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Here is a very favorable article on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  A few highlights:

Members of the Louisiana press corps have learned over the years to ask the governor multiple questions at once, as the only way to avoid spending the better part of a press conference listening to his take on every nuance of a single topic.

Even the briefest conversation with Jindal leaves no doubt that he is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about policy, but less immediately clear is whether he has the right stuff to take the next step in a national political environment in which attention spans are short.

A state cabinet secretary at how old?

A Rhodes scholar who helmed the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals — the state’s largest agency — at the almost absurd age of 24, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal’s aptitude and credentials for the nation’s second-highest office would be difficult for anyone to question seriously.

Vice President Biden’s worst nightmare?

Jindal cited with palpable enthusiasm a slew of statistics about budget cuts, state payrolls, and the reversal in a decades-long brain drain from Louisiana, all under his administration. He also was eager to expand the parameters of his agenda in a manner that evoked a Romney stump speech.

“There’s one view that our primary focus should be all about redistributing wealth and that the reason people are suffering is because other people are doing well, and we need to manage the slow decline of this great country and become more like Europe,” Jindal said. “There’s a second view which says . . . your last name, your Zip code, your race, your gender, your income, should not determine your outcome as an adult in America — that if you’re willing to work hard and get a great education, you should be able to pursue the American dream.”

Biden might let Hillary have the job!  “You take VP, Hillary, I don’t want to debate that guy!”  Finally, there is no question Governor Jindal is ready to serve as President if the need called.

Though he is only 40, Jindal is already one of the more experienced Republican governors in the country, having been in office for 4 ½ years after serving three years as Louisiana’s 1st District representative in the U.S. House.

National debt?  Deficits?  Foreign policy (Jindal is probably more of a national security conservative than I am but I think he is open to ideas.)  Jindal is something like the Tesla of politics:  Big ideas come to him right away.

An early example of tackling a major, important subject came in his first government job:  Intern for Congressman Jim McCrery.  Jindal asked for an “assignment” and perhaps a bit annoyed, the Congressman assigned the young intern from Brown University to write a paper on Medicare.  Here’s what happened:

Jindal thanked the congressman and said that he would get right on it. Two weeks later, the eager intern plopped down a fat document on the lawmaker’s desk.“I read it, and it was excellent,” McCrery said. “For him to grasp as well as he did the Medicare program in such a short period of time was nothing short of amazing. It was an early indicator of how far this young man might go in life.”

OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER:  If Governor Romney picks either Governors Jindal or McDonnell, the 2012 ticket will be the first time Sandy has met BOTH the Presidential and VP candidates.  See this blog entry for the time I met Governor Jindal.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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