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The recent Swedish elections did not register on my radar this time.  I tend to skeptical of governance and elections in Scandinavia as socialists tend to dominate.  However, my excitement grew as I read this Spectator (UK) article on how the conservatives won reelection:

This week Fredrik Reinfeldt, a bald and deeply dull 45-year-old who communicates with David Cameron by text message, is celebrating the first re-election in history of his party, the Moderaterna.

How they did it is a lesson for the GOP (and the Tories, too).  The conservatives CUT taxes and they also freed up education.  The taxes on workers and those employing workers went down.  They also lowered taxes on domestic workers where there had been tax cheating (“paid in black” as the Spectator article put it) to encourage compliance.  Corporate taxes were lowered slightly and all along, the ministers explained to people how tax cutting was going to work.  When the recession hit, Sweden was damaged less than other nations for two reasons:

When the recession came, Sweden was badly hurt, as one would expect from an export-orientated economy trading with a stricken continent. But the damage was limited because Sweden had properly regulated financial institutions (having been stung by a serious financial crisis in the 1990s. Banks which had embarked on misadventures in the Baltic cleaned up their own mess. The government entered the recession with a surplus. A Gordon Brown figure would have been impossible in Sweden because its laws prohibit politicians running up the national debt in boom years.

But the socialists were stymied for two reasons – the tax cuts did not mean savage cuts in programs and the education reform was so popular the leftist leader hoped the voters forgot their opposition to it.  The education reform is simple:  The parents choose their own schools or can even form their own and then get in effect a voucher from the government:

The left has had to embrace ‘free schools’ (the model adopted by Michael Gove) because they are now so popular among parents. The Social Democrats spent much of the campaign trying to persuade voters to forget they ever opposed them. ‘Pupils should choose schools,’ ran one of its posters, ‘schools should not choose pupils.’

This article from the BBC explains it well.  This parent was eloquent in praise:

In a café in Helsingborg near the school, parent Christina Risberg seems to prove the point.

She put her daughter’s name on a waiting list for a “free school” seven years in advance to secure a place, because they are, she says, so much better than community schools which are run directly by the local authority.

This is an even better article from the Guardian (UK) on the educational system.  It’s worth reading and would not be a bad platform for a candidate for governor, especially in a small state.  The news from Sweden is good for a change…

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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