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I liked him better in obscurity

George Bush photo

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If we were not sufficiently suspicious in 2000 with the “compassionate conservative”self identifying tag he gave himself , then certainly by 2004 with the passage of the Prescription Drug benefit he added (at a 10 year cost of 1 trillion ) to a program that was already structurally deficient , by that time  I personally had enough of George W . Bush, and the republicrat party. A textbook example of a human being that so desperately wanted a second term, and Rove told him ……”this will assure us of Florida & Ohio”. If a sound reason ever cried out to limit even Presidents to a single term this example is certainly a compelling argument.

After W. left office he remained out of sight, busying himself with painting and helping disabled veterans rebuild their lives. I regained a modicum of respect for him during that time. He stayed out of President Obama’s hair and that has been with a few exceptions the common tact most Ex-Presidents have taken. I also think it is the best practice so as to not impede a new President from governing, even when the new President isn’t necessarily governing in a manner you agree with. The people made a choice and the office deserves to operate without nagging second guessing by someone who has left the office.  Oh . for the good old days.

This past week former President George W. Bush took to the podium to take swipes at President Donald Trump. Now maybe W. is attempting to lash out , given Trump cleaned Jeb’s clock and openly mocked him throughout the Republican primaries.  Some of the Bush family just couldn’t help themselves after Trump fairly won the nomination over the bevy of establishment it’s my turn types. Trump gives as good as he gets and by now no one is unaware of that fact. He ( Trump) is who he is, and the American voters have spoken.

Former President Bush highlighted the coarsening of our public discourse, the rancor Trumps abrasive style has allegedly fostered. Bush commented on how this civil discourse is dangerous to our history and un-becoming . Everything Bush said was clearly aimed at the current occupant of the White House. It leaves however the glaring question as to why Bush was silent for the last 8 years if indeed he is concerned about these issues.

President Obama was divisive ,and history will show how much damage he actually did to civil discourse with his impulsive and often immediate responses over and over when perhaps reflection might have been the more prudent Presidential course .

Where was the concern (voiced this week ) of Bush when Obama immediately took the side of the professor up in Massachusetts and lambasted the cop—before he had an iota of facts, or when he immediately went in front of the camera to announce “ if I had a son he’d look like Travon”, asserting that George Zimmerman was at fault. Obama never once used the powerful soap box a President has to tell the rioters and looters in the “ hands up—don’t shoot” incident in Ferguson Missouri …….wait a minute, the cop acted properly.  President Obama, time and time again seemed inclined to highlight the negative, to focus on the isolated incidents when police act criminally, ignoring the overwhelming percentage of the time when police act in accordance with the law in doing their jobs.  How many opportunities did former President Obama pass on when he should have been vocally condemning the behavior of the MoveOn .Org folks that did extraordinary damage and destruction, or the open cries to “ kill cops”  we heard over and over by the Black Lives Matter thugs ?  Where in the hell was Bush and why didn’t he speak up if he has genuine concerns over the coarsening of civil discourse during Obama’s tenure ?

Bush knows that the establishment has much to lose if Trump succeeds in actually correcting the real underlying reasons for the destructive nature of our current state of civil discourse. Clinton, Bush and Obama with the progressive narrative and agenda they promoted did economic and cultural damage advancing the crony capitalist ,one world order that they philosophically are comfortable with, in spite of any denials they may offer.

The economic and cultural damage , particularly in urban corridors has much more linkage to the harmful effects of the global trade deals they all helped orchestrate , gutting the manufacturing base that provided these same urban corridors with solid middle class employment. The ongoing regulatory nightmare they all had a hand in promoting that has made American business abandon expansion here at home further straining the job/poverty situation . We now listen to members of Congress talk about the necessity of lowering Corporate Tax rates so our generators of wealth and jobs can be competitive. The absurdity of listening to these very same people who created the high taxes and nightmarish regulatory environment—are now going to fix it .

President Trump also speaks in a brutal and frank manner about the topic all 3 of these former Presidents did nothing at all about, namely the cultural issues such as illegitimacy and fatherless households that always spell sure trouble. One of the many reasons Americans elected this guy was quietly they were often saying to themselves …..“ it’s about damn time someone said that”.

You can delude yourself and buy into this nonsense that Trump is abrasive or you can honestly answer these questions yourself :      Which one of these Presidents thinks like I do, speaks like I do ? Which one of these Presidents represents best the principle that unabashedly say’s ….Yes the U.S is an exceptional nation and doesn’t apologize for it ?   Which one of these Presidents boldly say’s what he is going to do, and then sets about doing it ?

George W. Bush was leading an admirable life , using the influence and skills any Ex-President possesses up until last week ,in a truly commendable manner. Go back to obscurity Mr. Bush and let a man the American people elected go about fixing the multitude of glaring problems and excesses you either dodged or made worse during your time in that office.  Jeb’s a big boy and eventually he’ll get over his hurt bruised ego. In the meantime extend the same courtesy to president Trump that former President Clinton showed you.


Bob Shannon  Founder  King William T.E.A Party

One Response to “I liked him better in obscurity”

  1. Manny says:

    Two Unfunded Wars, Medicare Part D unfunded, open borders with millions of disease ridden illegal aliens pouring across our border for 8 years, Trillions in debt, THE PATRIOT ACT, a near depression with a Goldman Sachs Treasury Secretary taking out Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, 9-11 Saudi terrorist attack and the Saudi rug hadjis visiting at the Crawford Ranch???? No Child Left Behind…

    And the RNC wonders why Jeb got 1% of the vote in the Republican presidential primary?

    George Herbert Walker Bush was a CIA spook and America has been “SPOOKED” enough by the Bush Cartel.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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