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Hanover Va Sheriff’s Office Warning Citizens About Potential Terrorist Attacks Like Roanoke Stabbings

Stabbing in Roanoke County, Virginia
Information Cutoff: 1:00 p.m. on August 23, 2016

 On Saturday, August 20, 2016 Wasil Farooqui was arrested
for malicious wounding after he attacked two people in
Roanoke, Virginia.
 The incident occurred in an apartment complex, where the
victims were picked at random, and was an isolated incident.
 The two victims have been hospitalized and their conditions
are unknown at this time
 Richmond FBI Field Office has confirmed that they are
investigating the incident to determine the nature of the crime
 It is believed that the suspect may have been trying to
behead the male victim while he was yelling “Allah Akbar”.

On Saturday August 20, 2016
Roanoke County Police
Department charged Wasil
Farooqui, 20 years old, with two
counts of aggravated Malicious
Wounding in a stabbing attack
that left a man and woman
injured. There are little details
about the condition of the victims, however it is reported that
they are currently hospitalized. Witnesses told police that
Farooqui was yelling “Allah Akbar” during the attack. “Allah
Akbar” is Arabic for God is Great.

The incident was isolated to the apartment complex, Pines
Apartments, in Roanoke, Virginia and there have been no
additional reports of similar incidents. The suspect acted alone
during the attack and there are no additional known threats at
this time.
The suspect, Farooqui, is currently being held without bond at
the Western Virginia Jail. There are reports that the FBI have been aware of Farooqui and are
familiar with the case. The FBI is currently investigating whether or not there is an ISIS connection.

 Isolated attacks remain an attractive tactic for terrorist groups and their sympathizers as such
assaults require minimal preparation, leaving them more challenging for law enforcement
officials to detect and disrupt.
 Citizens are reminded to be watchful of individuals demonstrating suspicious behavior.
 Community partnerships continue to be critical in providing for the safety and security of our
Hanover Community.
 Public vigilance and awareness campaigns such as the “If you see something, say something”
initiative play an important role in identifying potential criminal behavior or threats.

1. “FBI Reportedly Investigating Whether Virginia Stabbing was ISIS Inspired,” Fox News- August 23.
2. “FBI Probing Possible Virginia Terror Attack,” CBS News- August 23, 2016

Should you have any information about any crime or suspicious activity, please contact the Sheriff’s
Office. If it is an emergency, please dial 911. For non-emergency events in progress please dial (804)
365-6140. Other non-emergency information can be shared at SHIELD@hanovercounty.gov.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog.

Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “Hanover Va Sheriff’s Office Warning Citizens About Potential Terrorist Attacks Like Roanoke Stabbings”

  1. robert shannon says:

    It is the very randomness of the attacks that make them effective weapons for the terrorists. Economic disruption is a certain goal within the broader plan of attacking America. The soft targets, open shopping areas, large scale public events, public transportation may be a more tempting target but require a modicum of planning and coordination.

    Attacks like this one in Roanoke can be carried out without that type of advanced planning that can be detected by law enforcement, thwarting their plans. While these types of attacks do not gibe them the huge numbers of innocents they kill it still achieves their primary goal which is to instill fear.

    After this administration leaves in January lets hope the next administration purges the PC mindset in the various intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies that have hindered them from carrying out their missions. From the Pentagon to the FBI, CIA etc etc the agency heads are following instructions to not profile criminal suspects. You can’t effectively fight a war with sticks and warm fuzzy thoughts. Our enemies are laughing at us.

    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Trumpster for Gun Rights says:

    Just goes to prove that 225 Hanover Sheriff’s Deputies can’t save you if some radicalized Jihadist chooses to go to Allah and whips out a knife and beheads you at Martins or Aldi.

    Your concealed carry weapon is your only self defense in this age of Radical Islam and terrorism.

    VOTE TRUMP in NOVEMBER to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights.

  3. ROBERT M. says:



    • Tom White says:

      Strange thing. I live almost in walking distance of that BP station, but have never purchased gas there. A couple of weeks before the fire, I needed a new gas can. Our power was out due to a storm and my old can was leaking gas all over the place when I tried to fill the generator. So I went to Tractor Supply and got a new can. the BP is just across the street from Tractor Supply and was the only gas station not out of my way. So I put my debit card in the pump, entered my PIN and filled the new can. When I was done, the pump asked for my card again. I paid for what seemed like the second time. And I was worried that I had actually paid for someone else’s gas who drove off or something. So I went inside the BP to make sure. The clerk was Middle Eastern and went on and on about how the pump needs to be fixed and the owners are too cheap to fix anything. He seemed pretty unstable and visibly agitated. Not at me and I did not feel threatened at all. But something wasn’t exactly right about him. It occurred to me to check my online banking app to see if there were two charges from the BP. There was only one, the second one I had just completed. So I was satisfied that all was well and that pump and the clerk were both out of order.

      I don’t know if it was the same guy. But when that story broke, and the picture I saw of the guy, I think it was the same guy. Creepy!
      Tom White recently posted…2007 Washington Post Article on Shaun Kenney Tipping Left Wing Blogger on Secret Indictment of Jill Vogel’s Primary Opponent Mark TateMy Profile

  4. ROBERT M. says:

    Yes and the DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN from Hanover County called him an Indian Man when his name is clearly Muslim if you google it- not HINDU.

    What is Hanover Hiding? Oh yeah- its refugees.

  5. Hanover County Conservative Voter says:

    Hanover County has approximately 105,000 thousand residents. The government tells you Hanover is SAFE.

    Why does the Town of Ashland have a police force of 28 officers- and the County has 220 deputies?

    Why such a POLICE STATE at a cost of tens of millions of dollars annually if Hanover County is so safe?

    Doesn’t anyone ever read the budget and ask those questions?

  6. Lila LeGrande says:

    Roanoke is one of the localities in Va chosen to accept refugees. Arlington, Charlottesville, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, Newport News, and Richmond are the other cities.

  7. Cooper G. says:

    Yeah and Muslims are now all over Hanover County and that wasn’t on your “LIST”

    Hanover doesn’t have a MOSQUE yet- just wait.

  8. Concerned Citizen says:

    Mr. White, In light of our government trying to conceal that attempting beheading in Roanoke (it didn’t make the news until two days after it happened), are you at all aware of any large mosques or private Muslim compounds in Roanoke or surrounding areas? I was shocked to read the NY/NJ bomber purchased his gun in Salem, VA. Too close for comfort for me. What brought him to our area, if his parents own a business out of state? Did I miss any articles written about his connections to our area?


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    Tom White Says:

    Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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