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GREAT COMMENT on the UKIP FB page; one poll shows UKIP in EAST ENGLAND at 61%!

I was impressed with this comment found at the UKIP FB page, written by Daniel O’Sullivan:

The European project is a grand political scheme, doomed from its inception. It is foretold in scripture. Genesis 11 4-9. According to the story, a united humanity speaking a single language decided to build a tower into the sky to overthrow God. In response, God confounded their languages and scattered them all over the earth.

Now the Babel builders had three distinct advantages over the Brussels sprouters. They commenced with

1. A common vision of their project

2. A common language

3. And assuming they were actually paid, a common currency

They still failed.

The rise of UKIP represents the new awakening from a deep political slumber. Drugged and duped into joining this political Super State, the UK is starting to blink and stretch. Can we yet redeem our political independence?

Heath signed Britain into the Franco-German led alliance, after Charles De Galle had vociferously objected to British membership for many years, and Wilson’s 1974 Labour Government provided the nation with its first and only vote on the matter.

Divisive from the outset, Wilson suspended the convention of collective cabinet responsibility to allow ministers to campaign and vote their individual conscience. It was a brave political innovation born of necessity.

As far as Joe Public was led by a highly funded “Yes” campaign – the choice lay between the Riches of Croesus and economic imperilment

The prescient voices of the “No” campaign featuring luminaries including then Energy Secretary, Tony Benn and Tom Winnifrith’s Grandfather (Sir John), warning of the collapse of democracy and parliamentary sovereignty, were heavily attacked as extremists.

Marx first observed politics is built on the economic superstructure – or put another way: economic union inexorably leads to political union.

Known originally as the “common market” and more formally as the European Economic Community (EEC), overtime, the EEC was quietly shortened. Its initials narrowed its initials and ambitions broadened – The European Community was not just economic – now it became social and political too.

The financial crisis has shown the problems of trying to run a single economic policy in Europe, let alone political ones. Do we want a common foreign and defence policy? What if a majority of EU states orders the UK to handover the Falklands to Argentina? What if a pan-European “illiberal liberalism” bans historic religious practices like Kashrut, Hallal and Circumcision? What does “European” mean in an identity sense anyhow? When JFK visited Germany in June 1963, he may have inadvertently declared himself a sausage but “Ich bin ein European” he said not.

The arguments for retaining British membership remain as negative, defeatist and hopeless as ever. There is no future outside Europe. Like flat-earth disciples, they argue, if we sail HMS UK over the EU economic horizon we shall simply fall off the end of the world. What tosh.

Of the world top 10 economies – seven lie outside the EU – and no one says they have to be members to enjoy strong economic futures. Indeed, the EU is in various stages of process with each of the seven to create free trade arrangements. If we opt for BREXIT, there is no prospect of the EU not wanting strong and sustained trade relations with the world’s 6th biggest economy.

The world is changing rapidly. When France and Germany first formed The European Iron and Steel Community (EISC) 1951 it was in the aftermath of World War 2. The world had been driven for 500 years by European chauvinism and had witnessed three Franco-German/Prussian wars since 1870. That is not today. The future is global and little local cartels will be ever so irrelevant in the face of global internet giants and Chinese and Indian super-economies.

We need a strong, independent Britain. Of the world, of Europe – but uniquely British. We need control of our borders – not to stop immigration, but to manage it. We need control of our own foreign, defence and social policies. And most of all, governments of Britain must reclaim the birth right of Parliamentary Sovereignty and remember representatives are guardians of our future and cannot give this away for a mess of pottage.

On Thursday, voters across the EU have another opportunity to put a hand brake of the Socialist Soviet of Europe. UKIP alone stands to bring the UK out of the governing arms of the European Union. A yes vote is not the beginning of the end, but at best perhaps, the beginning of the new beginning.

Great comment and I am placing it here at Virginia Right!

This poll is probably an outlier but it is pretty impressive:

The UKIP Independence Party has soared to 61 percent in the East of England according to the latest ComRes poll for the Independent and Sunday Mirror. 

The unprecedented figures beats Labour’s highest regional polling (45 percent in the North West) by a significant margin, and the Conservatives’ (25 percent in the South West and London) by more than double.

ComRes admits the polling is from a very small base, but that the numbers in the region have increased from 40 percent just a few weeks ago will still be cause for a major shock amongst Labour and Tory strategists.

Brian Otridge at the UKIPDaily website wrote: “This poll shows UKIP as being incredibly strong in the Eastern Region (61%), followed by the South East and the West Midlands.

If I had my way, the polls would be 61% all through the UK for UKIP!  For my British readers, remember to vote and ASK OTHERS to vote too!  Vote for sovereignty, liberty and the British Constitution.  Is it May 22 yet?

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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