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How Can Boehner Get Conservatives On-board for his Debt Plan 2.0? Here are $1.5 Trillion in Annual Cuts for Starters Without Touching Entitlements

First and foremost, the plan proposed by House Speaker John Boehner was a real stinker even before the CBO came out with their analysis showing Boehner’s numbers were wrong. Instead of the promised #1.2 Trillion (over 10 years) cuts, the CBO said just over $800 Billion (or $80 Billion a year). But either way, most of the cuts would not be seen until the last couple of years, 2020 and 2021. And only $1 Billion were guaranteed in any way. Worse, the “cuts” could also be tax increases and fulfill the requirement.

But giving money to a politician today in exchange for cuts a decade away is sheer lunacy.

About the only good thing with the Boehner plan is the fact that we get to do it all over again next year – before the election. But that is only good in a political sense, not in a “good for America” sense. And the odds that Obama will actually go for a short term deal facing the prospect of either demanding higher taxes or caving in next year when he is running for reelection are not good. Not good at all. The press and the Democrats will be pushing for a deal to take the next debt ceiling debate out past November 2012.

And any short term deal will, in all likelihood, cause the US Credit rating to drop – default or not. Even a deal to 2013.

Cut, Cap and Balance is the only viable plan we have to preserve the US Credit rating and fix the spending problem. (Note: there is another plan in the House that balances the budget in 6 years, but that is not on the table.)

The problem with Cut, Cap and Balance is that it will stop the Democrats from borrowing money to buy votes. The nearly half of Americans that pay no Federal Income Tax will forced to get a job, if they don’t have one, and pay taxes. Democrats know that if Americans actually were required to pay for their excessive vote buying scheme disguised as social programs – instead of putting it on the National Credit Card, voters would revolt. The class warfare against millionaires would have to move down to “people making $50,000” or less in order to pay for the Democrats waste.

Cut, Cap and Balance will have to wait until Republicans are able to retake the country.

What can possibly pass the Senate and the House?

First, nothing with tax increases will pass. Democrats need to get over that. It’s a deal breaker.

And for Republicans, nothing will pass that forces this fight again in 2012. Get over that. It’s a deal breaker, unless the Democratic Polls show raising taxes on the wealthy in an election year will help Obama with votes and not turn away donors.

A balanced budget amendment won’t pass until Republicans control the House, Senate and White House. Same with an meaningful Medicare and Social Security reform. The Democrats need those programs intact to scare old people into voting for them. The Democrats will “protect” the Social Programs until they are completely insolvent, and then blame Republicans for failing to fix them.

The non-guaranteed spending cuts spread out over a decade or more totaling a bit more than the increase in the debt ceiling is another smoke and mirrors ploy. Conservatives will never support that.

Where do we have common ground?

Apparently, Obama needs about $2.5 Trillion to get him past the election in 2012. Anything less will cause the President to come begging again when he wants to be campaigning.

And for conservatives to support $2.5 Trillion we will need to offset this amount with at least an equal amount of cuts. But the cuts must be both guaranteed and immediate. Not spread out over 10 years, back-loaded in the out years.

So, how do you save $2.5 Trillion from what we spend? Considering that discretionary spending for FY 2012 is set to be $1.344 Trillion, it will be a bit difficult to save $2.5 Trillion from that. Actually, it is impossible to do it in one year from the discretionary budget.

So, it is easy to see why Obama wants tax increases. There is absolutely no way to cut the massive amounts of money he needs to keep things running. He would be perfectly happy to gut Defense as Democrats are delighted to do, but he has unfortunately added a third war to the two he promised to end when he was campaigning. Not an easy cut.

And the one certainty in all of the plans except Cap, Cut and Balance, when the money runs out from whatever increase actually passes, Obama, or the next president, will be back with their palms outstretched.

Have a look at the proposed Obama budget for 2012. The total of his budget was around $3.7 trillion dollars. There are some “minor” expenses only in the “millions” of dollars not included in this table, but the big items are here.

So, what can we do without and how can we come up with $2.5 Trillion?

