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Kirk Cox shows why Conservatives have grown weary of the RepublicRAT Party By Bob Shannon

In 2004 when former President George W. Bush along with enthusiastic members of his own party pushed Medicare Part D across the finish line I decided I had had enough. A existing program drowning in red ink only to get worse in the coming decades and this “compassionate conservative “ thinks it a grand idea to add another 1 trillion ( CBO estimates at that time of the first 10 year costs) No additional revenue mind you, but a certain vote getter in Florida & Ohio where Bush knew he had to win in order to secure a 2nd term. It was about getting votes then, and this measure Kirk Cox is pushing is nothing more than that.

Cox is quoted as stating that “ we have to do more to strengthen families” ignoring families were much more stable and strong many decades ago when we had much smaller and less intrusive government. Cox cites that “ households are now two income households “ without any mention of how government spending, mandated benefits , out of control real estate & property taxes, and strangling regulations have often resulted in why families today feel the need to have two incomes.

The growth in the public sector, the annual pay raises, defined benefit pensions , the large subsidies by taxpayers for additional group disability, dental coverage and health insurance have created a monster. These public sector folks have now become defiant, as if the rest of us are obligated to keep their lucrative gravy train going. Certain V.R.S pension benefits for “public safety” employees are geared to begin pension payments at age 50 ? Who in the hell retires anymore at age 50 ?

Cox like most elected officials is aware that if ( Cox) keeps these folks happy he has an almost lock on keeping his seat. In most districts the public sector component is now large enough that securing their vote gives an elected official or candidate an almost certain margin of victory. Cox’s measure has nothing to do with strengthening families but strengthening his…… voting base.

For decades now we hear every election cycle the cries for how strong their support is for education, law enforcement, our brave fire fighters and EMS folks…..this is now such a significant voting bloc it must be constantly almost worshipped, and the worship is money & more taxpayer provided benefits.

Not that long ago a grandmother, Aunt or stay at home Mom watched over their family & neighbors kids. Arrangements were made and families strengthened by relying on one another. At every turn , whether it be health insurance costs, child care costs or general cost of living, well documented evidence exists that shows governments paternalistic nanny state cradle to grave mindset has only contributed to driving these costs even higher. Remember when you could reach a private arrangement with your neighbor to watch your kids for whatever amount the two private citizens arrived at as fair ? Try doing that today with the mandatory child care regulations that a babysitter has to comply with if they keep X number of kids, and if they watch these kids between the hours of X—Y. Child Care licensing , now an interest of the STATE, is only one example of the over –regulated society that has caused considerable economic damage. It was for centuries the responsibility of the parent to determine if their child care provider was a responsible person. Today we have the Nanny state requiring licensing and background investigations that have lent to ever spiraling costs for childcare.

RepublicRATS that have bought into the cradle to grave mindset need to recognize that Medicaid is drowning Virginia, that sooner or later we must address the 20 billion in VRS unfunded liabilities, the transportation & infrastructure needs have to be given adequate funding, and adding $500,000 costs to a benefit that is not necessary is exactly what it appears to be, another cash grab at locking up votes , nothing more or less.

Cox has been in the General Assembly for too long and this measure alone should serve as the needed impetus to send him back to the private sector where he can’t use our money to keep himself employed in the political arena. If RepublicRATS are now champions of larger government and more taxpayer provided benefits Conservatives need to look long and hard at the Libertarian Party, a place where we have a fighting chance of reining this nonsense in.

Bob Shannon King William & Mechanicsville T.E.A Party Founder

11 Responses to “Kirk Cox shows why Conservatives have grown weary of the RepublicRAT Party By Bob Shannon”

  1. Gene the Populist says:

    Cox knows that survival for Republicans in Virginia depends on them being better Democrats than the Democrats. I hope you realize that this is only the begining of the shenanigans as both party’s attempt to give away enough bacon to stay in office. Watch the purge next November.

    Meanwhile, the whole works goes up in smoke. Remember what The Doors Jim Morrison sang bout’ 50 years ago.

  2. Julius W. Vaughn says:

    We the Voters and actual Taxpayers in the Commonwealth of Virginia are sick and tired of the RINO Republicans in the General Assembly taxing and spending us to death. To vote for them in elections is to VALIDATE their behavior.

    Virginia’s Retirement System is currently underfunded by $20 billion. McAuliffe is throwing YET another pay raise at state employees on his way out the door, and “little Cox” as he is known in the GA is pushing the Debt higher pandering for votes that will never come to the Republican Party.

    STOP VOTING FOR THESE MORONS until candidates run on a platform of Cutting Wasteful Spending and reigning in fraud and abuse of existing programs.

    • willie g. says:

      to JWV-

      The Middle Resolution PAC based in Corrupt Hangover County is now blaming the Tea Party for their recent November losses in the General Assembly. Cost MR a lot of money and many years of leftist progressive operation. HIlarious. Con Con Supporters voted out of office and replaced by DemoCrats. And the Middle Resolution Pac who took over the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation by BUYING IT with their funding of its speakers and programs and inserting Nancy Smith’s Middle Resolution foot soldiers and Rvotes advocates into as many Tea Party leadership positons as possible is NOW SCREAMING FOUL on the Tea Party as the culprit for its RINO losses in the House.

      Watch out- The GRASSROOTS are calling for Kirk Cox’s defeat. When former Democrat Jeanine Martin over at TBE blog asks if Cox is really a Republican on her most recent blog post, Cox will never be voted in as SPEAKER now.

