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I am NOT Insane.

Insanity noun, the state of being seriously mentally ill, madness, extreme foolishness or irrationality.

I know that I am not crazy. I hear my father Sylvester Fauconier (R.I.P, cancer sucks!) with his Trinidadian accent, “Curry (Corey with a deep Trini accent), that Hippity Hop is some damn foolishness!”

I have in my time voted for Democrats. I registered as an independent in New York City during my first election voting for former NYC Mayor David Dinkins. Since then, I have voted for Democrats because it was what black people were training and conditioned to do.

In 2014, I was introduced to the Libertarian Party of Virginia. Since 2015, I have worked as an activist on campaigns for the Libertarian Party……..until half way through the 2020 cycle. By watching Facebook, I noticed that Mike Dickinson was running as a candidate for Richmond City Council 1st District. In July 2020, I signed on to assist Mike as the Communications Director for his campaign.

It has been one of the most interesting campaigns that I have worked to date in my career as a staffer. I helped Mike because I knew that I could be of service to him, I wanted to be a part of a campaign that MEANT something in my area. Mike like many conservatives believes in low taxes, less government intervention, continued funding for law enforcement as well as support for the second amendment. With no Libertarian or other Independent candidate I thought that my support for him with Communications would be “great”.

Well, like with anything else in life, I upset some members of the Libertarian Party of Virginia. And of course they took to social media like a fish takes to water. I enjoy my work as a Communications Director for political campaigns. The entire reason that I am contributing for Virginia Right is that a Libertarian told me that I should not write for the blog because they were Republicans. That made me want to write all the more. I have something to say and I believe that the mainstream media does the public a disservice because they do not report the whole truth. They spoon feed you what THEY want you to know.

So THIS Election Day 2020, I did something that I have never done in my adult life………I voted down the Republican ticket. Donald Trump and Mike Pence for President and Vice President respectively. Pastor Leon Benjamin for House of Representatives 4th District and Daniel Gade for United States Senate. But, I am proud to say that all seven of the members of my household did the SAME thing. What I would say to my people who decided that they were “Ridin’ wit Biden” ask yourself in 47 years in office…..what has he done to benefit our people and our community? What have any of the Democrats that you have voted for or supported do to help the black community. I look at the City of Richmond as an example; infrastructure is a mess, public schools are a mess and continue to be a mess, taxes are raised in order to help pay for some real estate shell game which never benefits the taxpayers and of course crime is at an all time high when the political leadership wants to limit your second amendment rights.

As we say in Hip Hop……….”Yo son you can miss me wit dat sh**”

Black is the new red. I am seeing what the Republican Party of Virginia is able to offer… least for this cycle. I wish you all a Happy Election Day!

About Corey Fauconier

Corey “Sage” Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in Political Science (1994) and a Paralegal Studies Certificate (1996). Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate (2017). First Black Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party (2016), Lobby Day Leader for the Virginia Citizens Defense League, second amendment supporter, volunteer with Generation Hip Hop VA and host of independent podcast Talks Over Drinks in Richmond, Virginia.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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