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Hanover GOP Committee Commandeered By the TEA Party? Nonsense!

A local RINO Blog who’s name I will not mention other than to say they all lost their bearing and then their mind and drifted so far to the left I expect them to begin shilling for Bernie any day now since Jeb Bush dropped out, has declared last Thursday night’s election of the Hanover County Republican Committee a TEA Party takeover.

But I must point out that the guy that wrote the laughably inaccurate and totally wrong opinion piece has an excuse. He wasn’t there. Nope. Never even bothered to show up. Nor does he live in the Richmond area. And he certainly does not have a clue who is or is not “TEA Party” in Hanover.

But then RINO Blogs are RINO Blogs because they are not in the least bit familiar with the Conservative Movement that they pretend to be part of. People like this consider Eric Cantor and Jeb Bush and Bill Bolling Conservative. And as they trot rapidly and merrily to the left in order to remain “moderate” in comparison to the Democrats, they couldn’t be expected to understand what actually goes on in the Conservative spectrum of the Republican Party, having twisted and contorted the word so much in their little minds to believe it applies to the likes of people like Cantor.

So we must excuse these RINO’s as they know not of which they write.

But the Hanover Republican Committee was not taken over by some TEA Party insurrection. But I find the decision by this RINO Blog to use the word “insurrection” a very telling admission of their inner feelings about the RINO Establishment.

Insurrection is defined as “act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government.”

And here I thought the people were the ones in charge. Not the “established government”. And just so the Drifty Boy writer knows, a Party Committee is NOT the government. It is made up of citizens of the county or city in which it is chartered.

And we are after all talking about Hanover County. MY home. The County that boasts the likes of Patrick Henry. The same County that fired Eric Cantor a couple of years ago.

I can only assume that because the writer of the Drifty article did not show up that he was fed information from someone who gave their interpretation of events – like the loser Nancy Russell. And I have no doubt Russell, who’s attitude is reminiscent of that of another Hanover Resident and sore loser, Bill Bolling, who also shared the “entitlement” mentality when it came to an office or position to which they aspired. And like Cantor and Bolling, that arrogance, not the TEA Party – led to their defeat.

But to credit (or blame if you are a RINO) the mean old TEA Party for Russell going down in flames is completely ludicrous. In fact, I was sitting beside a couple of local TEA Party members whom I believe are also members of the Hanover Committee. And I wrongly assumed that they were there to support Russ Wright. They both told me they planned to vote for Russell.

But it wasn’t the TEA Party that sunk Russell. It was her own attitude. I have called for her resignation numerous times over the last couple of years because she has focused her time and attention not to the defeat of Democrats, but rather to the defeat of the Conservative movement that has been growing like wildfire in Hanover County. The TEA Party did not elect Dave Brat. The Conservatives of Hanover did that.

The sad truth is that the TEA Party is now just a mere shell of it’s former self. The movement has been co-opted by various people nationwide and in Virginia who are more concerned with maintaining a list of donors than changing the nation. the days of pack houses and downtown demonstrations by the TEA Party are long gone. The TEA Party brand has been demonized by the left and by the RINO establishment so much that it has been relegated to nothing more than small meetings that feature a speaker or two once a month if they are lucky. I am not knocking the people who show up at these meetings, or those that do a lot of good work as the TEA Party,  I am just stating the facts. The TEA Party came as a wave and has now become a number of unaffiliated civic groups doing what they can to make things better. And many TEA Party groups have actually been taken over by the GOPe.

But they do still love to blame the TEA Party and use words like insurrection.

I am often accused of being a TEA Party guy. But don’t you have to actually attend TEA Party meetings to be considered a member? I occasionally attend an event put on by a TEA Party group – such as a debate – but other than that, I don’t attend TEA Party meetings. But I applaud those that do.

But Thursday night was not the TEA Party flexing it’s muscles. I wish the movement was strong enough to do that. And I would proudly wrote about their success, although I wouldn’t use the word insurrection.

But it wasn’t a TEA Party takeover.

It was the citizens of Hanover County. The same ones that elected Dave Brat by a 56% – 44% margin elected Russ Wright by 57% to 43%. Almost identical. And if you add together the votes for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the recent primary, the two “outsiders” received 57% of the vote.

