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Just a Week Ago…..

“It was all good just a week ago……..”
Jay-Z feat Too ShortA Week AgoHard Knock Life…..Vol 2.1998.

It has been a long time since I have posted anything to Virginia Right. 
Since October 2019, I have been traveling for work. My friends and family laugh at my social media posts to Facebook which always start with “Where in the Commonwealth is Corey Fauconier?!”

At any given time, I may be any given place from Chesterfield north to  Alexandria and west to Winchester, Virginia.

At home every morning I depart at zero dark thirty as my co worker, brother and good friend Cpl. C. Davis says. For the bunch of us in uniform service 0445 hours or 4:45 am to you civilians. I arrive at Fredericksburg for 0600 hours to start my day. Cell phone calls, text messages and emails on four devices. I feel like an octopus sometimes.

Mandy Omer and I have been together for eight years. The second longest relationship of my adult life. The best thing to ever happen to me next to the birth of my children. Together we have a blended family with 6 children. Eriq (27), Elijah (21) and Elliot (18) are her children from previous relationships. Avari (20), Iyani (19) and Maxwell (13) from my prior relationships. In addition, Jacqueline (who we lovingly call Jack for short) is Eriq’s girlfriend who we have come to adopt as another member of the family.

In common we have no children (one of my major regrets in this life) but we have Eva Elizabeth an eight year old Malti-poo who is our doggie daughter. Along with our grand pups June (Pit-bull / Lab mix) and Onix (Pit-bull / Cane Corso mix). And latest addition to the family grand kitty Kira who Elliot rescued from being killed by a Pit bull on the East End of Henrico County.
Lots of love in our house. 

Sunday, March 1, 2020 something happened to my loved one to make me hit the brakes and have me reconsider things. I usually get the call for a medical emergency at work. This call was different. Mandy needed help and I was not close enough to lend aid. She called and advised she was calling 9-1-1 because she could not eat. She clearly advised me that she could not feel her left side and could not cut the steak she cooked for dinner. I was I Highland Springs 25 minutes away from our Grandmother’s house in Chesterfield. I recall clearly saying to her, “call Chesterfield they will beat me home.”

When I arrived home I was comforted to see the beautiful yellow, white and shiney chrome ambulance (what we first responders call a “bus”) parked triumphantly in the driveway. The fire engine was in the neighbor’s driveway as it could not fit.
Mandy and I were relieved to see each other. I could tell she was not well. Favoring her left side. She looked tired, concerned and stressed. Eva Elizabeth was in Uncle Tony’s arms. Eva was NOT trying to hear the first responders getting close to Mandy. She said Eva sat on her lap and barked everytime a first responder got close to her. Tony had to get Eva off Mandy so they could work. Mandy requested that I carry her to the hospital. The EMT’S assisted her out to the car. I drove down to Iron Bridge and made the six mile trip to 150 /Chippenham Parkway.  Once on 150, I hit the flashers and the gas. 90 miles an hour north on 150 off Jahnke Road and right into the parking lot of Chippenham Medical Center.

Short wait and right back to the ER. At this time, Mandy was unable to left her left arm or left leg. I knew we were in for a stay. The ER staff provided Mandy with the Stroke Buster. 
Mandy was hospitalized for three days. In those three days I never left her side. Only to come home to shower and feed Eva and Grandma. In three years the longest I had been out of work. Working remote from her bedside. I realize something I knew. I love Mandy and through life’s mistakes and life lessons, I wish I could have met her sooner. But, I would rather have her on the bad days than to not have her at all. I also realized that I would never leave her, even in the tough times.

I also realized that week in the hospital that arguing over silly things is a waste of time, effort and energy. The best time for me, walking around the ICU, dragging the IV and heart monitor sharing small talk with the person who I love the most in this world. Understanding what a dark place it would be, if she was not here with me anymore.

I love you Mandy. Thank you for being my friend and walking this road of life with me, regardless of how imperfect I am. I promise I will never leave you.

About Corey Fauconier

Corey “Sage” Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, Queens, New York who currently resides in Chesterfield County, Virginia. He is a graduate of Hampton University with a degree in Political Science (1994) and a Paralegal Studies Certificate (1996). Former Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate (2017). First Black Communications Chair of the Libertarian Party (2016), Lobby Day Leader for the Virginia Citizens Defense League, second amendment supporter, volunteer with Generation Hip Hop VA and host of independent podcast Talks Over Drinks in Richmond, Virginia.

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