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Guest Column: Ed Gillespie chooses a self-proclaimed Pro-Choicer to announce his recent National Right to Life Endorsement?

We’ve all now heard that the National Right to Life has endorsed Ed Gillespie for Senate, but what does this actually mean? What has Ed committed to doing as Senator to fight for the unborn? It’s quite telling that news of this endorsement came out within one day of Gillespie’s pro-life commitment being called into question. Upon meeting Ed almost 10 weeks ago and not getting any pro-life commitments from him or his campaign, I decided to send an email to thousands of potential delegates wondering why he refuses to commit to any action in defense of the unborn. That email text is below:

Subject: Why won’t Ed Gillespie take a stand against abortion?

Hello Fellow Delegate,

In just a few weeks, on June 7th, grassroots Republicans from all of Virginia will gather at a convention in Roanoke to nominate the Republican Nominee to take on Mark Warner in November. The presumed frontrunner for that nomination is Ed Gillespie. Unfortunately Ed is unwilling to take a principled stand against Abortion. I met Ed in person on March 27th of this year. When I met him, I asked him if he was elected our senator would he co-sponsor Senate Bill 583 (Life at Conception). He was unfamiliar with the bill so I handed him a copy and he said he would take a look at it and let me know. The bill has 22 pro-life Republican cosponsors.

It has now been 9 weeks since I asked for Ed’s commitment to cosponsor this bill. I have spoken with the campaign numerous times and they refuse to give me an answer. The National Pro Life Alliance sent the Gillespie Campaign (along with the other three campaigns) a candidate survey on where he stands on the pro-life issues. Ed has not completed this survey and the campaign from what I’ve been told is maintaining a “no pledges, no stances” policy. This is not only a bad campaign strategy but it should also raise red flags to all delegates.

Why would a politician refuse to make any commitments when running for office? The answer is pretty clear: so that he will be free from any obligation to do anything for his constituents once elected. This is not a winning strategy and this certainly makes me lose confidence in Ed Gillespie.

If Ed is unwilling to stand up for the unborn children when he’s trying to win our votes at the Convention, how can we trust him to stand up for the unborn if elected to the Senate? It’s time for Ed to take a stand or go home!

I urge you to contact the Ed Gillespie Campaign today and urge Ed to commit to fighting for the unborn. We need somebody who will give more than empty words and meaningless platitudes. We need leaders willing to commit to Co-Sponsor Life at Conception and commit to fighting to get a recorded vote on the bill from the senate floor. If Ed is really pro-life, he should have no problem committing to fight for the unborn.

Call Ed’s campaign and urge him to complete the national prolife alliance candidate survey. 703 838 7774

Email his campaign and urge him to commit to take action for the unborn. [email protected]

In Liberty,
Nick Bukowski

Republican Delegate

Warren County, VA


Within 24 hours of my sending this email, the Gillespie campaign put out an email regarding his recent endorsement by the National Right to Life. From what I can tell, this endorsement was not based on Ed’s willingness to fight for life (since he has yet to make any commitments), but rather was based on NRLC’s belief that Ed had the best shot at beating Mark Warner in November. This endorsement of Ed was very unfortunate because it provides political cover for Gillespie to not have to commit to anything for the Pro-Life cause. In this regard, I believe the NRLC is actually doing a disservice to the Pro-Life movement. The email read:

Dear Nick,

Yesterday, the National Right to Life Committee endorsed Ed Gillespie for the U.S. Senate!  As a neighbor, friend, and fellow Catholic, I have known of Ed’s unwavering commitment to protecting innocent human life in all its stages, including the most vulnerable.

In its announcement of the endorsement, Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee, said, “Ed Gillespie is a close ally and friend to the right-to-life movement. Ed Gillespie will bring his record of strong pro-life leadership to the U.S. Senate.”

Please share this news with your fellow delegates so they know that Ed will be a pro-life senator if we send him to Washington.


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Ed’s commitment to protect innocent human life from conception to natural death is just one part of his optimistic hope for all Americans who face hard economic times, who provide care for their loved ones, and who face challenges that seem too difficult to bear at times.  And Ed will not abandon the deeply held principles that so many of us share.

I urge you to stand with Ed and support his campaign for the U.S. Senate.  Vote for Ed on Saturday, June 7, in Roanoke at the state convention.


Sandy Liddy Bourne
Coalition Director
Ed Gillespie for Senate


Paid for by Ed Gillespie for Senate.


However, isn’t it alarming that Ed still has not committed to anything? If he’s really Pro-Life, why can’t he take 30 seconds of his time to complete the National Pro-Life Alliance Candidate survey? Why does he not recognize the inconsistency, dare I say hypocrisy, in saying that he’s pro-life but refusing to make any commitments on the issue?

There is another major reason that this email should raise red flags to anyone who’s paying attention. If you’ll notice in the signature block of the above email, the Gillespie Campaign chose to have their Coalition Director send out this email about Ed’s Pro-Life gravitas. Sandy Liddy Bourne talks about Ed’s “commitment to protect innocent life from conception to natural death”, but Bourne herself has publicly spoken out against this stance. Sandy Liddy Bourne (daughter of G. Gordon Liddy) was quoted in the NY Times as saying: “I’m very different [from my father] … I support a woman’s right to choose, that’s one difference…” [emphasis mine] Here’s the article: NY Times.

If you’re trying to convince Republican delegates that you’re pro-life and that they should vote for you, it’s not the smartest move to have someone who supports abortion be your spokesperson. I still question Ed’s commitment for the unborn. I encourage pro-life delegates to urge Ed to commit.

UPDATE: I’ve heard from multiple sources that the reason Ed Gillespie has refused to complete any pro-life surveys is because he opposes S 583 (Life at Conception). Please urge Mr. Gillespie to reconsider his stance.


Nick Bukowski

Republican Delegate

Warren County, VA

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One Response to “Guest Column: Ed Gillespie chooses a self-proclaimed Pro-Choicer to announce his recent National Right to Life Endorsement?”

  1. Mort Coleman says:

    Delegates who think this is important should call the campaign and insist on a statement that he will become a co_sponsor of the Senate bill.

    For me it would be a litmus test as to if he really is who he says he is.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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