So clearly, 57% of the voters in Hanover County are in an anti establishment mood and have been for at least a couple of years. Nancy Russell was fighting against a changing demographic in Hanover and simply refused to believe it or accept it. Blaming the TEA Party is an easy cop out. Cantor blamed Democrats for his defeat, yet it was Cantor, not Brat, that did well in the more liberal areas.

What defeated Nancy Russell was years of Eric Cantor claiming to be Conservative and then voting for amnesty, funding Obamacare, and voting for every dollar of deficit spending he could. And the slating incident. And loyalty oaths. And her vote to deplete the 7th District Treasury. And the Virginia (not really) Conservative Network. And defectors like Bill Bolling, Boyd Marcus and a string of lies and deceit by the GOPe to go along with the broken promises. And let’s add Bob McDonnell who gave us the largest tax hike in the history of the Commonwealth who has now been convicted of crimes while in office.

So go ahead and keep fighting the ghost you call “TEA Party” and wonder why you keep swinging and missing. It was not the TEA Party that defeated you.

It was “we the people” who have grown wise to your contempt and deceit for the people of Hanover. Of the 7th District. It was the bloggers and Facebook networking that defeated you. It was the good people of Hanover County who are now awake. Instead of blaming others for your defeat, I would suggest a good bit of introspection. Perhaps have a cup of TEA. We are watching and sharing everything you do.

And we are not done yet. We plan to bestow the title “former” to a lot more people who just don’t get it, Madam Former Chairman.

File this under Former Congressman Cantor, Former Lt. Gov. Bolling, Former 7th District GOP Chairman Cobb, Former Chesterfield GOP Chairman Williams, Former Henrico GOP Chairman Boswell and Former Hanover GOP Chairman Russell.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

33 Responses to “Hanover GOP Committee Commandeered By the TEA Party? Nonsense!”

  1. Paul Thiel says:

    Nobody can say it any better than you Tom ! Right on Tom White.

    • Delta Delta Delta says:

      VFRW and Mouthpiece for the Hanover Republican Women’s Committee “my hair is too big for my head” Liza Bradford has a post on Bag Man Julie Coggsdale’s FB Page attributing the growth of the Hanover Republican Party to Nancy Russell’s leadership.

      News Flash – the growth of the committee is due to all the Tea Party Patriots and Conservatives and Libertarians coming into the committee.

      But their membership dues are being funneled to the RINO candidates.

      • Georgia Peach says:

        Dear Greek Sister:

        Liza Bradford has the IQ of a grape.

        The Grassroots Activists join the Hanover Republican Committee in large numbers to vote Nancy Russell out of office and Mrs. Bradford gives credit to Mrs. Russell for “growing the Party.”

        What a moron.

        No wonder the Republican Party is losing.

        • Delta Delta Delta says:


          That Big Hair and the chemicals from all that hairspray is damaging her brain and has negatively impacted her ability to Face Book with any cognitive skills for Chris Peace’s “Chief of Staff” Julie Coggsdale.


          • Georgia Peach says:

            Oh yes- Julie Coggsdale refers to herself as the “Chief of Staff” of one for Delegate Chris Peace. LOL

            Coggsdale is taking that title out for a trial run before Peace runs for Governor. Coggsdale actually believes that Peace is going to be the Governor of Virginia. That’s rich.

            He’s a legend in his own mind. The conservatives in Hanover County can’t stand him and she is the most hated Legislative Assistant in the General Assembly secretarial pool.

            Hopefully the historical defeat Thursday night in Hanover County knocked that dream off the radar.

        • Tom White says:

          Now wait just a minute! I agree completely with Liza. Russell DID grow the committee. If she had been just another “big tent” Republican, the committee size would have remained static. It was her caustic and overt hatred of Brat supporters and Conservatives in general that convinced a lot of people to join the committee. And vote her out!

          Sometimes the growing crowd isn’t made up of adoring fans. Sometimes they simply want to run you out of town.
          Tom White recently posted…Tuesday Begins Great for Trump: Trump Wins Northern Mariana Islands CaucusMy Profile

          • Kappa Kappa Gamma and Sigma Nu says:

            Mr. White-

            The HCRC meetings under Mrs. Russell and Angela Kelly Wiecek and Bob Nelson were PROFOUNDLY pediatric. Republican members would literally have to drink before arriving to endure it. That explains the meeting proximity to the drinking holes at the Bass Pro Shop and the Hanover Tavern.

