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Information Alert: Freedom = Racism?

From the Family Foundation’s Victoria Cobb comes this astonishing report and video. How low will they go? Ms. Cobb shows you exactly how shameless some people are when it comes to budget matters.

Victoria Cobb, President

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Information Alert: Freedom = Racism?

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I’ve been working for The Family Foundation for over a decade and thought I’d seen it all, but this morning’s display by several members of the Senate Finance committee while debating a school choice bill went far beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

Delegate Jimmie Massie (R-78, Richmond) presented HB 599, a bill that would provide a tax credit for donations to private school scholarship programs.  After several organizations including The Family Foundation spoke in support of the bill, the committee took over.  From there, the normal decorum of the Senate went out the window.

The hostility of several Democrat members of the Finance committee to parents and education freedom was on full display.  I cannot with words adequately describe what then took place.  But you don’t have to take my word for it – we have the entire sequence on video!  You can watch the debate at by clicking the following links.  It is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Delegate Massie Presentation, HB559 Part 1
  2. Supporting Statements Continue, HB559, Part 2
  3. Opposition Begins, HB599, Part 3
  4. Opposition Continues, HB 599 Part 4

I urge you to take the time to watch these short videos.  I know you will be as dismayed as I was sitting there watching.

In a nutshell, opponents to the bill implied over and over that efforts to provide education freedom for low and moderate-income families is racially motivated.  Without actually making the claim it was clear what they were saying.  The harsh tone and rhetoric on display was simply appalling.  Perhaps most disappointing is the fact that the children who are suffering most from poor government schools are African American children in urban areas.  It is private schools in those areas that offer true hope for children who otherwise have little chance at success.  In fact, one of the most compelling testimonies in favor of the bill came from an African American woman, Roberta Wilson, a champion of school choice!

This morning’s antics are emblematic of the philosophical divide between the political class in Richmond and families.  But the anger displayed is also indicative that these legislators are beginning to feel the heat!  Just two years ago school choice bills didn’t even register a motion in Senate Finance.  Today, they generate heated responses.

I’ll say it again as I’ve said before – school choice is coming to Virginia!  It might not be this year, it might not be next year, but it is coming.  Families are demanding it.  Watch the video so that you can see exactly whom it is that stands in the way of freedom.

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