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Kentucky Clerk Held in Contempt

NBC News

A federal judge has ordered a Kentucky clerk to jail after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Kim Davis, 49, a clerk in Rowan County, was found in contempt of court on Thursday morning. She has said issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples would “violate God’s definition of marriage” and infringe on her personal beliefs as an Apostolic Christian.

District Court Judge David Bunning said Davis is bound by an oath of office to perform her duties under the law, and ordered that she be jailed until she complied with his order to grant licenses.

Bunning has upheld the Supreme Court’s decision in June to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, and wrote last month after the contempt lawsuit was filed that the state is merely forcing her to do her job within the law.

This situation poses difficulties for many different political perspectives.

Is it wrong for the Federal Government to refuse to enforce Immigration Law? If so, is it wrong for Kim Davis to refuse to issue marriage licenses? For those who believe that government officials are not obligated to enforce federal immigration laws, how can they possibly argue that Kim Davis doesn’t have the right to refuse to enforce federal marriage licensing law? And how can people who support Kim Davis, oppose the Obama Administrations’ refuse to enforce federal law?

On what religious grounds can a public official refuse to enforce local, state, or federal law?

Is there a difference between humanitarian-reasons and religious-reasons for an elected or appointed official to refuse to enforce local, state or federal laws?

Are laws really laws? Or are they departmental and legislative suggestions which can be implemented or ignored by Presidents, Mayors (sanctuary cities), or Clerks (marriage)?

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2 Responses to “Kentucky Clerk Held in Contempt”

  1. Tom White says:

    While I am on her side on the issue itself, I can only think I am being a hypocrite if I think a Clerk should have the ability to decide to issue or not issue a permit or license if the applicant meets the legal criteria. I keep asking myself, would I still agree if this was a gun permit she refused to issue?

    The obvious answer is she should be compelled to follow the law or removed.

    And while I totally disagree with and will never recognize same sex marriage, our anti God masters have created this situation. And they are to blame. As our nation heads down the sewer, why wouldn’t God abandon us?
    Tom White recently posted…War Room: The Most Powerful Christian Film I’ve Ever SeenMy Profile

  2. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Tom, I’m right there with you. I completely agree with her position, but not the office from which she executes and advocates it. I think one of our biggest problems in this country comes from our refusal to enforce immigration law. And while the Left is behaving hypocritical here, I will not.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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