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I visited Montana about 14 years ago with my wife and infant child for a wedding that she was in.  The natural beauty and the winsome spirit of the people (including the then Governor Mark Racicot who I was privileged to meet at the behest of a friend of the groom – I advised him I could not return the favor in VA!) almost persuaded me to tyr to stay there for good!

When I read this story I wish I had come to Montana after all!  It was well-meaning patriots and sovereignty activists demonstrating how NOT to fight ICLEI in their community.  Here’s the story of Missoula, Montana:

ICLEI was before the City Council in Missoula, the college town that hosts the University of Montana.  Here’s the official article from a local press outlet.

It’s time for the city of Missoula to renew its membership in a little-known international council that promotes sustainability at the local level.

Or is it?

Sparks flew, councilors were charged with treason, and police officers were hailed Wednesday afternoon when the topic of paying annual dues of $1,200 to the council known as ICLEI came up before the city’s administration and finance committee.

Amid the hubbub, the panel voted 5-3 to recommend the City Council approve the payment at its weekly meeting Monday night, where more fireworks can be expected.

But wait there’s more!  Here’s a report from a local television station:

But the council was hit with both barrels on the membership, with more than a dozen people coming forward to attack the group as “un-American”. Speakers claimed “ICLEI” is part of a broader initiative funneled through the United Nations that seeks to take away constitutional rights and freedoms. One opponent even said “ICLEI’s” aims come straight from the “Communist Manifesto.”

Many of speakers came from outside the Missoula city limits, and from as far away as Hamilton. And when Chairwoman Stacy Rye attempted to limit testimony to Missoula residents it set off a sharp exchange of words with Councilwoman Lyn Hellegaard and her fellow council members, saying it was “egregious” for the panel to limit comments.

And when the full council met, it was more of the same:

There were two hours of public comment over a $1,200 membership on Monday evening, but in the end, the Missoula City Council decided to renew its membership with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

Finally, a sensible voice:

Missoula resident Vondene Kopetski asked council to forgo the membership.

“I think we should be asking, ‘If we didn’t have this program and funding all the staff members that apparently are supported by it, what could we do with this money in our city to serve and deal with issues that actually do exist?'”

But the supporter of ICLEI needs to read this blog entry of mine:

“The fact that some people feel that ICLEI is unconstitutional or communistic is beyond comprehension,” Chandler said. “Why would anyone oppose sharing knowledge and resources that aid in conserving and saving money?”

Now my take on all this.

1.  The word TREASON needs to become the n-word of the Tea Party movement.  Please do not call public officials traitors.  This is the ultimate charge to make.  The word cuts off dialogue and potentially could incite violence.  It is disrespectful to elected/appointed officials that God has placed in authority over us.  If I ran a tea party group, I’d say on my first day as president, no use of the T-word in this tea party group.  If they don’t get it, vote them out.  But the vast majority of our public officials are not traitors or disloyal to the nation.

2.  Non-residents have NO standing to discuss an issue and are a waste of time to the officials trying to decide what their community should do.  They should not be encouraged to speak for EITHER side.

3.  The membership in ICLEI is wrong and unconstitutional but not communistic.  I understand that Agenda 21 seeks a totalitarian scheme for the entire world.  But it will take you more than three minutes to explain why.  However, if I am an elected official, and I know little about ICLEI, I am not persuaded by words like “communistic”.  I think you are trying out for a aluminum hat.

4.  Do your homework.  Say why ICLEI is unconstitutional.  It is a confederation of cities from around the world that pursues foreign policy goals.  Say the US Supreme Court forbids states from having a foreign policy.  Cite the text of the Constitution.  Show ICLEI’s political goals.  It only took ONE activist in a county of 916,000 residents to persuade the key commissioner to get rid of ICLEI.

5.  Use things such as waste of money, not necessary, unwise as well as unconstitutional.  Know your audience.  Retired military or members of the reserves usually take their oath seriously.  Some hate to waste money!

I know many are well-meaning.  I respect that.  But the media didn’t quote the sensible ones.  They will usually be against you.  Don’t give them ammo to beat you with.

The vote in Missoula was 9-4 in favor of ICLEI.  The cause is set back for years.  Let’s fight hard but let’s fight smart, too.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


  1. Rosa Koire says:

    I'm sorry, Sandy, but I have to disagree with you here. Let's take your points one by one. This is UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. it is not a conspiracy theory. The longer you are complicit with the stealth plan you will enable it to continue. Tiptoeing around is not working either. I can't believe that you said that by objecting to ICLEI in whatever way it was called out, these people set the 'cause' back for years. What a comment. Can you really believe that? Blaming those who came from all around the area, waited all night in some cases, to speak for 2 or 3 minutes and NAME what they are fighting, and you blame them for setting the fight back? Why? What is wrong with elected officials that they cannot hear the truth, and oops you said the bad word so now they don't have to listen to what anyone said? Can you truly believe this?

