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Government Sends 800,000 Unnecessary (Nonessential) Workers Home. Obama Goes to Maximize Pain

gov workerSo while the Democrats try to place blame on the Republicans for “shutting down government” and the Democrat controlled media will likely comply, the truth is that if Harry Reid and his Democrat partners in crime had done their job and passed a budget, there would be no need for a Continuing Resolution and government would still be operating at peak inefficiency as normal.

But the problem I have is that all that has shut down is non-essential government services.

Nonessential? What does nonessential mean?

The Dictionary defines it like this:


[non-uh-sen-shuhl] Show IPA



not essential; not necessary: Nonessential use of gasoline was forbidden during the war.


a nonessential thing or person.
1745–55; non- + essential
1. unnecessary, incidental, extrinsic.

So these are unnecessary employees.

I walked around my office today (I work for the private sector) and asked if anyone was nonessential or unnecessary. Turns out that only government hires unnecessary people. Private companies only tend to hire people that help them make money. Government only hires people to help them spend money

Why do we even fund anything that is not essential? That is the difference between those that believe in Constitution as I do and those that don’t.

If the activity is not essential as defined in the US Constitution, then it should not be funded at all. Ever. At least not with public money.

The biggest fear of both the Republicans and Democrats is how little Americans will notice that the government has shut down. Now President Obama will again take his cues from past Democrats – like Bill Clinton – who did his level best to inflict as much pain on America as possible by going to extremes with the closures. While he enjoys his chefs and staff, he will close the Washington Monument and any other tourist attraction he can think of that is, or should be, self funding.

So how is Obama needlessly causing pain?

The top visited National Park in the US is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Unlike most national parks, the GSMNP charges no admission fee. This is not by chart-2government choice, but rather part of the agreement (and deed) when the park land was donated in the 1930’s. Now if you want to camp it can cost up to $25 per night, so that is not free. And they do charge for “backcountry” camping in order to provide increased customer service for backcountry trip planning, reservations, permits and the backcountry experience. Non-essential in other words.

The park uses volunteers to show you the park.

They also employ a staggering 326 people to make your “back to nature” experience as wonderful as possible. I am not sure how much the “Artist in Residence” is paid, if at all, but these are some really important “government” functions that will be shut down. So those of you that planned to drive to the Smokys and see a painting someone did of what you are looking at will be out of luck.

But of those 326 employees, they really only need 47 which are mostly Park Rangers / Law Enforcement.

So how can Obama make a park that has no admission fee a painful loss? Simple. Overlooks, parking lots, and restrooms within the park will close. The Cades Cove Loop Road would be closed to visitation.

So you can drive through and that is it. And closing those expensive overlooks will save a lot of money.

And Obama has already ordered the Grand Canyon closed. His Gestapo have put up road blocks so you can’t go look at a big hole.

So how much will this save?

Actually, according to ABC News the loss of revenue will actually cost the government money. Almost $500,000 per day.

Nationally, about 715,000 people a day visited the 401 areas within the national park system last October, contributing about $76 million a day to local economies, said National Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst.

With the shutdown, the agency expects to lose about $450,000 a day through entrance fees, backcountry permits, boat rentals and other sales.

At the Grand Canyon park, authorities will be posted at entrance gates and turn back visitors, while others will cordon off overlooks along a state highway that will remain open to through traffic. Signs will be placed at trailheads telling people they have to leave.

So we will be paying people to turn you away so you can’t see the hole.

The last time the Canyon was shut down, Arizona’s governor offered the National Guard to come in and run things temporarily. But the Democrats point is to inflict as much pain as possible to punish the Republicans vicariously through the people. Clinton declined the offer and I doubt Obama will accept the offer either, should such an offer come. When Sequestration supposedly shut down White House tours, Obama refused private donations to keep them going.

It’s all about the pain!

And the Democrats grand hope is that Americans will grow weary of not being able to see the Grand Canyon or enjoy National Parks (that will be losing revenue by closing). But Reid and Obama may be miscalculating this time around. In 1976, the press was all about helping Bill Clinton and Fox News, the left of center network that is still the closest Mainstream source for almost objective news, did not exist. Nor did the blogs and Twitter and Facebook. We had to depend on far left networks for the news, which all blames Newt Gingrich and branded him a crybaby.

