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IS Nigel Farage RIGHT? Did the EU leaders overthrow the Greek and Italian governments? Ross Douthat at the N Y TIMES seems to AGREE!

I have cited the NYTimes TWICE favorably this week.  I expect Tom White to have the ambulance called to the Sanders house any minute for a precautionary check!

But Ross Douthat seems to agree with the bloodless coup theories in Greece and Italy stated in the EU Parliament by UKIP chief Nigel Farage in this column in the Times today.  After starting out with a all-too-plausible constitutional coup of President Obama and foreigners “supervising” our efforts at debt relief (NEVER!), he draws a contrast between our nation and Greece/Italy:

But for the inhabitants of Italy and Greece, who have just watched democratically elected governments toppled by pressure from financiers, European Union bureaucrats and foreign heads of state, it evokes the cold reality of 21st-century politics. Democracy may be nice in theory, but in a time of crisis it’s the technocrats who really get to call the shots. National sovereignty is a pretty concept, but the survival of the European common currency comes first.

It might be nicer than Farage’s speech to the EU Parliament but Douthat is just as clear:

The technocratic coups in Greece and Italy have revealed the power that the E.U.’s leadership can exercise over the internal politics of member states.

There might not be tanks as in Prague in 1968, BUT the result is the same.  Leonid Brezhnev must be spinning in his grave.  “Why didn’t I do that?”  But the question is what should the United States do?   Douthat is not sure:

From the American perspective, a more centralized and undemocratic Europe is clearly preferable to the risk of another recession. For the staggering world economy, it would be disastrous if a burst of nationalism somehow broke up Europe’s common currency.

But that’s easy for us to say: it isn’t our self-government that’s at stake.

I am sure:  Unless you want the first three (well-written by the way!  Although what happened to VP Joe Biden?) paragraphs in Douthat’s essay to happen in our nation, we better start supporting the liberty/sovereignty movements in Europe against the EU elites and their puppet regimes.

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