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Libertarian James Carr made a serious accusation about two weeks ago about the Randolph-Macon College debate which did not invite Carr.  He claimed Dr. Brat kept Carr out of the debate.  From the Carr Press release:

The Carr campaign was notified that Mr. Trammell requested that the college include Mr. Carr in the debate in order to avoid any perception of favoritism by the college and allow for voters the benefit of hearing from all of their choices. It appears that Mr. Brat had enough influence to counteract this request. In fact, several of the other civic groups around the district have stated that Mr. Brat has been reluctant to accept any invitation to an event in which Mr. Carr is also included. 

Now I had the honor of speaking to Dr. Brat today and he denied any effort to deny Carr a debate spot and he was not involved in the selection or the criteria.

Now I did urge Brat to come out to ask that Carr be included.  He should be included.  But I believe the GOP candidate when he says he did not keep the Libertarian out.

For the record (and I told Brat this) I would walk through a gasoline fire to vote for him.  I admire Carr in his efforts.  But Brat will help be part of the solution in DC not the problem.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

13 Responses to “I SPOKE with Dr. DAVID BRAT TODAY. HE did NOT KEEP CARR out of the RM-C DEBATE”

  1. FRANK PAPCIN says:

    I think everyone should have a voice
    –after all that is what this country is all about

  2. Bob Shannon

    Dr. Brat is at a crossroads in his campaign. The Patriot movement , which helped launch the grassroots effort that provided most of his foot soldiers formed some 5 years ago because the 2 party system is failing us, no intelligent rational argument can be made to the contrary.

    An eloquent professor of his standing has made the argument often how free markets and competition always provide for a better outcome. How is it then that in the contest of ideas that philosophy gets lost ? Equally disturbing is how so many in the Patriot movement are ignorant to what is happening in this example . The man who champions freedom and liberty, has been hijacked by the professional political handlers, the very types who the Patriot movement railed about for 5 years, and silence…

    I simply can not believe that his stature at Randolph Macon College is not such , that simply him asking Carr to be included would not reverse a decision he claims was theirs alone.

    Sandy Sanders is an intelligent articulate man whom I have the utmost respect for. That said ,I would ask for a deeper inquiry into the mention that ” several other civic organizations also said Brat has declined a debate that included Carr” If that is the case could these other “civic organizations ” provide some detailed evidence of that. Under just what circumstances would Dr. Brat include James Carr may also be an appropriate question ?

    What many in the Patriot movement fail to recognize is the hero worship mentality is once again rearing it’s ugly head. Brat is a fine man, I have been supportive of him from the very beginning, one of his biggest supporters in the TEA Party movement. I will not however ignore the principle at stake in this instance, namely that a candidate who qualified for the ballot, who has a following and perhaps something to add to the discussion be excluded–for any reason. Re-read the first paragraph, the 2 party system has and continues to fail us in finding remedies to the problems that both major parties have ignored addressing for whatever reasons, it does not matter.

    If Dr. Brat is as fine of a candidate as I believe he is, he will remember it was the foot soldiers who carried him across the finish line, not the political hacks nor the PAC’s. And this is one foot soldier who won’t remain silent when such an important principle is at stake. Shame on those who do.
    Bob Shannon

  3. Joe says:

    I agree with Bob Shannon. Mr. Brat could ask the college to include James Carr and they most likely would.

    If Brat is really the kind of candidate he claims to be, he should be willing to bend over backwards to see that Carr gets included – even to the point where he refuses to participate if Carr is not included.

    I realize that Mr. Brat has a lot of advisers telling him how to run his campaign and that some of those advisers may have threatened to cut off funding if he does not “do as he’s told.” But Mr. Brat needs to remember, as Bob Shannon stated above, that it is the people of the 7th District that brought him to where he is today. And it is those same people who can send him back to where he was.

  4. Brian Gottstein, Brat comm director says:


    You’re blaming the wrong person here. Aim your ire at James Carr for misleading the voters.

    I am Dr. Brat’s communication director. I have also been a Libertarian for more than two decades. One of the things that draws me to libertarianism is that it values principles above politics; and one of those principles is integrity.

    Mr. Carr has failed to follow this core principle and tell the truth. He misled the media and he misled you when he said that the Brat Campaign had expressed to civic groups a reluctance to appear in debates and forums that included him. As someone who has been intimately involved in that process, I can tell you that is patently false.

    Mr. Carr also accused Randolph Macon of not including him in its debate because Dr. Brat “had enough influence to counteract this request.” I can tell you that Dr. Brat did no such thing. The school created its own independent criteria for including candidates. I’m sorry that Mr. Carr has resorted to fabricating stories to get attention from the media.

