the basis for the appeal within 30 days. In the appeal, Boneta’s lawyer invoked the Virginia Right to Farm Act, but the county’s attorney argued the act was misinterpreted.

Virginia law protects the rights of farmers to sell what they grow and agricultural value-added products like jams and jellies, pies, soap, candles, and the like. The Paris farm is the only one that has ever been cited, according to information from a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the appellant’s attorney.

Zoning laws for family farms and agriculture are an emotional subject. Many of the protesters believe Fauquier County is breaking the law and trespassing on the property and agricultural rights of farmers, their patrons and their families. This has brought out attacks on the county’s zoning department from several groups.

The head of the board of zoning, Johnson, who’s been at the helm for eight years, “ is abusing her office, is in violation of law, is out of control and needs to be removed,” says Fauquier County Citizens for Family Farms (FCCFF), which has called for her ouster and, after the loss, is threatening to proceed with lawsuits.

And Martha has appeared on numerous news programs to tell her story. Below is the unbelievable and absurd saga of a county government run wild in Martha’s own words on a FoxNews interview.


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One of the things that makes this story so fascinating is the array of support from so many different perspectives. My interest in covering this story has mostly been the Property Right’s issue. But the family farm aspect was also important.

Many environmentalists found the family farm and the use of organic farming methods a compelling reason to side with Martha.

In fact, the only demographic that supported the county would be the big government proponents.

And the fact that Martha rescues animals and truly loves them all appeals to animal rights activists.

And I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when the bill was signed by Virginia’s new governor Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe is a big fan of more government intrusion into our lives. But the array of support from all sides forced the governor into a corner, more or less. If he signed the bill he would be giving a victory to the TEA Party and if he vetoed the bill he would be slapping the face of animal lovers and environmentalists. Of course he could just ignore it an allow it to become law, but that would make everyone mad.

So he signed it quietly. Without comment or fanfare.

I had actually heard the news shortly after the bill was signed.

This past Saturday I was a property rights seminar featuring Tom DeWeese, Pres. American Policy Center, Marc Morano, , and Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, senior writer for Canada Free Press. There were about 300 people gathered on a beautiful afternoon to hear these brilliant speakers.

Martha Boneta was there and recognized to a round of applause. She was delighted to announce that the Governor had signed the “Boneta Bill” and it becomes law on July 1, 2014. That announcement was met with a standing ovation. Freedom won – this time.

After the seminar, I was invited to attend a private reception at the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. King on the York River a few miles upstream from Yorktown.

Martha Boneta showed up carrying a crate with several Styrofoam egg cartons filled with fresh turkey, duck and hen eggs from her farm. The photo above shows the eggs that I took home and prepared for Sunday morning breakfast the next day.

And I took pictures of the cooking process and planned to do a narrated video but decided to write and produce a song about the Martha Boneta story. I was working on an Irish song for St. Patrick’s Day next week and had the tune and much of the music already recorded. So I scrapped the lyrics I had written and wrote new lyrics and tweaked the song a bit. The fact that Martha was born on St. Patrick’s Day made this even more fun for me.

The eggs were absolutely the best I have ever had. Organic and fresh makes a big difference. And knowing that we are free to enjoy these beautiful products come July makes them taste even better.

Please celebrate with a Guinness in one hand and a pitchfork in the other. And it is expected that you shout out Ho Hey Ho on the chorus. (Lyrics below)

Freedom Lullaby – Written and Recorded by Tom White

Freedom Lullaby – The Martha Boneta Story

This is a song I wrote and recorded about Martha Boneta’s incredible journey to protect her property rights and her farm. And I dedicate this song to Martha and the many, many people who pitched in along the way to push government back and let freedom ring.



Freedom Lullaby

Martha was a lovely lass who lived in Fauquier County
She tilled the soil and tended flocks and rejoiced in nature’s bounty
And she sold the wonders that she raised by the box and by the pound
Until the day the county came and tried to shut her down.

And it’s Ho Hey Ho Let’s strike a blow for freedom.
And it’s Ho Hey Ho May that Freedom Never Die
And it’s Ho Hey Ho Call your friends in when you need ’em
And it’s Ho Hey Ho and We’ll lift the pitchforks high
And we’ll raise up a toast to Washington’s ghost in a Freedom lullaby.

Martha told the county troops she had the right to farm.
She owned the land and all the crops, the house the lake and barn
And they mocked her words and ignored her rights and made her face the judge
And she held firm and they started to squrm when they found she wouldn’t budge.

And it’s Ho Hey Ho Let’s strike a blow for freedom.
And it’s Ho Hey Ho May that Freedom Never Die
And it’s Ho Hey Ho Call your friends in when you need ’em
And it’s Ho Hey Ho and We’ll lift the pitchforks high
And we’ll raise up a toast to Washington’s ghost in a Freedom lullaby.

The bullies soon discovered that Martha had some friends
Who would stand by her watch her back until the bitter end.
And they wrote some legislation to hold the government at bay
And McAuliffe quietly signed the bill quickly walked away.

And it’s Ho Hey Ho Let’s strike a blow for freedom.
And it’s Ho Hey Ho May that Freedom Never Die
And it’s Ho Hey Ho Call your friends in when you need ’em
And it’s Ho Hey Ho and We’ll lift the pitchforks high
And we’ll raise up a toast to Washington’s ghost in a Freedom lullaby.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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