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IS IT REALLY 79,000 YEARS until the next Thanksgivukkah?

I was astounded to read that this rare event – Thanksgiving and Hanukkah – might not occur again for 79,000 years!  Here’s why:

Well, almost never. If the Jews don’t ever abandon the calculations based on the Shmuelian calendar, Hanukkah will keep getting later and later — moving through winter, then into spring, summer, and finally back into fall — so that tens of thousands of years from now they will again coincide. But long before then the springtime holiday of Passover will have moved deep into summer, so be on the lookout for a memo with a calendar update in the next several thousand years.

But another source (A Jewish source) says it will be 2070AD!  But it will be the next to last time.

You’ll notice that these dates are getting further and further apart. That’s not just FDR’s fault. Both the Gregorian calendar and the Jewish calendar are slowly drifting in relation to the actual solar year—but at different rates. After 2165, Chanukah would have completely drifted out of November—unless one of these calendars (or Thanksgiving) is changed.

So would the Jewish leaders simply change the calendar?  I’d say no chance since the Sanhedrin has not met since approximately 70AD when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans (an event prophesied by Jesus about 30AD – see Mark 13:1-2) although there was a serious attempt to continue the council until 425AD when Gamaliel VI was executed for defying Roman edicts prohibiting the building of synagogues.  See Wikipedia for this.

But at the very least, Thanksgivukkahshould occur again in 2070AD.  If the Lord Jesus does not come again before then.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving and a blessed Hanukkah, too!





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