    In addition, while the media has willingly promoted the false narrative that Dr. Brat’s opponents have created, where they say he won’t appear publicly with them, Dr. Brat is committed to doing three debates or forums in this campaign. He is also meeting with many different groups every day of this campaign, making himself available to the public, talking issues, and answering lots of questions.

  5. Jill Anderson says:

    Since integrity is at the forefront of this process, Mr. Carr invites Dr. Brat to sign the Randolph Macon College students’ petition to include him in the debate scheduled for October 28th.

  6. James Carr says:

    Mr. Gottstein,

    I have not fabricated anything. My statements about civic groups are based on feedback we received from organizers. If they were mistaken as to the intent of Mr. Brat’s reluctance to accept (or in once case a withdrawn acceptance after I was added to the schedule) then I apologize. It was a logical conclusion arrived at by many outside my campaign and we believe there is still some truth to it, regardless of your statement to the contrary.

    As to the RMC debate, given the fact that two of the candidates specifically requested that I be included, it is illogical to assume they disregarded them unless there was a request to the contrary. Having heard from other organizers very recently before the news about the RMC debate was made public, it was easy to see the implications. Of course, Mr. Brat could easily prove that I am wrong and publicly request that RMC add me to the debate. As Mr. Sanders, Mr. Shannon, and Mr. Enroughty say, it would be a shame for Mr. Brat to prove, when given a chance to stand by principles he touted in the primary, that those principles have become merely a catch-phrase and the establishment has taken control of his campaign.

    I hope his is taken in the vein in which it is meant. I am not attacking Mr. Brat. I am calling into question a campaign move which you claim was not made. This is remedied easily enough. With all sincerity, I am looking forward to a good clean race where the voters are given the chance to see all the candidates interact in a cordial manner. I mentioned this to Mr. Brat at the Chesterfield 4th of July parade and he agreed that this is how politics should be run. Let’s prove that it is possible.

  7. Molly Fitzhugh says:

    Have known Dr. Brat for a long time and he is one of if not the most principled man I know. As far as his campaign being taken hostage by “the establishment”, it is my understanding that the former Exec Director of the RTP is one of his campaign managers.

    If you all are trying to manufacture a fight you are barking up the wrong tree. This man is focused on one thing and one thing only; sharing his stance on being part of the solution instead of part of the problem through limited Constitutional government just as the Founding Fathers intended.

    Get out there and tell the voters what YOU are going to do instead wasting your time trying to use little nuances to discredit Dr. Brat. Thank You.

  8. Bob Shannon

    Ms. Fitzhugh,

    No one is attempting to discredit Dr. Brat. Apparently if anyone happens to point out that both political parties have badly neglected the ever growing problems facing our nation and including another opinion in the discussion on remedies, why is that seen as discrediting anyone ?

    I always ask that people stick to the points raised and not allow the discussion to denigrate into personal attacks. Republicans can hardly claim to have a silver bullet solution, if so one only need ask why they haven’t yet employed it. As such then in the free market place of ideas and competition, a position that Dr. Brat has staunchly defended in the past is now somehow exclusive in the market place of ideas–I think not. Having a candidate who qualified to be on the ballot included does not in any way diminish Dr. Brat or his positions. It is only in that exclusion that suspicions of “politics as usual” raise it’s ugly head.

    Hero worshipping has gotten many conservatives into trouble, over and over again. I admire Dr. Brat, but I recognize the much more important point in that as Mike Gierre has pointed out, we must find ways to “hold them to account” No one gets a free pass, even Dr. Brat. His ideas are strong enough to stand the rigors of a vigorous debate, or they are not. Let us see.


    Bob Shannon

    • Gene Lefty says:

      Now maybe you can see why I generally vote Democrat.

      There is no excuse for not including Mr. Carr in the debate, none what so ever.

      It would seem as if Brat and his campaign would have to know exactly why Carr is not being included??? Do you know why it is Sandy??….. I do not.

      Sandy, if Brat or someone in his campaign is not keeping him out, then who is?

      Even if Brat is not keeping him out, he is not helping him get in the debate. What are you afraid of Mr. Brat?

      Before Brat is even elected questions are already starting to come up???????

      This is The Republican Party that I loathe. I do not much care about November ’14, but cannot wait for November 15′ and 16′.

      • Leslie Z. says:

        Is the democrat challenger, Mr. Trammell, REALLY a professor at RMC? I’ve heard he is REALLY the maintenance man. Thank you.

  9. K9GS says:

    Mr. Carr has his name on the ballot, I do not know who is at fault for him being excluded from the debate, but I do know if Mr. Brat doesn’t do what it takes to get Mr. Carr a place on the stage it will prove to me he is not the man of principle that he claims. It seems Mr. Brat will be a RINO like all the others.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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