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Once again, ICLEI nailed itself in one of its own documents:  This Delegation Briefing (here’s the copy from ICLEI website) for the what appeared to have failed (Praise God!) Rio+20 Summit has several things where ICLEI is clearly conducting foreign policy on behalf of its members:

ICLEI Rio+20 preparations and advocacy
ICLEI has decided to invest capacities and to very actively contribute to the Rio+20 preparations for several reasons, among these:
· The role and relevance of cities and local governments to and in global affairs continues to grow. It is increasingly acknowledged by national governments (see developments in the implementation of the Convention for Biological Diversity and the Framework Convention on Climate Change). The key message that local government must be recognized and empowered
as key implementing partners cannot be repeated often enough.
· The notion of a Green Economy and the Sustainable Development Goals will have relevance far beyond this Rio+20 conference and even if an international consensus of the nations would not be reached.
· Our Members expect us to play an active and key role at such relevant UN events as this, since this is in the core mandate of ICLEI. ICLEI aims to be the voice for local governments concerned about the state of the global sustainability and environment. Positions brought forward by ICLEI reflect their knowledge, concerns and priorities in global policies, which are likely to become or affect national and local policies in future.  (emphasis mine!)

So what part of “No state shall enter into Treaty, Alliance or Confederation…[or without consent of Congress]…enter into any Agreement or Compact with…a foreign Power”  (U.S. Const., Article I, Section 10, clauses 1 and 3) does ICLEI (or its apologists) not understand?  They simply cannot negotiate or represent or be a “voice for” American local governments at foreign/UN climate conferences!

ICLEI admits the foreign policy representation is a “core mandate” of ICLEI and that they affect “global policies” so as to affect “national or local policies in future.”  That means ICLEI is a Fifth Column within the US acting in their interests.

Let’s look at the two updates of this Delegation Briefing.  From the June 7 DB (The bold is new material ADDED to the May 30 DB:

First of all, ICLEI is the only Local Government Organization which has been present and actively engaged at every single UN preparatory meeting from May 2010 to June 2012. At these meetings, ICLEI follows the often complex UN negotiations, paying special attention to issues of direct relevance to our members: sustainable cities and Local Governments. The Local Authority Major
Group has had several opportunities to speak in the official UN plenaries, and ICLEI has met with many national negotiators and other important individuals to discuss these issues. In addition, ICLEI has worked on a number of substantive contributions. The most important ones are described below.

ICLEI discusses issues at UN preparatory meetings!  Still not foreign policy?  Only if pigs fly on their own power.

The 17 June DB has primarily travel and arrival information for delegates (like your mayor, perhaps?)  coming to Rio, but there is this delicious and dangerous concept of involving the private sector in sustainability:

18.00-19.00 A new model for private sector engagement on sustainability: the ICLEI Green Business Challenge
ICLEI USA is partnering with numerous cities to create ‘Green Business Challenges’. These are friendly competitions that engage the private sector in sustainability. Results have been impressive.  Learn how this program works, and how you could create something similar in your region.

Note that’s ICLEI USA showing others how to create “private-public partnerships”.  Activists must be vigilant and do their homework!

Finally there is this wonderful document from UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments – it’s UGLY to me!) that shows how ICLEI and UGLY are working together to change the fundamental structure of local and national governments.  Don’t believe me?  Try this very document quote:

Recommendation 1: A new multi-level governance architecture is needed We commit to promoting effective partnerships in building sustainable cities, integrating all relevant partners into plans of action for sustainable urban development at all levels. We should intensify exchange of experiences and examples from cities, possibly through an e-platform and a global partnership for sustainable cities, involving multi-stakeholder participation – cities and local governments, civil society, national governments and the private sector.
We emphasize the importance of citizen participation and the ability of the local community to involve the many actors including citizens and groups, civil society and the private sector.
As governmental stakeholders, we call on member-states to take into account the specific perspective of local and sub-national governments deriving from their proximity to citizens in international governance and to take them into account in any future institutional frameworks for the Sustainable Development Agenda.
This is crucial to sustainability and to the implementation of good governance mechanisms, based on transparency, participation, equity and accountability.

If ICLEI were a criminal, its guilt would be manifest for the jury to see.  ICLEI has a foreign policy and pursues it internationally.

So, what’s the story, Sandy?  It’s simply this:  ICLEI is an unconstitutional alliance of US and foreign local governments that practice foreign policy before the UN and its agencies!  All American cities, towns and countries MUST GET OUT IMMEDIATELY.  I urge my fellow attorneys representing local governments to look into this and make that recommendation.  Local government leaders may be able to, in their state, get opinions from their state attorney general.  Activists, use this info FROM ICLEI to nail them in your community!  ICLEI is unconstitutional and it MUST GO!

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