            If you lit a cigarette next to Trip Chalkley, he\’d blow up the entire courthouse like a Molotav cocktail. Poof. Up in Smoke.

  2. David Jackson

    This is probably th only time I have disagreed with one of your comments. I don’t know how the Tea Party members voted this recent election but it’s hard to believe that the majority voted for Russell. As for the Tea Party being a shell of it’s former self I couldn’t disagree with you more. One of the strengths of the Tea Movement is also it’s weakness. Each of the Tea Party’s are autonomous and operate without any overriding philosophy just some general principles. Thus we don’t speak as one. In many ways this weakens us but it prevents us from being taken over by some larger entity. I think the movement is growing nationwide. i serve as treasurer of the Fredericksburg Virgini Patriots I can tell you we are in the battle of taking over the establishment in Spotsylvania. I hope you will follow what is happening between the BOS and the school board. If you have the opportunity see the shool board meeting today. You will be hearing more about this in coming weeks.

    • Tom White says:

      David – The TEA Party reached it’s peak in 2010-2011 with around 30% claiming to support or agree with the TEA Party. At that time, the anti TEA Party folks were about 25% and the people that were neither for or against the TEA Party came in around 40%. Today, TEA Party support has dropped to 17% with some polls showing about 8%, anti TEA Party is about the same at 24% but the number of people that are neither for nor against has grown to 54%. So the movement is clearly not growing and looks to be in decline.

      And that is true in Hanover County based on personal observation.

      But this post was not intended to denigrate the TEA Party. It was intended to dispel the false narrative that the events in Hanover were somehow due to the TEA Party getting together and “taking over” the Hanover Committee. As if there were a bunch of conspirators hiding in the back rooms plotting against the Republican Party. What the Drifty Boys are doing, and who knows, they may believe this, that if you don’t love the RINO’s and the Establishment GOPe then you are TEA Party. They want to isolate a group that has high negativity and brand everyone who is not a RINO as TEA Party. It is far easier to do this than admit that people are simply more Conservative and their darling RINO’s have strayed too far to the left. They need to lash out at something and the TEA Party is an object of convenience. Otherwise they would have to admit that their ideology is what has failed. And so they blame the TEA Party.

      But those of us that were there know that it was not some organized TEA Party “insurgency”. But rather a lot of pissed off citizens that now completely understand what has been happening. We are being manipulated and used and have been for decades. Now there is no doubt that the TEA Party played a role in educating the voters over the years and this is the result of years of effort by the TEA Party paying off. All those classes on the Constitution, the speakers for Liberty, the effort to raise awareness are all due to the years of effort by the TEA Party.

      They tried to call Dave Brat (as an example) as a TEA Party candidate as if Dave was a long time member of the TEA Party itself. He wasn’t. His ideology is 100% compatible with TEA Party principles, but that does not make him a TEA Party Candidate. They tried to transfer the high negatives of the TEA Party onto Dave to take advantage of the years of negative publicity and stories the media, the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans have thrown at the TEA Party.

      What happened Thursday night was not the direct action of the TEA Party moving in to “take over” but rather the fruit of the seeds of Liberty planted by the TEA Party over the years. People may not be members of the TEA Party but that does not mean that the TEA Party played no role. They did. Just not the direct role BD wants people to believe. They are looking for a Boogie Man. And the TEA Party was it.

      But the intent of the Drifty Boys was not to credit the TEA Party, rather they seek to use the TEA Party as a smear on Russ Wright and the Conservatives that elected him. In their world, the TEA Party is a group of uneducated knuckle-dragging mouth breathers. Something to be scorned and hated. You and I know that is not true at all.

      I simply won’t give them the narrative in this.

      And that is not to say the TEA Party was not there. But most have graduated and are now Conservative Republicans who are and have been members of the Hanover Committee. Not in the spirit of a takeover, but in the spirit of joining the Committee to elect Republicans and help select the nominees. But there was not a mass of TEA Party members who showed up to take over as TEA Party members. They were Republicans.

      Remember, BD is the outfit that tried to brand Dave Brat as not only TEA Party, but a Democrat. And they “blame” both groups for Cantor’s defeat. But we know that Cantor was defeated because he was no longer doing his job.

