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I Agree with Steven Brodie Tucker: Vote Del. Fowler in the 55th!

I saw the post by my fellow blogger Steven Brodie Tucker on Del. Buddy Fowler and I agree fully.  Medicaid expansion is a well-intentioned mistake.  (By the way, while we are here – let’s place the hospital funding issue blame right where it belongs:  Obamacare!  Congress should come up with a shirt-term fix to help the hospitals as needed.)

I also support Del. Fowler for other reasons.  One example:  He supported a state constitutional amendment to place transportation funds in a lockbox so they cannot be use for the general fund.

Conservatives and Republicans (and even libertarians) need to make sure they are their like-minded friends vote in the 55th (and the 97th, too) as the Fowler-Radler race might be a close one.  I am hearing reports of future dirty tricks and name-calling directed at Fowler.  Don’t wake up Wednesday after the election and find out your new delegate is this candidate!

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

39 Responses to “I Agree with Steven Brodie Tucker: Vote Del. Fowler in the 55th!”


    For the record, RADLER is on the Board of Directors of PLANNED (un)PARENTHOOD.

    • To be fair, she resigned from the Virginia Council of PP on July 15 and she cited at her website the terrible video(es) put out; but Radler believes in “choice” and also that the Virginia chapters of PP do not sell body parts. But if you are pro-life, Del. Fowler is your only “choice”.

      • Ben Wiser says:

        and yet the Hargroves ( Fowler’s mentors, donors, campaign operatives, and Legislative Aid) supported Dr. Sioban Stolle Dunnivant in the Republican Primary for the 12th
        Senate seat and when asked by Don Blake of the Christian Alliance if she ( Dr. Dunnivant) would support an investigation into Planned
        Parenthood or vote to defund it, she refused to answer the question.

    • Ben Wiser says:

      Look- for 99.9% of people Abortion isn’t an issue. What is an issue for Virginians is the need for Ethics Reform and an end to Garbage Hauling in VA. Sludge is a very real issue facing Virginians who want clean water.

      Fowler isn’t going to do anything to tighten Ethics Reform and eliminate money in politics and he supports Sludge and Biosolids. Look up Bill Howell’s PAC money donations.

      Abortion isn’t the only issue facing Virginians. You one issue voters are the reason so much is wrong in the General Assembly.

  2. Ed Gooding says:

    The candidate forum that was held at the American Legion Hall in Beaverdam, and sponsored by the Patrick Henry Tea Party this week, was jam packed with participants and supporters of both candidates. All questions came from the audience and both candidates were given the opportunity to respond to each question so that audience members could see the contrast of views on the issues. To me, the most significant overall contrast between these two candidates was the grasp (or lack, thereof) of issues at the State level. Toni hammered on the proffer/conflict of issue situation with the BoS in Hanover. While I certainly agree with her stance on this, I kept wanting to see more of an awareness of State level issues. Yes, the winner of this election will represent the 55th District, but when one moves to the General Assembly, they will be dealing with state level issues and I did not see anything, with the exception of the Class-B sludge issue, that indicated that Toni was informed of or prepared to deal with state level legislation. She also did not help herself with the regurgitation the typical anti- Koch Bros. bumper sticker rhetoric – again, not relevant to Virginia in my view. Personally, I think that Buddy should have hammered Toni on this weakness, but only took the opportunity one time, on a school district related response from Toni, when he tactfully reminded her that G.A. Delegates solve education issues at a state level, not just for their District. If I had just dropped in on this meeting, I would have assumed that Toni was running for Hanover Board of Supervisors, and not our Delegate for the 55th District of Virginia.

    • Thank you Ed for the nice thorough report on the meeting (I did not attend so I cannot independently verify the report) and I agree. Now, Buddy is not one to viciously attack people. Not in his nature. But I do agree – need to make sure Del. Fowler wins the election! Thanks again!


    • Ben Wiser says:

      You missed the point of her discusson of the need to vote for Ethics Reform in the General Assembly to
      tighten Conflicts of Interests Laws in Virginia to keep local elected officials AND THE GOVERNOR from profitting from their Votes.

      Good thing I’m keeping you honest here on VA Right.

