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Hanoverians Take To Social Media To Get Government To Remember It’s Place.

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be conceaHRidealed from them.” — Patrick Henry

One recent afternoon several Hanover taxpayers stood outside the County Government Building after getting the run around from their Board of Supervisors and State Delegate discussing why Joe Six-pack can’t shovel up a large garden without 35 pages of permit application yet out-of-state corporations with political connections can dump hazardous waste (industrial sludge) in Hanover risking wells and the health of unknowing citizens.

We had a little idea – If Barack Obama can gain himself the White House with social media surely we can use it to get Hanover County government listening to their employers!  Let’s use Facebook to raise public awareness and bring pressure to bear on our servants to remind them that they are not princes and Hanover isn’t Nottingham!

Hanover Residents Group and Hanover Residents Page were developed on Facebook from that conversation and it’s a milestone. Hanover Residents is an effort to connect average taxpayers across our 50+ mile wide county to ensure the County government is accountable to taxpayers rather than special interests and their agendas. Hanover Residents is an easy, accessible platform for average folk to discuss the process, consequences, and cures of poor government without intimidation by party shills trying to run interference — and boy have they tried! One wonders why such resistance to open government initiatives and transparency? What are they trying to hide?

With the fall of DC insider Eric Cantor the whole 7th District is on fire about real representation and citizens are unwilling to accept more hollow election cycle rhetoric. People are fed up with government intrusion, crony deals, and sending the bill to the taxpayer. This is the message of the November 4 election: “if you want to hold public office, you are going to earn it and be transparent or we will fire you.”

Seven hundred may not seem like many in a county of 70k voters but it’s more than anyone ever dreamed would be regularly discussing the policies of our county outside the cozy apparatchik circles and the group continues to grow daily along with increasing page views on our H.R. Page.  They’ve noticed.

Suddenly, after 20 years, the BOS is looking into Video Streaming and the Sludge issue. Our self-described political elite have even put up a copycat group on Facebook and it’s floundering — what can they talk about — the weather or the latest bowtie fashions? Certainly not voting records, fiscal restraint, or open government. Our current Board was elected on a platform of cleaning up government and group members are voicing their demands to fulfill those promises. If the current BOS is incapable of representing their constituents we will discuss seeking replacements.

Regular topics include: Elected School Board; agenda driven Anti American curriculum; live-streaming public meetings; online County check book; sludge and UN Agenda 21 driven storm water taxes; local events; property taxes; and other issues. Our Hanover Residents Page is different from the group in that it touches on broader topics and gives some highlights of the hot topics.

We hope other Hanoverians will join us and that our neighbors in adjoining counties in the 7th District will take interest and start their own groups. In fact we know of one getting underway right now.

by John Dixon- Owner of Hanover Conservative Caucus Blog; and administrator of Hanover Residents Group.

About John Dixon

John Dixon lives in western Hanover County, is retired from his Material Handling business; does a little farming; has been involved in Scouting, Trail Life and Church related activities and community activism.

7 Responses to “Hanoverians Take To Social Media To Get Government To Remember It’s Place.”

  1. Steven Tucker

    You’re doing great works John! You’ve certainly inspired me to get aggressive in the 1st.

  2. Robert Shannon

    Mr. Dixon,

    God bless you . The left has used this venue with great success and no doubt your drive, energy and commitment will make a world of difference in employing this valuable tool.

    Perhaps you might request the Mechanicsville TEA Party and the Patrick Henry TEA Party use a few of their signs to introduce travelers, thousands of whom pass these signs daily , to your website and blog.

    Pull no punches–for 6 years we have tried nice, and nice doesn’t work. Understand you are aligned against some very evil people who will do anything to advance their own agenda. Avoid elected officials because they will attempt to co-opt your efforts into the republican party establishment where your voice will be muted at best. Remain independent, don’t take dime one from any PAC’s and should you follow this advice your voice will be trusted.

    My best wishes to your fabulous effort !

    Bob Shannon Founder Mechanicsville TEA Party

  3. Jack Lee

    How about some links to direct us tech challenged folks?

  4. John Dixon says:

    Here they are.

    Facebook HR Page (group highlights etc) :

    Facebook HR Group:

    Hanover Conservative Caucus Blog:
    John Dixon recently posted…Activism From Hanover Residents Facebook Group Members Gets HP PollMy Profile


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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