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The phenomenon of the Farage Labourite might help UKIP win their first MP in Westminster in the Newark by-election.

Here is a poll reported by Bretibart (by the way, I love that bumpersticker!) and in this article, the columnist speculates that the UKIP is understated in the numbers:

The Newark by-election, set to take place on Thursday of this coming week, may actually a ‘neck and neck’ race according to one polling expert.

Despite polls showing a Tory lead of around 8 points, Mike Smithson of the PoliticalBetting website says that pollsters have previously underestimated UKIP’s performances in by-elections, citing Eastleigh as an example.

I agree.  UKIP voters will be energized to vote but so will Tory voters, too.  But it is the Farage Labourites that can decide the election.  Their person cannot win.  (Although the polls did show the Labourite is only one point behind UKIP but nine points behind the Tories)  But UKIP can.

There is also signs of tremendous grass roots effort by ordinary people in Newark (check out the photo):

A battle cry has gone out for more troops, and the UKIP faithful have responded. Newark, packed with Tory spinners and regularly visited by David Cameron and assorted Tory grandees, has now attracted hundreds of purple campaigners for this week’s by-election. From all corners of the UK – from Scotland to Cornwall, the Eastern counties to Wales, the most fervent UKIP believers gathered yesterday for a public meeting near Newark, and a chance to see their chief protagonist, Nigel Farage.

Here is from an email I get from UKIP (along with five million others!):

Friend —
With just days to go until the Newark by-election, we need as many feet on the ground as possible over the weekend.
I’ll be in Newark on Saturday as well as the following newly-elected MEPs over the next few days:
Sunday: Diane James MEP
Monday: Patrick O’Flynn MEP
Simply turn up at the campaign office which is open every day from 8.30am-5.30pm 19 Bridge St, Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1EE.
It’s just a few minutes walk from Newark Northgate rail station.
If you’re unable to make it, please consider donating £10 to help Roger and the team.
Thank you,
Nigel Farage
I do not know if foreigners can donate to UK elections so this is not a solicitation or encouragement in that regard.  But I would be there if I could but I am a poor blogger!  (Yes I am an attorney and I work for a legal printing company but I really am an ordinary guy!)  Here comes some more free advice for UKIP:
Push hard on the Labourites to not waste their vote but vote for the result that will tee off best the Tories:  UKIP.  Besides, the Labourites seem interested in climate change (which will cost jobs and destroy sovereignty) and banning such things as cheap beer – Mrs. Obama type nanny state variety junk.  Here’s the story!
As for climate change, see these items from the Labour website:
  • Tackling climate change – cutting Britain’s emissions by a third by 2020
  • Help in the home – phasing out inefficient light bulbs and household goods.

The first is sure to cost jobs and the second is nanny-state nonsense – take away your choice in light bulbs etc.  Pure ICLEI stuff.

As for the cheap beer ban, here is my post on thisBreitbart London and the Daily Mail ran it.  This ought to make a nice purple leaflet:

Labour’s nanny state plan for drinkers, smokers and ‘unhealthy’ eaters sparks revolt in party: Red Ed says we will FORCE you to get fit…

  • Radical plan could cost £300 million of sports sponsorship a year hitting clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool

  • A future Labour government will ban smoking in cars containing children and cut the numbers of adults who smoke

  • Supermarket shops will be banned from selling sweets next to check out tills to reduce the pester power of children

So Labour wants to run your life and take away cheap beer, smoking and lightbulbs!  I’d say:  Don’t vote for the guy who can’t win and who does not have your best interests at heart – vote for the liberty candidate (however flawed he might be),  vote for UKIP and send both Labour and the Tories a message:  Butt out of our lives and give us our Great Britain back!

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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