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Jim Gilmore Using Party Traitor Boyd Marcus as Advisor. Shame On Jim Gilmore!

Un – freaking – believable.

Do you remember the turncoat Boyd Marcus who defected to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign? Marcus was a long time Republican Political insider and strategist. He refused to support the Republican in the race – Ken Cuccinelli – and instead, took his decades of political secrets to the McAuliffe Campaign and elected a Democrat to Virginia’s highest office.

From NBC-12

Marcus cashes in on McAuliffe switch

It was one of the biggest stories of the election, long time GOP strategist and veteran campaign operative Boyd Marcus bolted from his party to back the Democratic nominee for Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Marcus, who has served as an aide to Virginia GOP titans like George Allen, Jim Gilmore and Eric Cantor had been running Lt. Governor Bill Bolling‘s campaign for Governor. That was before the Republican decided against a convention competition with the eventual nominee, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Shortly after Bolling decided to get out of the race, he made it clear he would not support Cuccinelli and even dangled the idea of a long shot independent run for Governor. He eventually decided to stay out of the race all together.

But while Bolling has remained neutral (at least publicly) his confidante Marcus announced that he would go “all in” for McAuliffe. Marcus had never supported a democrat before putting his support behind McAuliffe.

Support isn’t the only thing Marcus offered. He also offered McAuliffe his expertise, something the candidate was eager to take advantage of. He hired Marcus and his newly created firm  Marcus Consulting LLC.  The new formation of a company was a necessity after Marcus decided to leave the party. His long time business partner Ray Allen, who is a close adviser to Cantor, remained loyal to the GOP.

Today we are getting our first glimpse as to how much McAuliffe is paying Marcus for his services. McAuliffe’s newly released September financial disclosure report shows Marcus’s company receiving twodifferent payments of $10 thousand each.  (on 9/4 & 9/26) Read the rest here.

So guess who Jim Gilmore runs to when he decides to run for president?

If you guessed now Democrat Strategist Boyd Marcus, you would be correct.

Fox news reports:

The campaign for 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Jim Gilmore is downplaying the candidate failing so far to qualify for the second GOP primary debate of the season, arguing it will eventually recover from the late start.

Gilmore, a former Virginia governor, essentially needs to get 1 percent of the vote in major polls to qualify for the Sept. 10 debate.

“We didn’t expect to be on the polls,” Gilmore senior campaign adviser Boyd Marcus told on Wednesday. “We’ve been in this campaign for 13 days and we’re against people who have been here for months and months. We started off behind, and we’re going to catch up.”

The debate is being hosted by CNN and will be at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, in Simi Valley, Calif.

Right now, Gilmore is not listed among the top 16 GOP candidates, according to an averaging of the most recent polls by the nonpartisan website South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is in 15th and last place with 0.6 percent of the vote.

“We’re used to making things work that people say can’t be done,” said Marcus, Gilmore’s former chief of staff. “We will start climbing the lateral polls after we are campaigning for a while.”

Seriously Gilmore?

Any Republican that offers support to Gilmore while Boyd Marcus is on his payroll or advising him in any capacity should be thrown out of the party.

The Republican Party of Virginia now bans anyone that supports a Democrat from all party functions for 4 years, and the witch hunt is a constant harassment mechanism for Conservatives. Yet Gilmore hires a defector who is responsible for the McAuliffe victory.

Shame on you Governor!

You should pull out of the race now. You have proved that your decision making is abysmal by hiring a traitor.

We will publish the names of Republican donors that help Gilmore pay Marcus salary as soon as they are available.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

36 Responses to “Jim Gilmore Using Party Traitor Boyd Marcus as Advisor. Shame On Jim Gilmore!”

  1. Cami Hartmann says:

    This blog post needs to go all the way up the food chain of the RNC- ALL THE WAY to Reince Priebus.

  2. Ron Hedlund


  3. BENNY says:

    How can RPV executive director John Whitbeck reconcile Boyd Marcus and for that matter- Bill Bolling- being Republicans in good standing in the Virginia GOP when they were defectors to McAuliffe’s campaign and ultimate victory?