This time may be different given the landscape that also includes Conservative websites and bloggers.

So how bad will the pain be if we send the 800,000 unnecessary government workers home?

The Guardian has a good rundown.

The Military will be paid on time thanks to the Republicans. Obama signed a bill to pay the military he often takes advantage of.

Public Health: Obama has ordered Flu Shots be discontinued so the elderly will die. They will also stop new clinical trials.

Animals : The Washington Zoo has closed and just to make sure nobody can see them, the internet cameras were turned off. So you will miss your favorite monkey, thanks to Obama.

NASA : Ok. Obama already devastated NASA. But whatever is left is going to be scaled back. I know this is hard on everyone hoping for a new moon shot this year.

Air Travel: The TSA Gropers will be hard at work humiliating old ladies and giving Muslims a free pass as usual. Air Traffic Control will be working as usual. All I can say is thank goodness the baggage handlers aren’t government. Obama would surely send them home.

Courts: Pretty much as usual for the first 10 days, then the unnecessary people will be sent home and cases will continue as normal. SCOTUS – no changes. they get to keep the unnecessary people (like Kagan and Sotomayor).

Mail: No change. Service will still suck.

District of Columbia: Who cares?

Homeland Security: Shenanigans as usual. Illegals will still be allowed in and none will be sent home. No word on if they will finally stop stockpiling and creating artificial shortages of Ammo.

Veterans Services: I am truly sorry to say nothing will change. Same poor service will be provided to those that gave so much for this country.

NSA Spying on Americans: Is is considered by Obama as necessary. So Hillary can still read Ted Cruz emails and texts.

All in all, unless you were going to a park this fall, nothing changes. That is more than likely the reason Republicans and Democrats were trying to avoid a government shutdown of unnecessary employees. And if we were smart, we would have already privatized the parks. Then a government shutdown would be completely undetectable.

But there is some good news.

Tim-TebowThe NFL will be playing all games as usual. They are unaffected. But the word is, The Houston Texans may designate a certain karlQuarterback (Matt Shaub) as nonessential and Tim Tebow may become essential to someone. (Jacksonville?)

The Walking Dead will return on October 13, 2013 no matter what. And the best news is that they may have a new pool of 800,000 former unnecessary federal workers to use as target practice for Karl and his bad ass guns.

Breaking Bad and the Sopranos are still canceled. (Well, I’m glad. Others may disagree with me on this one.)

Obama’s last day as president will still be on Inauguration Day January 20, 2017.

Duck Dynasty is still on like Donkey Kong.

So in my book, the good outweighs the bad. By quite a bit.

I find it hard to drudge up compassion for the 800,000 unnecessary workers that will be sitting at home collecting unemployment checks, welfare checks and whatever else Obama can toss their way. At the end of the day, they are still on the government dole.

And somehow, with 800,000 newly unemployed on the books, the unemployment rate will still drop using Obama Math. As the number of workers dwindles to all time lows.

Let’s just delete these 800,000 from the government and let John Boehner and Obama fetch their own lunch like the rest of the country.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

20 Responses to “Government Sends 800,000 Unnecessary (Nonessential) Workers Home. Obama Goes to Maximize Pain”

  1. Gene says:

    You say that you work for a private company, and that you walked around and conducted a poll in your office today? You said that the results were that there were no non-essential employees in your office, correct?

    Well, let ask you a few questions, ok? You indicate that you are an essential employee.

    1)What kind of employer do you work for that pays you to conduct political polls during working hours? Does your boss know that he is paying you for this?

    2) Does your boss know that his employee is using his time and office equipment for political operations?

    3)Does he know that his employee supports Communism?

    4) So, you are making money for your boss in a blog?

    5) Harry Reid passed and sent a budget to the House over six months ago. Why do you need to lie Tom?

    6) If you are essential, just what is non essential?

