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How To Tell When A Liberal Concedes An Argument

If you have ever tried to debate or argue a point with a liberal, you will quickly notice that it is not like a debate with a conservative, or any rational person. We all know liberals are NOT rational. They think they are, and therein lies the problem. They will bring on a seemingly endless stream of meaningless and unrelated drivel until you simply give up, declaring the exercise pointless. At which point they claim victory.

But if you ever look at a road map of the conversation, you can see a pattern in every engagement. So, the real issue is to know when you have won, politely declare victory and disengage. There are a number of tactics liberals use, and the order will vary, but they are easy to recognize and my suggestion is, whenever the following tactics appear, you need to recognize them and know the liberals realize they have lost.

The Liberal Argument Outline

1. Use spun facts. These can be found on Huffington Post, Daily KOs, MSNBC, and many other liberal sources. What they do is take facts, polls or arguments and add a liberal spin in a weak attempt to make bad news for liberals look good. These are easily debunked and exposed as lies by going to the original source and posting the hard, cold facts with NO spin.
Note: At this point, you have won. It should never take more than one post to win an argument with a liberal. It is recommended that you claim victory and disengage at this point. If you continue, for fun or experimental purposes, no further logic will be forthcoming from the liberals.

2. The next step for the liberal will be to attempt to discredit your source. If it is Fox or any perceived “right wing” source, they will refuse to believe it. If it is a non-partisan source, they will claim it is right wing, if it is a left of center source, they will find another lefty source to “prove” you are wrong. They will not discuss the facts themselves, as they know they have lost. If you must go down this road (there is a high entertainment value), don’t allow this diversion. Go back to the facts.

3. The Limbaugh Defense: This is one that comes out early and often. Although you know they never listen to Rush Limbaugh and have no idea what he says, they will drag him out and claim you are a Ditto head. This is another diversionary tactic. It has no relevance and is an attempt to change the subject. The more desperate they are, the more childish and ridiculous the reference to Limbaugh becomes: Flush, LimpBag, etc. Ignore this and re-post the facts. DO NOT BE DIVERTED.

4. The Personal Attack: Another common thread. Also designed to divert the lost argument. NEVER give any hint of personal information. Even something as innocuous as “I am a chef”. They will attempt to engage you and call you a liar to divert attention from the original lost argument. Ignore this and re-post the facts yet to be refuted.

5. Name Calling: Still another diversion. If you fail to give them any personal information, they will attempt to draw you out to gain more insight into your personal side. Then they will return to step 4. Ignore this.

6. The Liberal Bat Signal: When they find out they are unable to engage you, divert you or goad you into a completely irrelevant topic, they will send out the Bat Signal. This is where a bunch of Liberals (or often, the same one using several names) post a number of rapid fire posts congratulating the Liberal on handing you your head on a platter. This tactic often works on even the most logical and disciplined of us. The urge to rant must be resisted. Your rant will supply them with all the personal insight they need to spew hatred and personal attacks. The best tactic here is to use the same tactic back at them.

Keep in mind, a Liberal will never admit you have a valid point, much less that you won a debate. So, the only reasons to continue a dialog with a liberal after the initial statement of facts that established your victory are for entertainment and educational purposes. If you refuse to take the bait and demand the topic remain on the original premise, they will eventually just go away and try to find someone else that will engage them on their terms.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

8 Responses to “How To Tell When A Liberal Concedes An Argument”

  1. Tim says:

    This article WORKS and I have used the same tactics against most of the liberal trolls that I’ve come across on conservative comment boards. What they expect to gain from trolling these boards is still a mystery to me although I realize that a great many are probably being paid by groups like Media Matters or other Soros funded groups. In almost ALL cases the name calling starts immediately when they’ve lost the argument. At that point it’s best to call attention to the fact that they are nothing more than a troll and leave it at that also letting them know that you will not engage them any further.

  2. Tim H says:

    Progs who are paid Trolls are looking for commonly used rebuttals to THEIR talking points, so that their Central Hive websites can update and distribute the Updated Party Line Of The Day to their Media and SocNet Trolls.
    I recommend the use of MEMEs which can’t be readily copy/pasted and sent to The Hive. Also, Progs HATE when you use THEIR favorite actors etc to say YOUR words to them!!!!!

  3. Vahagn Karapetyan says:

    Let’s assume that all the sources that liberals cite is “tainted” or biased.

    What would YOU consider an objective and quality source of information that has no clear bias or agenda? I ask because you claim that liberals rely on such terrible sources for their evidence and facts. Aren’t conservatives (or anyone else really) guilty of the same thing? What would YOU consider a quality source of information with competent experts and not just some random person who put up a blog or a youtube channel?

    Before any discussion can begin, both sides should agree on what generally constitutes as a quality source of information. If the liberal person shoots down all the sources YOU are going to cite and you shoot down all his sources, where does that leave you? The situation now turns into a shouting match.

    I repeat, how do we find objective and mostly bias/agenda-free sources of information? In my experience, both sides disagree on the sources the other side is using. As a result, arguments get nowhere and both sides start yelling at each other and get angry.

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  5. Skye says:

    Outstanding and humorous article Tom! Thank you! You made me bust out laughing a few times. I had a “discussion” earlier today with a very emotional liberal and I really appreciate this clever advice. You hit the nail on the head by bringing down that conservative hammer! I wish you well!

  6. The real signal that the leftist has lost the argument is when he shouts “Racist!” in your face, even when the argument had nothing to do with race.

  7. Tfh says:

    Another common strategy is for the Prog to play stupid, to pretend to know nothing of the fact, the source, the context of the item that you used to check-mate him. The point is to look like he is portraying you to the other readers that you are the one who doesnt know what you are talking about… but really the “play stupif” strategy is a billow of squid ink that the prog uses to try to get away…


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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