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God Uses Broken Pottery

“Is Donald J. Trump dangerous, odd, and unfit for office?”

A few of my faint-at-hearted, squeamish friends are having a lot of heartburn over the prospect of voting for Donald J. Trump, as opposed to the most corrupt, vulgar politician since Bill Clinton was president; Hillary Clinton.

Some of them are a bit self-righteous and detest DJT’s flamboyant, Queen’s-bred style and his personal extravagance. Perhaps a bit jealous.

Then there are a couple of my religious friends who are offended by The Donald’s multiple marriages, and his obvious good taste in woman, rough language, self-promotion, and lack of humility, at least up until now.

There are conservative friends who are squirming like fresh worms on a fishing hook. They don’t think he is conservative, they bristle that he snatched the nomination from whomever, and they don’t much care for their perception of the typical Trump voter. And, they’ll claim that he and the radical Alinskyite, Hillary, “are just the same.”

Finally there are the Krauthammer’s, Will’s, Kristol’s and Brook’s, who’s moral preening is, honestly, juvenile, even obscene. These self-appointed guardians of “mainstream” thought and “conservative values” have ridden bareback on the horse of the elite, making millions of dollars, while the country has disintegrated over the last decade, with none of this outrage for the perpetrators – a corrupt Congress and Barack Obama. Strange.

Is Donald J. Trump dangerous, odd, and unfit for office?

All I can suggest is that we take a quick look at some presidents just since 1961.

John Kennedy? For all his personal charm, this was a really, really weird man. He had massive sexual addictions that were hidden by the press, and indiscriminately, and preferably daily, bedded anything in a skirt even to the point of risking national security. His presidency was snatched from defeat within the city limits of Chicago and the Texas valley by ballot stuffing.

LBJ? There may have never been anyone so corrupt in public office. He outright stole a Senate election in Texas and became fabulously wealthy during his Senate and Presidential years. He also liked the ladies, and was less than discrete. His War on Poverty did for black Americans what his war in Vietnam did for Southeast Asia.

Richard Nixon? This was one tortured man. He had more issues than the Saturday Evening Post. In many ways he was a radical, anti-constitutionalist. Despite his perceived anti-communism, his mishandling of LBJ’s war was a heart-breaking debacle that cost untold human misery. His implementation of Wage Price controls destroyed the economy and formalized lying as a way to do business.

Bill Clinton? Of course, this man was sexually brazen and corrupt almost in a class by himself. Almost. His womanizing and rapes were legendary even before he became President, and his corruption follows him to this day. Net worth? $300 million dollars, ‘nuff said.

Barack Obama? Oh my. Here is another one for the books. We still know next to nothing about this man’s early life, background and school years. No one seems to care. Strangely, no classmates can remember him from his Columbia years and he never wrote a word at Harvard. He’s lost to history. There is a body of evidence about his private life and drug use in Chicago that is pretty saucy. He has classic psychological issues that have been written about extensively, yet, again, no one seems to upset about it. He’s a train wreck and leaves the nation teetering on second world status.

Soooo, back to Mr. Trump after a bit of historical perspective; history speaks for itself.

Even though he was not my first choice in this election, he’s growing on me, a lot. First, I’m reminded that God often – maybe always – uses broken pottery to accomplish His purposes. So the fact that Donald Trump has taken a different road that has led him to this point in time, is no surprise. I’m even coming to believe that he is what we need right now, and that the voters knew it before the pundits and experts.

Many of his positions on the economy, energy, trade and immigration are issues that I share and that I’ve been writing on for years – they are spot on.

He has given a whole slew of really good, detailed speeches recently on these issues; compared to Hillary he is a walking policy manual.

His America First appeal is popular because it is obvious. His urgent message that we need to fix our dangerous immigration policy, stop appeasing radical Islam, and start thinking about and acting on what’s best for America, is resoundingly obvious. His criticism of corrupt cronyism, the status quo, the rigged system, and the special interests is blindingly apparent. It’s inarguable.

If the issues are put aside, the summary of Mrs. Clinton’s private life and personal corruption is to Mr. Trump’s personal story and history a difference so vast as to defy measure.

Every voter has the moral duty to themselves and the nation to vote their personal conscience, of course. However, the scales of history – different than those measures you and I employ in our everyday life – rarely offer such an obvious choice.



About Michael Giere

Mike Giere has written extensively on politics, foreign policy, and issues of faith. He is a novelist (The White River Series); a former candidate for the U.S. House; worked for Ronald Reagan in 76 & 80; and served in both the Reagan and Bush (41) Administrations.