    HOW? Could someone please ASK WHITBECK how this is allowed under the Party Plan of Virginia?

    They are all Benedict Arnolds.

  4. Claude S. says:

    Hey Jim Gilmore-

    Here’s your Sign:


  5. Camilla Harris says:

    No- the Stupid sign belongs to the Republican voters of Virginia who keep showing up at elections to vote for the candidates run by these CROOKS. Someone is donating to them. Send them the “STUPID” SIGN.

  6. Ron Hedlund

    This is UNBELIEVABLE! So what does RPV, Vice Chairman, Mike, Holier Than Thou, Thomas, think about all this?

  7. George from Henrico says:

    Let me understand this:

    Boyd Marcus helped McAuliffe win the Governor’s seat in VA in 2013 and got a cushy ABC Board appointment for his trouble. McAuliffe recently tried to register as many people to vote Illegally as he could with his control of the SBE to win the state senate seats in November and Virginia for Hillary in 2016, but we are to believe that now Boyd Marcus has switched back to the GOP and is backing Gilmore?

    This entire charade is an exercise to bring RNC money to Virginia in 2016 to line Ray Allen and Boyd Marcus’ pockets- Creative Direct. Shame on Gilmore for going along as the straw man candidate.
    Follow the money- it’s all made in the elections- they don’t care that VA is BLUE and is not going to vote REPUBLICAN in November 2016.

  8. Waverly Woods

    I would have thought Gilmore smarter than that. Tell him he still looks like Randy Forbes.

  9. James says:

    Tell the VFRW Broads that this means Bill Bolling’s political career is over BIG TIME and it doesn’t matter how much NOVA Development money he brings to the GOP Table. The Grassroots will never support the Benedict Arnold that defeated Ken Cuccinelli and gave us 4 years of Terry McAuliffe.

  10. Houston: We have a Problem says:

    The Bolling Shiites in Hanover County must all be suffering from a Migraine right now. Everyone of them have their wagons hitched to that white trash trailer.

  11. Jerry Rutland says:

    Let this be lesson to the Middle Resolution who hired Boyd Marcus as their political consultant when they formed their PAC.

  12. Joyce Howe says:

    This should be the end of Middle Resolution, their bought and paid for senators and delegates, and their COS agenda, too. Associating with Boyd Marcus is just not acceptable if you are Republican in Virginia.

  13. Everett Millican says:

    Mike Thomas and McGuire Woods Consulting earns Millions every single election in Virginia. He and Ray Allen ( Creative Direct- LInwood Cobb, Eric Cantor, Bill and Roseanne Janis, et al) probably birthed this baby in Mike’s office. Gilmore was stupid enough to fall for it hoping for a VEEP offer if they could deliver VA in 2016- which they won’t since they let Cooch lose on purpose. Gilmore will be lucky to get an animal control job in Chesterfield when this comes out in WAPO.

    The BUZZARDS are all Coming home to ROOST.

  14. Mrs. Powel's cousin says:

    The Friends and Family Plan:

    Karen F Marcus (wife of Boyd) is the treasurer on record for Jim Gilmore’s presidential campaign, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission.

  15. Patriot Dad says:

    Jim Gilmore has been stalking the Tea Party meetings and 7th District assemblies for months as a Trojan Horse for Marcus- telling Tea Party Patriots he was ” Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.”

    Don’t be fooled by this mole. Or Jimmie Massie, either, who does the same thing. Massie ain’t no Patriot.

  16. Georgia Peach says: after Boyd Marcus defects from the Middle Resolution Pac as it\’s political consultant and goes to work for McAuliffe to help him DEFEAT Ken Cuccinelli and win the Governor\’s seat, Son Randy Marcus lands a job as Senior Political Advisor to DEMOCRATIC Governor Terry McAuliffe in Virginia? and Boyd gets a sweet deal on the ABC Board? and we are supposed to believe that the Marcus Family is solidly Republican. Where is JOHN WHITBECK? on this exactly? FRIENDS AND FAMILY PLAN OF VIRGINIA

  17. Magnolia Dew Drop says:

    Dear Peach:

    Boyd Marcus has conceded that Virginia is now forever Blue- thanks to him and Ray Allen, McGuire Woods, and Eric Cantor et al and he and his family have cashed in on the Democratic side.

