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I read with interest this report on the World Cup soccer tournament – how once again – the USA got hosed in the draw of teams and groups.

Here’s the group the USA got this time:

Group G:
Germany – Third in 2010 and aims to build on positive vibe created by its dominant club teams.
Ghana – Knocked out the U.S. in 2010 before being heartbreakingly denied a semifinal spot.
United States – Regarded as the strongest team in its pot after topping CONCACAF group.
Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo single-handedly won a tense playoff but has yet to shine at World Cup.

It was described as a “group of death”; here’s another report:

The gods of the World Cup draw repaid the US for that good fortune in brutal fashion Friday, handing the Americans 1. a Germany team that ranks among the three heaviest favorites to take the trophy 2. the same rock-solid Ghana team that eliminated the US from the past two World Cups, and 3. a Portugal squad that boasts arguably the world’s best player and as much raw talent as any side not named Brazil or Spain.

And hey, if you needed another reason for pessimism on top of that, the US drew the toughest travel schedule possible, an itinerary that will criss-cross Brazil to the tune of 8,866 miles. But aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

And another cheery report:

USA draws worst possible WC group

The United States men’s national team will be facing its demons at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil next summer, drawing just about the worst possible group it could in Germany, Ghana and Portugal.

I am not surprised; not at all.  I am convinced that enough people involved with world soccer simply do not like the USA.  Soccer is a rare sport where the United States does not do well.  Some might want to keep it that way.  Ben Voth, a former FIFA-approved soccer referee burns international soccer’s bias against the USA in this report in the American Thinker:

Soccer remains a valuable international tool for fostering dialogue.  Despite this, Americans would do well to understand the widely disseminated contempt toward them that makes the subjective reign of soccer referees a wildly artistic endeavor designed to communicate the proper subjective political ends.  For the majority of international referees, it is unimaginable that Americans would be worthy of equal and fair consideration on the playing field given their conduct in the global sphere.  Soccer is for these referees an opportunity to make a lifetime artistic achievement in expressing that widely held pathological sentiment.  The Slovenia game was but one more masterpiece in a massive global soccer art gallery sanctioned and built by FIFA.

I do not know if the FIFA or others in soccer have rigged the draw.  But the FIFA could remove most doubt by conducting the draw in an objective manner using rankings where you could do the seedings like this:

Group A = 1, 32, 16, 17

Group B = 2, 31, 15, 18

Group C = 3, 30, 14, 19

Group D = 4, 29, 13, 20

Group E = 5, 28, 12, 21

Group F = 6, 27, 11, 22

Group G = 7, 26, 10, 23

Group H = 8, 25, 9, 24

This would benefit those who have played hard (although the rankings could of course be manipulated) and won key games or came out a tough area of the world.  If this is not as much fun as what we saw today, you could have virtually topless women do the announcements!  (I am not condoning unholiness of course!)  But that is not as much fun as making sure the US cannot win the World Cup!

So I must ask the sports imperialists and their apologists who support pros in the Olympics: How do you like the shoe on YOUR foot for a change!  The game rigged so your country cannot win?  Feels like the Nigerian Olympic basketball team a bit doesn’t it?

Never too late to repent of sports imperialism and join the campaign to get pro athletes out of the Olympics.

I certainly hope the group of death will be a group of death – for Germany, Ghana and Portugal!  But this is an important lesson:  Nations should be treated fairly no matter how small.  Pro athletes in the Olympics do not do that.  Enjoy the shoe on your foot, sports imperialists!



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