      And I didn’t intend to give the impression that the TEA Party was for Nancy Russell. Just the two guys sitting near me. They were probably the only two. I am not going to name them, but if I did most would say “that explains it”. I used that as an illustration that the TEA Party was not there in a monolithic group for the purpose of taking over.

      The TEA Party still has a valid purpose and serves the movement well. But is has taken so many hits from all sides that the reality outside of TEA Party circles is that it is a high negative to brand someone TEA Party these days. And when RINO’s blame the TEA Party, it is never a good thing.

      I hope that clears my post up a bit. Like I said, it was not a knock on the TEA Party. But I understand how BD intended the reference. And it was not positive.
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  3. Tom,
    Thank you for the polling information and your response. I often question the polling data. How was it collected, how were the questions worded etc.? Secondly, the media has so defined the Tea Party that people who support the principles and are on board with its accomplishments don’t want to be known as this type of person because they are extremists, knuckle draggers and so forth. They worry about how they will be viewed. I challenge anyone to see the conversations in our board meetings. Thirdly, I would invite many to see a different type of polling by noting the Gadsden flag license plates. These are certainly not all members of the various Tea Party’s but the popularity of this symbol today is largely due to our organization.
    Further, I appreciate your comments and I agree with everything I have read.
    There are some further posts I hopefully will be sending you. It would be too lengthy to do so here. A subject I want to address is what is occurring in Spotsylvania. Lastly, and on a different note one of my reasons for being a Trump supporter over Cruz. Recently, a reporter asked Cruz would he change the person on the Ten dollar bill and he responded no but would change the twenty dollar bill from Jackson to Hamiliton. As most historians know Jackson was an ardent antagonist to having a central bank and I believe Hamilton was on board with it. I personally think that was Cruz’s message to the Federal Reserve. I’m with you. Further, his wife holds a high position with Goldman Sachs. Need more be said. Will Cruz address his view on whether or not he is for an audit and getting rid of this privately owned bank.


    First of all- the biggest loser in this election was not Nancy Russell who was a Pawn in the Hanover County political Development Chess game- it was Delegate Chris Peace, Former Lt. Gov Bill Bolling and Chickahominy Supervisor “I PLAN TO RUN FOR DELEGATE iF BUDDY FOWLER WILL STEP ASIDE” Angela Kelly Wiecek, former Chairman of the Hanover Republican Committee, who along with Bob Setliff- hand picked Nancy Russell to run the committee so they could control it for Bill Bolling who hasn’t been to a meeting OR PAID DUES in years and Delegate Chris Peace whose largest lifetime DONOR IS DEVELOPER and MIDDLE RESOLUTION PAC FOUNDER ROBERT BAILLIE.

    Now you know the rest of the story……

    This wasn’t a takeover by the Tea Party as much as it was the beginning of the END for the Political Ruling Class in Hanover County where every single elected official is bought and paid for by DEVELOPERS to control the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission.

    • SCRIBE says:

      Are you kidding me that the 3 Amigos on the Hanover Board of Supervisors who voted to eliminate Proffers for their DONOR DEVELOPERS who are now raising your real estate taxes: Wayne Hazzard of South Anna District , Sean Davis of Henry District and Canova Peterson of Mechanicsville District – Republicans all- were Missing in Action Thursday night for the vote? BUT they sent OLD DEMOCRAT Developer Emma Lee Mitchell Davenport Melton there along with Board Chairman Buckey Stanley NEITHER of whom EVER ATTEND A GOP MEETING OR PAY DUES or support the Reagan Day Dinner – were there to whip votes for Nancy Russell to keep her in power for the Developers.

      I had a front row seat for that Hypocrisy. Buckey Stanley is a JOKE. Showing up at a GOP meeting for the first time in years- in front of 300 voters as Chairman of the Hanover Board of Supervisors as if he was some leader of the Grand Old Party when in fact- he’s NOT active in the party AT ALL.- Does absolutely nothing for the party- except put out Eric Cantor signs before the June 2014 PRIMARY and show up with his hand out every four years for a donation check to run unopposed for Hanover Supervisor which he uses to hold a barbeque for the Democrats in Beaverdam who vote for him.

      He appointed the Hanover County NAACP Chairwoman to the Planning Commission for Beaverdam.
      He shouldn’t be allowed to vote as a Republican.