    You should thank people who care enough about their country that they would travel from neighboring cities to speak out for their friends and neighbors. What are you saying? That if I am from another town I have no right to speak? By that notion ICLEI is automatically disqualified from being represented in your town–it is international.

    Look Sandy, you need to support and encourage everyone who has the guts to get up and speak out against UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. There is room for everyone in this fight. Who is telling us to be quiet, sit down, be polite, not name it? The government officials and ICLEI. Of course they don't want you to speak out loud. Of course they don't want you to get press. Of course they don't want to be exposed. The perpetrators don't want you to speak out. That's where that idea is coming from. The other side.

    This is not going to be a nice quiet polite little disagreement between folks. This is a fight for our nation. I thank everyone who steps up and speaks out against this administrative coup d'etat.
    Rosa Koire
    Democrats Against UN Agenda 21

  2. Rosa Koire says:

    For those who would like to see what a true hero looks like, take a look at this San Carlos California City Council meeting, where the Vice Mayor stood up to his fellow council members and called for them to sever their membership with ICLEI.
    We traveled from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to support him and our fellow citizens.
    Rosa Koire
    Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com

  3. I am honored to have THE Rosa Koire, head of Democrats Against Agenda 21 comment on my blog. Her criticism is worthy of respect and an answer.

    I still believe treason is an inappropriate word to use. You can say ICLEI is a Fifth Column and by supporting it you are supporting their goals. But the T-word is still too incendiary for political dialogue.

    Non-residents can offer silent support to others but they should not speak out at local government meetings. I do thank all that speak out. I speak out through this blog. However, the local officials need ultimately to count noses. Local noses.

    I am not trying to quiet down our cause but do it smartly. Please come back again, Rosa and if you want to guest blog, let me know.


  4. One more comment: It is not the people who spoke out it is HOW they did it that hurt the cause.


  5. Michael Shaw says:

    Sanders suggests that the U.S. Supreme Court be referenced in this argument. But there are no cases under Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. That is because no state has engaged in the prohibited action during America's history. The present situation is a first, de novo, circumstance.

    Article 1 Section 10 prohibits states or their subdivisions from entering into any "treaty, alliance or confederation" with a foreign political organization. Contracts with ICLEI headquartered in Bonn, Germany fit into that prohibition.

    Mr. Sanders argues that the elected be treated more sensitively, however many are indoctrinated through their League of Cities seminars and such to embrace Agenda 21 principles and are therefore leading us down a path of ruin. Let the honest and brave politicians stand for their oaths to the Constitution and they should be left out of the misprision notice.

    At Freedom Advocates we recommend that a Misprision of Treason be presented to elected officials who support ICLEI engagement. A misprision is described as: "Misprision of treason is the failure to perform a public duty. A person who knows that a treason is being or is about to be committed but does not report it to a proper authority commits a misprision of treason." "Misprision of treason is an offense under the U.S. federal law. Any person having knowledge of the commission of any treason must disclose and make known the same to the President of the U.S. or other authorized Judges. [Charge to Grand Jury-Treason, 1861 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 8 (D. Mass. 1861)]."

    A misprision is the concealment of a crime – treason. Misprision of treason, is the concealment of treason, by being merely passive for if any assistance be given, to the traitor, it makes the party a principal, as there is no accessories in treason. (Lectric Law Library)

    States including California have misprision statutes. It is entirely appropriate to notice elected officials of the nature of the offensive activity before issuing a misprision. Then hold the official accountable. For more information view the ICLEI Primer at

    Michael Shaw

  6. Adrian says:

    I hear about all the praise China gets for becoming more "western" inspite of communism. The truth is people are suffering in China more than ever! Middleclass in China is far from Middleclass America! Middleclass America is routed in the founding of our nation, the sovereignty of the individual. Middleclass China is about granting rights to individuals from the tyranny on high! The "Yeoman" of Britain is roughly the model the American middleclass is based on but in America, our Founders clarified even further what it means to be soveriegn and free as a natural state of every Human being! In China, middleclass is just another re-branding of fuedulism! All anyone has to do is look up the founding of the Fabian Society of England in the late 1800s! Its all there plain as day, its not "tin-foil" hats at all! Its a clearly written agenda that anyone can research! To understand the truth is not tin-foil, to ignore the truth is sandy-necked ostrich!


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