    This is typical Republican polluted thinking. I used to work for a small company. One of the owners sons was in the Penitentiary for bank robbery. He had this son on the payroll. The owners wife did not work there, she was on the payroll. Who knows who else was on the payroll. This is considered smart and righteous in the Republican Party. Whatever one can get away with.

    Come on out the closet Tom, being a Democrat is not so bad. Get away from the dark side! Its’s all about compromise and tolerance. Lets shake hands! Compromise, we love you to Tom!

    • Tom White says:

      Gene – Yes, my boss is a really great guy. And the smartest man I have ever known. I am granted all the freedom I can possibly handle. Even the freedom to write this blog on company time!

      I also happen to be the guy that signs the paychecks. So I actually sign both sides of my check. Some company presidents still do that! (I own an Insurance Agency).

      I am also an IT Manager at another company, which means that I am basically on call. If something breaks, I fix it. Between repairs, I can do whatever I want.

      Essential? Just wait until the internet, phones or the servers go down. I am the most important person in the company at those times.

      And I voted for Jimmy Carter because I was a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy, as was Jimmi. That was the only vote I ever wasted on a Democrat.

      But I will tell you, Democrats are more honest than Republicans. They make no bones about their plans to ruin America. Republicans just do it.

      And by the way, the budget Harry passed – Obama said he would Veto it. It was not a serious budget – just a pretend one to counter the Republican’s trying to hold him accountable.
      Tom White recently posted…FINALLY! The SARVIS air war is ABOUT to BEGIN! I URGE the LIBERTARIAN PARTY to get behind the DONATION EFFORT!My Profile

  2. Spencer Lyman says:

    Mr. White; well said my good and faithful servent.
    Mr. Gene; makes some excellent points but my word of warning to the readers is that Mr. Gene has a hidden agenda. He is a brainwashed liberal and is working to get Liberals elected by trying to drive the wedge deeper b/n the RINOs and Conservatives.
    Mr. Jefferson said, “That government is Best which governs Least.”

  3. Gene Lefty says:

    Tom, what kind of example are you setting for your employee’s? Comment on this,

    You say that your vote for President Carter was wasted?

    Now, can I believe that you would like the government to get spending under control? That you would like a balanced budget? Can I also assume that you are a President Reagan fan?

    Below is a the link to Public law, 95-435, signed by President Carter, approved by both houses of the 95 th Congress in 1978. Please read page 3, Section 7.

    Who was President starting in fiscal year 1981? Who ignorned 435? Who raised taxes shortly thereafter?

    We had, and still have a balanced budget law, as this law is still on the books. Regan threw it under the bus, and raised taxes, yet, he is a big “R” super hero. Yes, he had help, but the man at the top generally owns the increase. The Democrats gave you what you want now, 35 years ago!

    If this country had listened to President Carter, would we be where we are now? Since we sold our jobs to the Communist, we got a problem. It would have been much easier to have a balanced budget then. Until jobs are bought back, corporations pay their share of taxes, BernankeCare is stopped, there will be no support from me to cut any aid to the people.

    The Democrats are the real fiscal Conservatives!

    Stay tuned for part 2.

  4. GP says:

    Great Post Tom.

    I have long believed that there are too many unnecessary federal workers and too many unnecessary programs & departments. This list of mine is actually much longer but will keep it limited to just these.

    In an era over the last decade where the United States is racing full throttle toward a brick wall with its out of control & unsustainable spending, deficits and debt, we can’t afford to be paying for any unnecessary anything !

    We are well on our way to repeat all the mistakes Europe has made that has lead to a irreversible financial death spiral that has one European nation after another defaulting and/or needing to be placed on financial life support by the central bank.

    The Federal workforce needs to be cut in half, the number of programs be cut in half, cost of living pay raises rolled back for 10 years, overall salaries & benefits reduced and pensions replaced with retirement accounts.

    This is just for starters, a full line item audit to trace where and how every penny is being spent needs to be done to cut wasteful spending, programs need to be reformed, then go thru and eliminate more federal workers and programs that are not needed with a second round of cuts after results of first round are complete.

    The federal government really only has a handful of responsibilities outlined in the constitution, it is time to pear it back the size of it.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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