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Go To THIS FB Page and Answer Del. Peace’s Comment on Medicaid Expansion!

Here is a link to a FB page that Del. Chris Peace calling for comments on Medicaid Expansion.

Now, BE NICE!  But let the delegate know how you feel.  Strongly prefer stick to constituents of the 97th district (eastern Hanover, all of New Kent and most of King William counties) to answer this posting.

Here’s my answer:

I am opposed to Medicaid expansion because I believe it will be like many other government programs (including KinGAP, too!) exceed projections and cannot be taken back once set up. Please renounce the House plan and support the Senate one. Let the Dems own this issue.

Let’s tell it!




About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

7 Responses to “Go To THIS FB Page and Answer Del. Peace’s Comment on Medicaid Expansion!”

  1. Bob Shannon

    I don’t engage in any social media besides this type so I can’t state my case on FaceBook. No doubt many others will.

    Sandy Sanders cautions us to ” be nice”……I ask when has nice worked in politics ? It is no different than Peace coming down my driveway and threatening one of my young grandkids with harm, because his actions as a legislator are leading to economic ruin, which will cause my grandchildren terrible suffering when the debt bomb explodes. In politics we are way past the being nice phase. It is as if the majority of citizens don’t grasp the long term implications of elected officials actions. Medicaid could have, should have been reformed back in 2012 when Republicans controlled all of state government, but they cowered because they didn’t want to incur the medias wrath that would have been forthcoming had they reformed the program. I said as much to Peace at a King William County Republican party meeting, asking him if these big problems were not to be tackled when Republicans had a golden opportunity, then just when might we expect some action ? Peace simply shrugged—that was his response.
    Peace is no different than 95% of those in the general assembly. They do what the party establishment wants done, and the party establishment does no more than what their major campaign donors want done. The general public can go pound sand as far as they are concerned.
    That is precisely where we stand and why all of the major issues just continue to bedevil us.
    Peace championed a Natural Gas Pipeline run down here back in 2010 because of a major contributor wanted it, and he got it. Peace champions the most frivolous issues like seniors being financially exploited……who can be against that ? Peace champions more money for higher education and now Medicaid because their constituencies have grown so large and have such disproportionate leverage. Yet we know higher education has become a black hole and Medicaid is fraught with waste and absurd co-pays ( driving utilization rates to ridiculous levels) that are costing Virginians billions of dollars.

    Sandy is a nice man, but politics have become a game of gangsters and thieves. In such an environment nice guys get run over.
    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Deb says:

    My concern is the impact on the state budget when they expand yet another entitlement. Committing the state to more entitlements makes it increasingly difficult to pay for the core services that the Commonwealth is responsible for, such as education, infrastructure, police and fire protection. And once an entitlement is expanded, it’s an uphill battle to roll-back.

    • Melvin Rohrbacher says:

      VRS ( Virginia Retirement System) is underfunded by billions of dollars and the can is being kicked back to the counties like Hanover, King William and Chesterfield for example to fund its teachers’ retirement.

      More over development, more Schools, more Teachers, more VRS responsibility at the county level. Mounting Debt.

      The developers get richer off the backs of the taxpayers.

  3. Rick Ryan says:

    Since I don’t do FB. ( wisdom of which has recently been proven ), I’ll respond here.

    Sandy, you are too kind to Del. Peace. Recall, about four weeks ago, the R T-D published an OP/ED in which he described the soul searching path which led him to support Medicaid Expansion ( ME ). He was not tired.

    The emotional text contained no facts, nothing about the future costs. As is common with ME supporters, he omitted the fact that the 300 to 800 thousand people ( number to suit argument ) not covered by health plans obtain medical services at hospital emergency rooms. So those people are not left out in the cold as ME supporters would have us believe.

    The eight hundred pound gorilla in the room is federal funding. It is not guaranteed. ME supporters gloss over this fact by claiming that, should funding decrease, the program will then be scaled back. When has an entitlement ever been scaled back? This presents great risk to Virginia taxpayers.

    I speculate, but it may be more cost effective to keep the status quo. ME would require more state employees to process increased claim load, with no change in service delivered !! Remember, federal law requires hospitals to treat the indigent, no matter what.

    Currently, hospitals simply raise their rates to cover e-room costs. Hard working folks pay for those costs by higher medical insurance premiums and deductibles. ME will save hospitals money, since e-room costs would then be compensated by government. Would hospitals feel compelled to lower rates and pass the ME savings back to insurance companies, which in turn would pass the savings back by lowering premiums and deductibles? Experience tells me that some money will stick to each of those fingers in the path back to the people. Rick Ryan

  4. mr. green greens

    To All

    Name one government program that has not cost more and grow faster than the projections.
    Name one government program that has not contributed to adding to the national debit.
    Name one government program that has not contributed to less liberty and freedom.
    Name one government program that has been “killed”.
    Churches and charitable instructions should take poor. That is why they exist.
    Name one socialist that met one government program that they did not like.
    Government program defined : Service provided free to buy votes.Paid for by the hardworking blue collar workers thru immoral means like taxes and fees.
    Make Me a NO!


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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