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GUEST POST from Bob Shannon, Chair of King William T.E.A. Party: PIZZA, POLS AND PARITY


It is times like these that move me to recall the late Jerry Lund, the former WRVA radio host and his constant reminder that absent intellectual honesty nothing else mattered. Jerry was one of the very best. Jerry made us examine our own conscience.

In almost every single element of our daily lives competition has been the determining factor in selection, costs and ultimate value we receive in products goods, and services. I often use the most simplest of example, citing pizza to make the point. In our area anyone can get a reasonably good large pizza for $6–$21 depending on where you go and what type of pizza you like. The $21 pizza might be a little better tasting , but even the $6 pizza is pretty good. Absent competition that would certainly not be the case. The same can be said about hundreds of other goods and services, costs are restrained and choices abundant because we as consumers can chose where and with whom we do business. In the end we have a system that serves us well, lowering costs and offering us choices.

For well over a century now American politics has been controlled by two political parties, and up until about 35 years ago the two parties had distinct differences that made them a real choice for citizens who elected to participate in the process. Policy positions had considerably differing approaches to the vexing problems that face a modern society. No intellectually honest person could make that argument in 2018. What has happened that brought this about is not hard to understand. Once politicians abandoned the pay as you go philosophy, no generation should bury the next in unyielding debt , and came to understand they could retain political power by buying votes the results we see today should not be hard to understand. We are mired in problems that could be fixed, but as Rush Limbaugh said two years ago :

republicans don’t really want smaller government, they just want a turn at running it “

Today intelligent Americans are waking to this truth, and beginning to question if indeed there are any substantial differences between the two political parties, I refer to them as the republicrats and the democans. Set aside the platitudes and the slogans they dust off and trot out each election cycle, government grows bigger, the debt grows bigger and the problems grow bigger.

Withholding support from the republicrats who lie and break promise after promise to address the debt issue, or to build the Wall , insisting they won’t expand Medicaid, ( I could go on & on) is another way of injecting COMPETITION into a system that has shown just how corrupt and flawed that it is.

Congressman Rob Wittman in a textbook example of pandering this past week spoke at an association of retired federal employees picnic, pledging to fight President Trumps attempts to curtail spending by denying the 1.9% pay raise being proposed for federal employees by Congress. Wittman said we should look for efficiencies elsewhere ? This is the same Wittman that voted NO on proposed spending cuts to Amtrak two years ago. 11-12 years in Congress and Ol Rob can’t seem to find those efficiencies anywhere, given his predisposition to only having the ability to find things that require more spending. This is also the same Wittman who can find time to pander to just about any group he is buying votes from…….yet can’t find the time to visit the King William T.E.A Party , because he knows why we have asked him to come and speak at one of our meetings.

Wake up folks, there are choices. Come listen to the U.S Senate Candidate ,Libertarian Matt Waters when he visits our group on Thursday October 25. Mr. Waters has proposed the shuttering of the I.R.S, along with 4-5 other cabinet level departments as one measure of bringing spending in line with revenues.

Of course this does require something you might find a bit discomforting, it requires you to examine in your own personal value system…………..intellectual honesty. God Bless Jerry Lund for instilling that in thousands of his listeners over his long and distinguished career.

Bob Shannon Founder King William T.E.A Party ( Taxed Enough Already )

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

3 Responses to “GUEST POST from Bob Shannon, Chair of King William T.E.A. Party: PIZZA, POLS AND PARITY”

  1. Gene Lefty says:

    Bob, please, just cut the BS. Send Republicans a message they will understand. Put a Vangie Willams sign in your front yard. Then I can take you seriously. Is a Libertarian anything other than a Republican that smokes pot, and/or writes his phone number on the men’s room wall in a Greyhound station? Give me a break.

    Besides, Trump gave you your short term health insurance policy back, albeit with a 5 year clause on pre-existing conditions.

  2. Daniel Alex says:

    It was really impressive published article. I do personally learn in the post and its really happy to know you I will share it to my friends. Really interesting post indeed. Lot of thanks…


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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