    Put your checkbook back in your purse and don’t donate, volunteer, or call for another Republican candidate in Virginia – it’s over until these people are purged from the Party FOREVER.

    Have a cup of Tea.


    Dew Drop

  18. Galen Copp says:

    Randy Marcus- Senior Policy advisor to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe? Why have we never seen this before? I thought Boyd’s appointment to the ABC Board was the final nail in his GOP membership coffin. You can’t make this stuff up if you tried. The Friends and Family Plan is so TRUE.

  19. Cynical in Chesterfield says:


    Is this a plan to raise money in Virginia for Eric Cantor for a possible run in 2017? Pack it away in Happy Gilmore’s FAKE campaign suitcase while Boyd and the Mrs. cash their checks? Too Many Cantor Zombies are in this picture I can’t get out of my head. Something is making my eye twitch- if you know what I mean?

  20. Aaron Bauer says:

    Virginia is exactly like Washington- there is no two party system anymore- just the ruling political class of lobbyists and developers.

    Republicans Boyd Marcus and Bill Bolling Help Democrat McAuliffe defeat Cuccinelli for Governor in 2013.

    Bill Bolling’s chief of staff Randy Marcus ( son of Boyd) goes to work as Senior political advisor for Democratic Gov.

    Daddy Boyd Marcus gets a cushy ABC Board appointment.

    2 years later Boyd and the Mrs. get cushy jobs in the campaign of former GOP Gov. Jim Gilmore in his run for the Republican Nomination for President. ( Advisor and Treasurer)

    If they were in the military, there would be a firing squad for this offense.

  21. Mitzi Kaufmann says:

    The very same people who were in leadership in the Virginia Republican Party, especially with an emphasis on the 7th Congressional District, while Obama won Virginia and Henrico County TWICE , 2 US Senate Seats were lost to Liberal Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, and the entire slate of state offices- Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General went to Democrats in 2013, NOW EXPECT us as grassroots conservatives to back them and Gilmore while they take over the RPV ahead of 2016 so RNC funds will flood into their coffers in VA in a presidential year?

    Are We INSANE? Tell me we are not following these people over the cliff AGAIN. What part of “Traitor” don’t the voters understand? These people don’t have the morals God gave an alley cat.

  22. Kyle Hasty says:

    Don’t forget that Ray Allen ( Creative Direct ) and Boyd Marcus were partners in their political consulting biz for years.

    Roseann Janis ( wife of former Delegate Bill Janis who claims Ray Allen is his BFF) works for Creative Direct and served as Treasurer of the 7th District Republican Committee when Eric Cantor and Linwood Cobb ran it like the Mob.

    See the incest of these politicians? Throw in the fact that Boyd Marcus was the political consultant for Middle Resolution PAC when it formed and you have quite the LOAD of Crap in the Virginia GOP.

    Oh and let us not forget Middle Resolution Pac funded Jamie Radtke’s first $50,000 when she ran against George Allen for US Senate. The Salem Witch Hunts weren’t this complex.

  23. Lucia Allievi says:

    Why Eric Cantor isn’t going away any time soon:

    Eric Cantor’s PAC – Melinda Fowler Allen -the wife of Ray Allen of Creative Direct- MORE FRIENDS AND FAMILY. IT’s like the MOB.

  24. Patriot Dad says:

    Every Single American needs to read this article to understand the Ruling Class- the Power and the Money in Politics

  25. Stephen Lee

    Cantor better take some classes in public speaking, economics, & ethics and move into a democrat district if he wants to feed at the trough again.

    Even some of his bitter clings are finally realizing how corrupt & weak Cantor really is & Praise God for that.


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