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Hip Hop Sustenance with “Sample Situation” Barz Nice Produced by Bully Boi

“I’m not tryin’ to be rich, I’m trying to keep the culture rich”

Barz Nice Da General

What’s Goin’ On

Sample Situations

According to Architecture Richmond the Southern States Silo stands triumphantly over the south bank of the James River. It is just south of the flood wall at the Mayo Bridge in the City formerly known as Manchester. The silo was originally built in the 1940’s with a grain elevator for a company named Cargill Incorporated.

Southern States; a farming co-op later purchased the silo and painted their logo on the Riverside. That logo remains to this day and also remains well know to Richmonders. Although the silo was sold to Purdue Farms in 2003, the Southern States logo remains.

Further research on Wikipedia will advise that grain is harvested for both human and animal consumption. Following the harvest dry grains are a durable staple used as the main ingredient for food. The durability of grain allows it to be harvested and transported for long periods of time by truck, rail and ship. The grain can also be stored for long periods of time in the silo, milled for flour or pressed for oil. In the major food markets, grain creates sustenance for all who consume the product.

I draw these two very powerful parallels to create an example for the information that I am about to give you as the reader. In the building next door to the famous Southern States silo; James Harris known to the Hip Hop community by his pseudonym “Bully Boi” or “Bully” is a multi talented producer, engineer and owner of Bully Boi Productions. Since I have know this King he has created sustenance for the independent Hip Hop community. Kula Voncile, Roy Revolution, Father Time and Judah Priest. 

2020 brings a new and even more powerful sustenance in the form of Barz Nice Da General. I was originally introduced to Barz Nice by one of Bully’s famous Facebook Live videos. Where Bully candidly and excitedly exclaims that, “WEGEEEEEDIT” while holding a crystal incrusted pimp cup sipping on something good. Next thing I knew the most vivid visual for “Alma Mater” came on featuring Barz Nice, Big Sty (Styron Lynch) and GZ Finest (Humphre Quaye) popped onto my Samsung device. Hard hittin lyrics, snap back baseball caps, hoodies, dope production and graffiti on the wall. 

With technology, I was able to reach out directly to introduce myself to Barz Nice. In candid conversation, I learned that my new favorite rapper is originally from Delaware. He like many of us came to Virginia for a change in lifestyle back in 1993. A brother practicing the Muslim faith he started writing poems and quickly moved on to create Islamic music. He was once passed over for a deal by Russell Simmons. But, that did not stop him. He started to understand the game more when he made connections with Twin Flame Records  Melinda Rodriquez and Robert Davis. This was a two fold process. First, Barz Nice learned about how to grow his following on social media. He met with Rodriquez and Davis for a phone consultation. Second Barz Nice learned sound quality.  Davis listened to the then catalog of music amassed by Barz. The A and R loved the lyrical delivery however, the material, in his opinion lacked the industry sound required for success.

Barz then told me that he would not give up with the constructive criticism that Davis provided him. In that time he moved from studio to studio looking for the quality sound that his musical material lacked. Robert Davis advised Barz Nice to reach out to Bully. He was extremely happy when he found Bully.

Barz Nice said, “The energy was just there with Bully, in Bully, I found exactly what I needed to find. The Creator places people in your life to uplift. I am here to create a musical legacy, to do what I am here to do because I am passionate about it. I have built this relationship with Bully because I have spiritual transition energy. Bully has invested in me as an artist.”

Barz Nice current project is entitled “Sample Situation”. This is an extended play project with 7 tracks. He has released three singles thus far, “No Mistakes Allowed”, “Boom Bap Chemist” and “What’s Goin’ On”. 

One thing I miss about Hip Hop is music shopping. Actually going to a music store and picking up the product, turning the CD or record over and reading the production credits. But, in this experience, I was able to text Bully, ask if the product was in hand. After he advised it was, I told him I would be down after my shift at work to support the project. Later he advised that Barz Nice was going to be in the building when I arrived. Not only did I get an autographed copy of “Sample Situation”, I was able to shake the hand of my new Superhero in the flesh. And to show him “love” in person.

I agreed to work an extra shift. It is Sunday, September 12, 2020. On my way to work I was able to ride a listen to my personal autographed copy of “Sample Situation” by Barz Nice. My favorite tracks and bars are found below:

No Mistakes Allowed / Track 2: “Barz Nice I spit flows like lighter fluid,

what you mean he been talkin’ sh** negro I had to do it.

Who did you expect me to sound like lil’ Yachty or some other lil rapper in the game I just bodied.

Get cha mind right, get your bars tight then come back and we can politic yea?! Alright

Until then kick rocks and take a hike

You sound like a bunch of sissy’s on the mic

It’s time to raise the bar take it to another height

I feel sorry for your mumblin’ rappers plight

Cause to me MC means move the crowd

I gotta be nice wit these verses no mistakes allowed.

What’s Goin’ On / Track 4

they still building prisons, they makin’ ‘em bigga

they fillin’ ‘em wit niggas

the word “nigga” doesn’t have a color, it’s a mindstate

brainwashed by the media

possessed by greed and power

tryin’ to build an empire

and all you fake niggas is just coons for hire

perhaps too many episodes of the Wire got you confused

Now your on the news, your perspective of reality is so skewed.

I’m not tryin’ to be rich, I’m trying to keep the culture rich.

Track 5

Boom Bap Professor got flavor like an enchilada

ride the track thoroughbred trotter

tryin to claim the ol school as my alma mater

chicky eyed brother whose nice from Delaware

for all you fly rappers, I spit surface to air.

Heat Mizer / Track 6

The most creative track production wise. It is the Hip Hop appearance of the Heat Miser one of the antagonists in the 1974 Rakin Bass television special “The Year Without a Santa Claus” 

He lends his support and allows Barz Nice to flow on this Bully Boi produced beat with volcanic heat. I was three years old when that television show made its debut. 

Heat Miser:

“I’m Mr. Heat Blister, I’m Mr. Hundred and one

they call me Heat Mizer, whatever I touch

starts to melt in my cluch (3x)

I’m too much.”

Barz Nice:

“In ’93 I was 2 Live like Luke and dem

Pushin’ phat whips jumpin’ ova shit like Dukes and dem

I brawl wit top dogs like Michael Vick and dem

old school pupil I mastered the curiculum

Like black top, I leave emcees with burn marks

I peel on them like Michelin, official blends

I deliver when I spit flows cold like a Northeast winter

Dopeboy with a kingpin

You can find Barz Nice music on all major platforms. Tell him Corey Fauconier from Virginia Right sent you to support. I would like to wish Barz Nice continued success in his music career and thank you for your continued contribution to Hip Hop culture.

About Corey Fauconier

Corey “Sage” Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in Henrico County, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in Political Science (1994) and a Paralegal Studies Certificate (1996). Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate (2017). First Black Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party (2016), Lobby Day Leader for the Virginia Citizens Defense League since 2018, second amendment supporter, host of independent podcast Talks Over Drinks in Richmond, Virginia.

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