3 Responses to “God Uses Broken Pottery”

  1. lawrence wood says:

    Met him personally twice. Once in a short one on one meeting lasting less then five minutes, second time in a large social gathering with many, many individuals at the Trump Tower. The third time was not any type of meeting but during a Broadway theater play during a lobby intermission (Marla Maples had a small part). Trump came up to me remembered my name and that we had previously met and the circumstances, which for him was nothing more then a couple of past inconsequential events.

    What is my point? Here is a guy with no typical administrative aide at his arm that could recall the most trivial of details well over a year in the past without the least hesitation. A dullard, slow witted, stupid, inattentive I’ve heard others call him all of these things on a good day and the fact is they are completely wrong. They just paint a caricature. What he is is one of the sharpest minds for detail and goal based objective achievement around today in American business. If we compare to your list above of past presidents not a one comes even close to his ability levels. Will that result in a successful presidency for him should he win, I can’t say.

    But if your judging the cartoon caricature and not the man you are already at a disadvantage. Despite all the happy talk from the Clinton election team they are starting to see their mistakes in swallowing their own fabrications. Meanwhile Trump is actively working on peeling away portions of their base. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one of the few Democrats with first hand experience of what they are really up against and he interestingly has been very quiet since his half hearted dip into Democratic presidential politics. He knows what the Clinton’s are opposing yet Clinton arrogance has blinded them till late in the contest to what they are truly facing.

    • Vote Trump says:

      It’s because Trump has never used Drugs or Alcohol. He’s sharp! That’s why he should be president. He won’t be impaired all the time like the presidents of the past 100 years.

      The rest of the Washington and Wall Street elites are so high, Coked up or drunk they would never have remembered meeting you.

      Vote Trump!

  2. robert shannon

    Until I read ” The Art of the Deal” I had like most only a very slim picture of what the true man must be like. Reading one book doesn’t change that in a substantive way other than to get a closer look at what it is that drives this guy.

    Winning is a part of any alpha personality, and that is certainly a core component of his persona. That said , why at age 70 would a person who could easily just coast the rest of the way take on such a gruesome task as running, let alone serving as President. Vanity alone can’t explain it, it has to be some inner force at play that aided Trump in making the decision to do this.

    I think much of the answer is found in his children, at least the 3 adult children who have been receiving the higher profile one might expect with a Presidential candidate for a father. Like the rest of us Trump sees the country his children and grandchildren are inheriting, and it is a far cry from the one our generation inherited. Being a grandparent now myself causes a major change in most grandparents perspective on life. You begin to reflect on what you have done or accomplished in your life, and more important to this discussion, what your personal legacy will be to the people that it counts with the most—your kids and grandkids, the folks you love and care the most about.
    Trump recognizes he has left his children very comfortable financially, but a deeper question is ” what kind of country will they live in”, a philosophical question that anyone my or Trumps age begin to give much more thought to.

    The strategist Trump has played a masterful game as a candidate, he is clearly head and shoulders above most human beings in terms of intellect. He has said and done like any political candidate things that he doesn’t necessarily believe, but said or did to achieve the goal, something any driven alpha male does almost intuitively. I personally don’t look at that as damaging to his personal integrity, he simply understands what was needed to win the nomination, and has now altered positions/statements to accommodate the next phase of his project, to win in November.

    Trump, specifically because of his business experience knows you don’t get everything you want in a negotiation, same as in politics. That said Trump understands the big picture. Tax reform, Immigration reform and regulatory reform are at the very core of our economic problems. Terrorism and the danger a weak approach to a deadly serious problem lend to him , if he wins to focus laser like on those specific issues.

    Entitlement reform is one of the most pressing problems facing us in terms of damage yet to come economically, but Trump was smart enough during this campaign to avoid the topic. How much did discussing it help McCain or Romney ? Trump understands what his top priorities are and will if elected start there.

    Enough room exists in both parties to accept Means Testing as a partial solution to entitlements, not a long term fix but a typical 30 year bandaid Congress could live with.I am convinced that is what Trump meant when he cleverly said ” I am not going to cut Social Security, or Medicare” He understands that was a obstacle to him achieving the goal of first winning the Presidency and fixing what he could. Means Testing will allow him to parse his promise that he wasn’t going to CUT these political sacred cows.
    His bombastic personality was tailor made for this election cycle. People are so generally sick of the PC type political candidates who parse every word, speak in a almost unidentifiable language customary of Pol’s running for office. Trump , again intuitively understood the HOW of this was going to be done. It may not be at times pleasant to listen to—-but the guy is spot on for this time in U.S History, almost tailor made for this role.

    God speed Mr. Trump.

    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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