      • I understand the COI laws in the Commonwealth are pretty tough as written but there is an issue with enforcement in that the local prosecutor tends to be the first line of defense and it only devolves to the AG if the local prosecutor declines formally. Now if you want to change that and I encourage all to get involved in the process and make society better – talk to delegates and senators about it.


    • Ed, I would have loved to have met you (and may have). I completely agree with your take on how she came off at the forum. That said, her main goal for running to push Medicaid Expansion through the House and that we cannot allow.

  3. Gene Lefty says:

    Very interesting that Sandy wants Congress to now subsidize hospitals? How many billions in Federal money did Virginia turn down by rejecting MC expansion? I can’t stop laughing at your description, “short term”.

    You are confused Sandy. Do you not know your left from your right?

    If a hospital cannot stand on it’s own financially without government subsidies, lock the doors and board the windows. You made your bed Sandy, now sleep in it.

    • Gene, Gene, what would I do without Gene! Thanks for reminding me we are not in a pure market-driven libertarian world!

      I just want the money restored that was taken away by the Obamacare legislation. That’s all. I think a hospital is a lot like a public utility – it’s needed and we cannot rely solely on market forces to make sure we have adequate facilities in every community. I am open to funding ideas for hospitals.


      • Gene Lefty says:

        Interesting, your comment on hospitals being like a public utility. Why do you feel that an individual’s personal healthcare is any different? Personal healthcare is needed, and market forces will never be allowed by lobbyist’s to work as they should. The only thing healthcare\drug company lobbyist’s are interested in is taking as much money from us as they can.

        Money taken away by ObamaCare you say? Well, the way I remember it is that the Republican’s in the Virginia GA rejected MC Expansion, and the billions that would have came to Virginia with it. We all knew this was coming, this hospital cash crunch. We all knew it. Another example of irresponsible leadership by Republcan’s .
        Let Howell, Norment, and the Republican’s come up with the cash for hospitals. Another Republican tax increase? Let’s see how the anti-MC expansion crowd likes that.

        And by the way, I do not like the Democrat’s either.

        • Ben Wiser says:

          Don’t you love it when Millionaire Republicans with Blue Cross Blue Shield Cards like the Middle Resolution Founders lobby AGAINST healthcare for the poor? Too Rich.

          Yet they sit on the front row of church each Sunday- all pious.


    Ok Gene the Lefty,

    In regards to your comment above about not liking Democrats , I’m VERY curious to know which individual democrats & democrat policies that you “don’t like”?

    • I see mostly relatively small contributions in the $500-$1500 range. Need lots of those. Not proof of a sell out.

      I understood the Peace anti-sludge bill actually did something but others say no. I am not conversant on it.

      Thanks Kalleigh (what a beautiful name!) for coming by!


      • Gene Lefty says:

        That list is more than likely a carbon copy of what Jeb Bush’s list will look like. Mostly all establishment. If he were in my District, I would vote for anybody else but him.

        It is so easy to tell who his real constituents are by that list.

        • Ed Gooding says:

          >> That list is more than likely a carbon copy of what Jeb Bush’s list will look like <<

          Really? Seriously? Have you compared the two lists? I'm betting not. Do you have anything but uninformed opinions to offer to this conversation?

          • Gene Lefty says:

            Obviously you have not even looked at the list? If that is not an establishment list, then please, tell me what on earth is?

          • Ed Gooding says:

            I see small businesses, the true engine of our economy . What is your definition of ‘establishment businesses?’



    Ok Gene the Lefty,

    In regards to your comment above about not liking Democrats , I’m VERY curious to know which individual democrats & democrat policies that you “don’t like”?

  6. Gene Lefty says:

    Well, Mr. Liberty, I can’t say ObamaCare, because I believe that the evidence shows that the ideology for it came from Republican’s. In fact Mitt Romney did his version of it in Massachusett’s, did he not? So really, we can’t blame the Democrat’s for what was a Republican creation now can we? In fact, I believe the evidence shows that Republican’s created the ideology even before Romney put it into play?

    Here, try this. I do not like the Virginia budget McAulliffe signed. Basically the proposed budget that now convicted felon and Republican, “Ferrari” Bob McDonnell left on the table when he left office. The budget that Republican’s Howell and Norment rubber stamped and sent to the governor with it’s massive increase over the last budget.