      • David Jackson

        I think you and many more people are missing the point on proffers. That is the most unfair tax around. Someone who wishes to buy a newly constructed home whether or not it is in a development has to pay a tremendous up front tax of at least 40,000+ dollars then pays his real estate for as long as he resides there. Which ever entity builds the home pays the tax. Where highways need to be altered then a developer should pay the price. As far as the rest of the infra structure all home owners pay the yearly taxes. If improvements are necessary and there isn’t enough funds available then cuts in other areas will need to mandated. Look at some of the unnecessary highways that have been recently constructed. Example state highway 208 from Fredericksburg toward Lake Anna. Where that road could be improved and widened they chose to put a whole new road in and tearing up the old. Additional land had to be acquired in order to accomplish that goal. But what the heck it’s just money, your money. Incidentally houses are not just built for fun, it is because there is a demand for these additional developments. Until we stop making babies and letting immigrants flood the country new housing will be needed. What I don’t like is some builders get preferential treatment as to where these developments are allowed.
        One more point I would like to make and that is taxes. Why be for one tax but not another. It just appears as to whose ox is being gored. I am for a complete reduction in all taxes and cutting this bloated government in half.

  5. Micah B. says:

    Dear Scribe:

    Huge victory for the citizens of Hanover County including the Democrats and Independents who oppose this irresponsible over development of Hanover County by the Republicans and their donor developer ruling class.

    If the Tea Party and the Democrats agree on one thing- it\’s these people- every elected official in Hanover County needs to be DEFEATED.

    Clean HOUSE.

  6. The Orange Jumpsuits Fraternity says:

    When the Clerk of the Circuit Court\’s sister is a DEVELOPER- says so right there on her membership in the Hanover Republican Committee roster next to \”teacher\” and they both are in the family business of
    purchasing land to develop- then the voters of Hanover County need to find a new Clerk candidate who doesn\’t have a conflict of interest.

    Consider the Inside information\” filings for liens, divorces, tax delinquent estates, foreclosures, bankruptcies- the Clerk\’s office has access to and could share with family and friends and donors.

    Hell Martha Stewart went to prison for less insider trading.

    Now you know why the developers keep them in OFFICE and re-elected. Follow the money.

    • In my sights says:

      The same conflict of interest exists for the JUDGE and the TAX ASSESSOR-

      when will the voters of Hanover County wake up to that little situation?

      Oh and the developers control the tax assessor\’s office, too- just ask Emma Lee Mitchell Davenport for an invitation the next time they hold a fundraiser for Scott Harris.

      • Ouji says:


        Going on the record here: Chris Peace hates the Tea Party – says so-
        Buckey Stanley and Emma Lee Mitchell also hate the Tea Party so you can add a long list of the developers she runs to that list of \”Haters\”

        Delegate Buddy Fowler is an Establishment RINO and therefore hates the Tea Party. He blames them for George Allen\’s loss. If he\’d lifted a finger to help in the campaign……. well. They use the Tea Party to get elected and them walk on them like a doormat.

        The Hargroves are establishment RINOS – they always circle the wagons with the developers to control the Supervisors and the House of Delegates to control the budget … for development through support of Speaker Bill Howell and the Real Estate Lobby. Dale Hargrove Alderman worked to elect State Senator Sioban Stolle Dunnivant ( RINO Stosch\’s replacement) and the good doctor has been a disaster in the State Senate- \”absentee\” and \”no votes\” and when she does vote- well she is every bit the liberal we knew she would be.

        The Hargrove Family told State Senate Candidate Vince Haley they were supporting him while working against him behind the scenes to elect Dunnivant. With friends like that who needs enemies, right?

      • Juris Doctored in 78 says:


        I think you mean the Judge and the Commissioner of Revenue (not the Tax Assessor) who share the same last name and many relatives in Hanover County. That indeed may be a conflict of interest when you consider the “inside” information and access.

        That Commissioner of Revenue’s friends have profitted tremendously from real estate investments in Hanover over the years.

  7. Paul Thiel says:

    Some very interesting reading above ! Was a little upset during the Dave Brat campaign. Many of us who supported Dave, knocked on hundreds of doors, had fun watching the goings on after the election-especially Canova’s picture in the local with his arm around Dave a few weeks after the election. Worked the polls for Dave and watched him (Canova)at the Cantor table doing his thing!

    Right on Micah B-I’m just saying !