(In billions of Dollars)

Department of Agriculture$144.30
Department of Commerce$13.20
Department of Defense$707.60
Department of Education$185.30
Department of Energy$68.20
Dept of Health & Human Svcs$88.70
Medicare – Medicaid$893.30
FHA/GNMA etc.$623.10
Department of the Interior$13.90
Department of Labor$109.10
Dept of Transportation$89.60
Department of Treasury$129.10
Overseas Contingency (War)$126.30
Corp of Engineers$8.00
National Science Foundation$7.90

 How many of these departments are unnecessary? Well, a lot of them. The rest are so bloated and costly that they need to be put on a Michelle Obama non fat diet.

Let’s put a few of these on the chopping block.

Totally Eliminate:

  • Department of Education: One of the biggest wastes of American dollars ever created. This massive bureaucracy has done more to thwart educational efforts and push a liberal agenda on our youth. The entire department should be cut. Savings: $185.3 Trillion.
  • Department of Energy: The mission was to cut dependance on foreign oil. Total failure. Savings: $68.2 Billion
  • HUD: Sorry HUD. The free market can do this better and even turn a profit – and pay taxes. Savings: $49.4 Billion
  • FHA/DNMA: Again. Free market, profit and taxes, the government needs to get out of this business. Savings: $623.1 Billion
  • Overseas Contingency: This is what we are spending in the wars overseas. Iraq and Afghanistan will revert to Islamic Fundamentalism the second we leave. We can either stay there hemorrhaging money, or leave and let nature take it’s course. If we are attacked again, hit them hard from the air and go home. They WILL get the message. Savings: $126.3 Billion
  • EPA: This agency is an abomination. States can take care of their own environment. This agency is also one of the top job killers in America. The increased tax revenue from closing the doors on the EPA would be immense. Savings: $10 Billion
  • NASA: Hate to see this one go, but they are already gone in essence. Private industry can do better. Savings: $18.2 Billion
  • Small Business Administration: Private enterprises will do more and better once the SBA is out of the competition. Savings: $1 Billion
  • National Science Foundation: Mission: “to promote the progress of science”. Exactly where is this in the Constitution? Savings: $7.9 Billion

Totally eliminating these departments will save $1.1 Trillion each year. Most functions can be better handled in the private sector, many do nothing at all worth paying for.

How about some cuts to the remaining departments?

  • Department of Commerce: Cut them 50%. The basic constitutional requirements are for the Federal Government to regulate trade. Not totally control it! Savings: $6.6 Billion
  • Department of Defense: Yes, even the sacred cow should give milk. Get America out of the wars, bring the military home and be the strong defensive force as required by the Constitution. If we do that, we can probably save more, but 20% should be easy. We will need fewer soldiers is we defend America and stop policing the world. Savings $141.52 Billion
  • Health and Human Services: This is probably one department that could also go in the “eliminate” column, but there are some constitutional functions here. 50% should suffice. Savings: $44.35
  • Department of the Interior: There are a few constitutional considerations here. 50% cut. Savings: $6.95 Billion.
  • Department of Justice: Bloated, scheming, troublemakers. Far too much money is spent on left wing agenda and not enough on crime. A necessary evil, but a 25% cut will force them to concentrate on what was intended. Savings: $8.3 Billion
  • Department of Labor: Another totally useless department that should be cut altogether. A few functions are necessary, so 50%. Savings: $54.55
  • Department of Treasury: 50% cut. And that is being generous. Savings: $64.55
  • Other: Various extra-constitutional spending. At least half will not be missed. Savings: $31.3

Total savings from Cuts: $358.12 Billion

Grand Total: $1.5 Trillion per year.

Every year, nearly every department gets an increase. If there is a decrease, it is usually only a cut in the size of the increase. We have been doing this for decades. We simply can do without this bloat.

And what of the huge numbers of people laid off? Well, they are already drawing government checks for doing nothing. If there is a true need for the services their old employer performed, someone will be looking for experienced workers. Although having experience as a government employee might actually work against them.

If anyone thinks we absolutely need the Department of Education or a Federal EPA, or most of the other departments mentioned here, remember. We already have the same jobs on the state level. We don’t need to pay twice for these things.

So if Boehner wants Conservative support, he will look at completely eliminating a number of departments.

When given the choice of cutting Medicare and Social Security, or closing the Department of Education, which will Granny and Grandpa prefer?

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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