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My friend and political colleague Bob Shannon wrote this for submission:

This past week , KW B.O.S Chair Terry Stone laid bare her frustrations that illustrate the message of the opposition is indeed getting through. In a letter responding to my comments the previous week on this years Budget Theater she drove home two points that apparently have the status quo shook up . Supv. Stone alluded to me being a recent arrival to the County and not understanding the  complexities of the controversial Land Use Tax Exemption program, nor the ” culture or the services we most value”.

I have lived here in the County since 1998, some 17 years now, long enough Supv. Stone to twice have my mortgage escrow account emptied by the Tax & Spend mentality of previous Boards, to include the one you now Chair.  Long enough to watch the championing of a never ending river of money you have either advocated for ( while serving on the School Board )  or actually served dispensing, as an elected official . You have used other peoples money  to shore up the only political base you have, the public sector & school employee’s that enjoy annual raises ( regardless of what is happening in the real world ).  Add health insurance that continues to be paid to the tune of 90% of the actual costs by dipping further into KW Taxpayers pockets , the luxury of benefits that include 11 paid holidays a year ( in addition to their vacations ) and a defined benefit pension plan, paid largely by taxes collected from hard working homeowners. Your rationalization last year in advocating the additional money you gave the schools, with stagnant student populations and Dr. Jones declaration of the schools achievements  with current staffing levels ,was ample evidence of the political machinations you engage in and the very low regard you have for others money.

If that isn’t enough ,  when these same homeowners see their single biggest asset ( homes ) decline in value , just what do you do ? Raise the rate because you and your colleagues on the Board can’t cut any spending or say NO to anyone.

The comment on Mr. Shannon ” not understanding our culture”  is quite to the contrary Supv. Stone, much to your chagrin I understand it all too well. What I believe Supv. Stone is saying is that I have continued to openly and without reservation expose the wretched tax schemes that have been promoted under the noble guise of ” conserving open space” , or the equally silly proposition that we would somehow have runaway development if these programs were curtailed or ended. It is now becoming a bit uncomfortable for the Supervisors because citizens of the County , including the Town of West Point are indeed better informed of these tax scams  because of the exposure I and others have shed on the subject. Homeowners have been punching bags long enough.

The Tidewater Review in it’s Edition of May 6th, page 8A did a tremendous service to KW Taxpayers with the Tax Map that showed the per hundred real estate tax rate for King William , including all of the other surrounding localities.  Explain that tax rate to voters Supv. Stone .

In closing I might add Supv. Stone owes an apology to the various candidates that have stepped forward to run this November, by suggesting these fine people  didn’t come forward on their own. The portrayal that I somehow  orchestrated a clever campaign to hand pick candidates is an insult to them. One of them has run twice before, and the other two are superior individuals with extraordinarily impressive resumes . As for the voters who were not born and raised here you might be a bit more careful with your chosen words suggesting their opinions are not somehow valid or relevant in having a equal say in County matters.  You represent the Oligarchy and the public sector, and voters are more aware of that than you might be comfortable with . At least that is what Voters in increasing numbers are saying. When someone moved here is immaterial, unless of course you still have the mistaken impression that King William County is a Monarchy ?

Bob Shannon  Central Garage


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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