    I do not like S1349, another bill that McAulliffe signed that was sent to him by the Republican controlled corrupt Virginia House and Senate.

    I can’t really say that I really like any Democrat’s right now. I would just love to see Obama run for a third term. What makes him so very attractive to me are the alternatives running from either Party. We are in trouble.

    Obama in 16′

    Still “very curious” now are you? I have no intention of voting to let either Party have control of all three branches of of government at the state or federal level.

    • Ed Gooding says:

      >> I believe the evidence shows that Republican’s created the ideology even before Romney put it into play? <<

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….question: can you name the Republicans in Congress who voted for it?

      • Gene Lefty says:

        You still did not answer my question. Who created the ideology for ObamaCare? Oh, I can’t stop laughing about that establisment list above!

        Here is another question for you. How many hours a day do you spending listening to Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, and Beck? Or, staring at Faux News?

        • Ed Gooding says:

          Ideology is just thoughts, vision, concepts. It does not impact society until it becomes law. Who implemented Owebamacare as law? Which Republicans voted for it?

          • Gene Lefty says:

            “Which Republican’s voted for it”?

            I’ll be most happy to field that question for you Ed, and am really enjoying this exchange. I would be more than happy to answer any more questions that you may have. Now, here is the answer to your question.

            “The only Republican’s who voted for ObamaCare, are the Republican’s who are not in bed with the establishment”.

            How is that Ed? Satisfied now?

            You know Ed, is hate radio telling you that there are somewhere between 10-16 million people who will lose their healthcare if a Republican wins the WH, and Republican’s retain the Senate? Has hate radio told you how the Republican’s can win the WH when they cannot carry the black vote, the female vote, the Hispanic vote, the Union vote, nor the 10-16 million people who are not going to vote Republican and lose their healthcare?

            How do Republican’s feel that they have a path to the WH? Are they going to figure out a way to steal the WH?

      • Gene Lefty says:

        Click on the list link above. Once you get there, look on the left side of the page for “top donors”. Click on that to access the establishment cancers.

        This ain’t about small employers.

        • Ed Gooding says:

          I’m just not seeing any problems with that list of donors. Which specific donors do you have a problem with? And, please don’t regurgitate the “establishment businesses” bumper sticker rhetoric – I don’t even know what that means, and you neglected to define it earlier.

  7. Kenneth Hawk says:


    As u push for more & more government programs & government control do u not have any concerns about the fact that the Federal government is dead broke w/ $18 T in debt?

    • Gene Lefty says:

      Which affects you the most, not having health insurance, or the national Debt?

      • Ed Gooding says:

        Everybody gets health insurance offered via Owebamacare, so that is moot. The national debt affects the future of our country, and therefore affects everyone. It is predicted that within the next couple decades we will only have enough money to pay for the big entitlements; there won’t be enough to pay for defense or other government services.

        By the way, were you ever able to identify any Republican Congressmen who voted for Owebamacare? Can you name five of them????

        • Gene Lefty says:

          Your assertion that “everybody gets health insurance” is about as true as any Republican would actually do anything about the debt. Except run it up higher, which is exactly what Bush 43′ did.

          Just look at Virginia. The Republican’s gave us the largest tax increase in Virginia history, HB 2313. And a Ferrari driving, now convicted felon for a governor. These are the facts that now occupy history books.

          Clinton balanced the budget with a Republican Congress. Bush 43′ had a Republican Congress, and ran up more debt. So quit trying to tell people that a Republican in the WH has any answer for anybody but the establishment.

          Apparently you have swallowed hate radio just as a fish swallows a worm.

          • Ed Gooding says:

            Soooooooooo, can you name 4 Republican Congressmen who voted for Owebamacare? You “fielded” my question, but you’ve not answered it yet.

  8. Jeanette Louis says:

    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation……One is by sword……The other is by DEBT.”
    John Adams 1826

  9. Paul Jones says:

    For all of you rightly pushing for ethics reform I must ask, do you really want an ultra corrupt person like fast Terry McCaulliffe leading the charge?


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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