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I could only wish that whoever sets by-elections in Britain had waited one more week for this Rochester and Strood slugfest – then we liberty and sovereignty advocates in the US (and UK, too) could thank the Lord (that is what Thanksgiving is all about!) for a victory in the UK!

BUT just remember:  DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN!

This election has the potential to be the most important sicne 1972 when the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) unexpectively won a by-election that placed them in Westminster and on the political map (Today the SNP has a majority in the seats in the regional Holyrood Parliament.)

The Mirror reports that there could be a non confidence vote in Parliament if UKIP wins big Thursday:

David Cameron could face a vote of no confidence if the Tories crash to a heavy defeat in Thursday’s by-election, it was claimed tonight.

The Prime Minister would face angry scenes from Conservative backbenchers if, as expected, UKIP cruises to victory in this week’s Rochester and Strood poll.

Tory high command billed the vote as a “must-win” election – but depending on the scale of the anti-EU party’s predicted triumph, Mr Cameron could be confronted with the nightmare scenario of more defections less than six months from a General Election.

This commentary in the Daily Express (watch for the girls again in these British papers – One of my few detractors will accuse me of writing about British politics to peek at the girls!) says this is political realignment:

Its cosy cartel is coming to an end, broken by its contempt for the British people and for Britain’s national interests.

The public’s deepening disillusion with the mainstream parties will be reflected in the outcome of this Thursday’s crucial by-election in Rochester and Strood, triggered by the defection of former Tory backbencher Mark Reckless to Ukip.

It now seems almost certain that Reckless will win a comfortable victory.

Such a result will cause dismay within Westminster.


Recent victories at Rochester and Clacton would show that vast numbers of suburban, southern English Tory seats are at risk, especially in Kent and Essex.

Yet this picture of Tory crisis does not help Labour because their own strongholds in the North and Midlands are increasingly vulnerable to Ukip.

In fact Ukip could win more than 30 seats at the next General Election, which would allow them to hold the balance of power in a hung Parliament.

That would mean a fundamental readjustment of the British political landscape.

There has been nothing like it since the 1920s, when the rise of Labour transformed the Liberals from a party of government into an irrelevant fringe group.

This time both main parties could suffer a permanent, catastrophic decline in support, which would be no more than they deserve after the way they have misgoverned Britain.

The Daily Express writer (Leo McKinstry) says these eloquent words which ought to be cited on every UKIP leaflet in the UK (a reference to former PM Sir John Major – who I have always admired – rose from a humble background to be PM – saying that UKIP is unpatriotic):

There is nothing remotely unpatriotic about wanting to keep our democracy, sovereignty and heritage.

If we remain in the EU there will ultimately be no Britain.

If we maintain uncontrolled immigration, there will be no British identity.

And Faisal Islam at Sky News reports that UKIP is winning because people feel they have no more say in their own government:

For decades, Mondeo man in Kent and Essex has defined the centre of gravity of British politics. But something has changed.


In fact, this was the last place in the United Kingdom occupied by a foreign power. UKIP is now persuading a large swathe of this region that the UK’s destiny is again beyond its own control. The mainstream parties don’t yet have a clear answer. And all this will come to a head later this week on the other bank of the Medway in Rochester and Strood on Thursday.

Islam interviewed several voters and it ought to scare the leading parties:

Among the business owners on the high street the change is visible and the issue of immigration close to home. But only one owner will talk on camera, Mr Martel of the printers.

He shows me around the High Street, pointing to the place where there used to be department stores, high class outfitters but where there are now Polish delis and mini-markets.

“It’s gone rapidly downhill,” he says. And with a flush of excitement he says this disillusioned nostalgia has changed his views. “I’ve been a staunch Conservative all my life, but I’ll be voting UKIP at the next election. I’d like to see Farage as MP of South Thanet and I’d like to see him ultimately have power in the Commons. They may not have a majority but they’ll be a voice to be reckoned with.”


A former prison officer, a previously non-voting fruit stall operator, a mother of a disabled daughter. “Great Britain’s not great any more,” says one. “I’m giving the main parties a kicking,” says another. And in a regular theme, despite concern about the recovery not reaching them, and about government cuts, there are precious few voices for Labour.

And the Guardian found Farage Labourites!  They are not even on the endangered species list anymore!

The proportion of Ukip voters coming from the Labour party has trebled from 7% to 23%.

Well, it is Thursday yet?  Get out there and work hard in Rochester and Strood!  It’s not just the UK’s battle you are fighting for.

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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