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Judson Phillips Defines the Differences between Gillespie and Cantor Campaigns

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Many conservatives are very skeptical of Gillespie. He is very much a Washington insider. Many fear he will be another vote for Amnesty and will be more like liberal Lamar Alexander or John McCain than Ted Cruz.

But Gillespie has not run a scorched earth campaign and while conservatives may not be thrilled about him if he wins, he is in a position to reach out to them.

Eric Cantor is a far different story.

Cantor has run a vicious and extraordinarily dishonest campaign against Dave Brat. Brat is a conservative economics professor who is taking on Cantor. Cantor was stunned on May 10th when his hand picked choice to be reelected as the Republican Chairman of the 7th Congressional District was defeated at a convention that was rigged in his favor.

Since then Cantor has been carpet bombing the airwaves with negative ads about Dave Brat. Most of them are blatant lies about Brat. Even liberal “fact checking” organizations are denouncing the ads.

Brat is running his campaign on a shoe-string budget. Cantor is clearly worried. Not only is his campaign spending a lot of money, he is calling in help from his friends. The American Chemical Society is spending $300,000 in independent expenditure ads to help Cantor.

Brat at last report only had about $42,000 in the bank, so he is not able to even respond to the TV ads. Brat does have the support of Tea Party groups that were instrumental in the stunning upset at the 7th District Convention in May.

Cantor’s absolutely dishonest, scorched earth tactics have angered conservatives in the district. Cantor doesn’t care. If he wins the primary on June 10th, he is probably in because his only opponent in the general election in November is an unknown Libertarian opponent. No Democrat qualified to run against him.

Judson nails it! So what happened?

Cantor got spooked. That’s what. His viscous and dishonest campaign tactics are coming back to haunt him. Alinsky-style tactics, normally employed by the Marxists on the Left, aren’t working with Cantor’s constituents.  Nothing would benefit the Freedom Movement and the TEA Party more than a stunning Cantor defeat. Our hopes now rest with the 7th District. It’s a pugilists battle between the door-knocker grassroots crowd against the Alinsky-Cantor crowd and their addiction to Washington DC power. That’s what this election is all about. Government Power versus Liberty. This contest has demonstrated, that in the 7th District, liberty is still alive!

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One Response to “Judson Phillips Defines the Differences between Gillespie and Cantor Campaigns”

  1. Molly Fitzhugh says:


    The Brat Pack Worker Bees vs Cantor Lies & Big $$$$

    Pray enough voters can be reached w the truth by June 10th


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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