  8. robert shannon

    Excellent all the way around, great discussion. If I may weigh in on all of this, and since I started 2 TEA Party groups, and am still very active in King William allow me a few observations.

    The ” problem” with many of these local groups is what they morphed into after a few years. Some are nothing more today than social clubs, some have a fervent faith based flavor, some have become focused solely on Education efforts. It is very difficult to sustain these groups for two main reasons.

    First, many of them are being lead with people who have either very little first hand knowledge of how politics work, little political experience. The second reason they struggle is a lack of will to avoid being coopted by the local party establishment types who love to milk their volunteer army at campaign time, freeing up resources for other purposes because of all of this free help they get from local TEA Party groups. As Tom noted they then return to their establishment ways, ignoring the very people who were the ones who lent their time energy and talent to a candidate who often remains in the clutches of the party bosses.

    At one of the last meetings of the MTP at the end of 2013 ( when my 1 year term as Chair was up ) I said the following
    ” Please do not forget what you are, in that this group is a local political activist group, you are not a religious organization, nor a Veterans organization, not a Education program , but a political activist organization. The moment you forget that, the moment you stray from that very purpose is the moment you will see attendance drop off, contributions diminish and your ability to influence political matters decline” Unfortunately my advice wasn’t listened to and within months the local R establishment folks literally took the group over. They lost their Mojo.

    The other major factor in the TEA Party decline is the unwillingness to stand down the local oligarchs, the large land owners, the developers, often times actually joining ranks with them ,ignoring their corrupting influence on local government, not a positive influence either.
    Here in King William we enjoyed very broad and deep support…..until we started rooting around local issues, over spending in the school system, the gross abuses of local tax systems , clearly slanted to provide huge tax advantages to a select few, the infrastructure costs being dumped onto the backs of homeowners by shifting infrastructure costs to local tax payers, the abusive and corrupting State and Federal grant money, often resulting in higher local taxes after the grant money runs out. If you take on the local power structure ( where these groups can do some real good ) you must be prepared for the onslaught of a push back. The push back is vicious in both its tone and tactics.
    This leads me to the conclusion and rather dismal observation that taking over a local party Chair ( and Congrats to the valiant effort led by those who ousted Russell )does very little to change the actual local government and the problems that plague them. Russell or your new guy Wright—-how does that reduce local school spending that is out of control in every locality ? How does that change Land Use Tax Exemptions, one of the most insidious tax schemes that rob homeowners of their hard earned money by shifting the tax burden onto their backs, funneling millions each year into the pockets of some of the most wealthy people in every County simple because they have the crony capitalist connections with the BOS and can continue a program like this that is nothing more than a giant tax scam ? How does this change in the Hanover Party Chair rein in the outlandish spending in the Hanover Sheriffs department, or the other Public safety units such as the ever expanding Fire/Rescue squads that are eating up ever increasing chunks of local tax dollars with some very questionable expenditures ?
    Changing a person who sits in that Chair–a positive development for sure, but it does absolutely nothing in the arena of local government spending and tax policies. This is where you must have a local political civic activist group with a steel backbone and an iron will to attack these problems with a drive and purpose that won’t be influenced by who sits in a county political party Chair. Sadly Hanover at the moment just does not have that.

    Bob Shannon King William

  9. Tad Gates says:

    Mr. Shannon:

    The root of all evil in Hanover County can be traced to the Middle Resolution Pac and it’s developer donors who control the Republican Committee, the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission, the Constitutional Officers, 44 Appointed Boards and Commissions including the School Board and even the county employees at the department level. They aren’t affiliated with Political Party – they broker Power and Control through contracts.

    Until the voters revolt against the land use tax exemptions and the conservation easements benefitting the very elected officials and the “oligarchs you referred to” who pass legislation for their own gain NOTHING changes. Look no further than the Hargroves’ and Delegate Chris Peace’s conservation easements. Look at Riley Lowe and the Flippo’s exemption from massive real estate taxes through Land Use just to start.

    • robert shannon

      Mr. Gates,

      Identifying the problem is just a first step—and we he done that. Next comes implementing a remedy, and that is lacking in Hanover.

      You have no viable and vocal activist group. Hanover has 2 groups that are more social clubs than activist. Until that is remedied nothing changes . The problems are well defined. Come visit, I’ll share with you how we are doing it down here.
      Bob Shannon


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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