  3. Cate B. says:

    Bob Shannon is the smartest guy in Virginia Politics and this article proves it.

    Bob Shannon for Delegate.

  4. Gene the Populist says:

    According to the media, Trump asked congress for $44 Billion for disaster relief about a month ago. I guess for Texas, Florida, PR, and California. Now, according to the same media, Congress is voting on a bill for $81 Billion for disaster relief. Nearly twice what Trump asked for last month. This after Trump/Congress/Wittman approved nearly $40 Billion for FEMA to hand out just a few months ago. Congressman Wittman/Ryan apparently have lost their minds, at least the Republican parts. Just like I told you people, the Republicans are the tax and spend party. I told you time and time again.

    It’s long over due for states that have flooding, hurricanes, fires, on a yearly/regular basis have a rainy day tax to cover what they know is coming. Not a fund the crooked politicians can raid to buy votes like the Feds have done with the SS Trust either. ($2.9 TRILLION) It would be a tax to pay to live in the sunshine states along with their yearly natural disasters. As it is now, they get the sunshine and we get the bill. Why?

    The Republican Party is nothing but a lie. The worst people mankind has to offer. Counterfeit frauds. I disagree with the Democrats on many, many, things. But, to hell with the Republicans. Screw the Republican Party.

    • Major Tom says:

      Gene the Populist:

      There is NO REPUBLICAN PARTY or Democrat Party
      There is just ONE UNIPARTY- The DEEP STATE……

      FYI You are still living in La La Land.

  5. Lawrence Wood says:

    Well I certainly can’t find fault with your position that the local, state and federal public employment sector has ballooned out of all reasonable proportions both benefit wise and in base compensation to equivalent private sector positions. Frankly, a major driving factor besides the political motivation regardless of party to grow bureaucracies is the rise and explosive growth of the public service unions and their successful unionization efforts.

    Where I lose touch with your opinion is in the conclusion that “Conservatives need to look long and hard at the Libertarian Party, a place where we have a fighting chance of reining this nonsense in.”.

    This is a political state collective that in the decade plus I have kept an eye on their development and political progress has NOT elected a single individual to statewide office, nor even qualified under the Code of Virginia subsection 24.2-101, for major party status and automatic state ballot access instead constantly relying on the party faithful to gather petition signatures to gain any visibility. When they have brought statewide candidates forward there has been no significant voter breakthroughs always hovering in the low single digit percentage vote count.

    I have nothing personal or otherwise against libertarians or their party but if this is your idea of a basis to act as a state political change agent I believe the facts should have informed you that you are wasting your time and efforts.

    • Howard G. says:

      Mr. Wood: FYI

      The son of the late, great Libertarian John Taylor, Caleb, and John’s wife Lynn, are keeping John’s brain child Tertium Quids- which translates THE THIRD WAY- and monthly Tuesday morning meetings going in Richmond. These meaningful meetings are well attended by a broad group of Republican activists. This is where the seeds of a 3rd Libertarian Party in Virginia are being nurtured.

      Unfortunately the Middle Resolution Pac has infiltrated this group along with its straw men the VTPPF leadership hacks to do MR’s dirty work and promote its liberal progressive ideas and legislation in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

      So yes, Mr. Woods, you are correct. The Libertarian Party in Virginia has no future. Look at its recent nonsensical candidate for Governor. Even Blogger Libertarian Sandy Sanders abandoned him in the final days of the election in favor of Gillespie. In Favor of the GOP ticket. Someone must have explained the Republican Party of Virginia rules for Delegates and Conventions to Sandy. All his promotion of a 3rd candidate disqualify him from attending Republican conventions for four years.
      Which is probably the real reason the Libertarians can’t get off the ground in Virginia. Fear of Republican party rejection. Forever.

      • Lawrence Wood says:

        I was aware of the RPV 3rd party disqualification disclaimer for delegates and conventions but was honestly surprised it was a four year ban as I had always assumed it was an election duration cycle of one year. Thank you for that information. On the face of it I would say that it looks rather punitive from a voters rights participation perspective and would likely be a tough slog to judicially defend if the party was ever challenged aggressively up to and including a Supreme Court appeal review.

        My experience with bullies is that they often look formidable until aggressively challenged and then many simply melt away in the face of determined resistance. These organizational gates built on the premise of exclusivity never are constructed on the basis of strength but rather weakness and protectionism. The more thoughtful members of the party might reflect on exactly how exclusion has brought them too to their decline. It hasn’t just been brought about by the individuals outside the walls but rather the one’s residing inside as well.

        • Howard G. says:

          Mr. Woods:

          Watch Senator Mark Obenshain closely. He along with other GOPe dinosaurs in the GA support “Voter Registration by Party” in Virginia- yet another significant attempt by the Republican Party to disenfranchise grassroots and conservatives and ( I would argue Independent Trump voters) from participation in primaries and probably conventions. Obenshain is dangerous to grassroots efforts in Virginia. They want total control of the primaries and the candidate selection process in Virginia. It’s as if he and Suzanne are out for retribution for their own losses to Mark Herring and Cynthia Dunbar. ( 2013 and 2015) Virginia’s version of The Big Ugly.

          and the Republicans wonder why they continue to lose in Virginia.

  6. Bob Shannon

    To my friends and worthy, enlightened observers Mr. Lawrence Wood and Howard G,

    I have been knee deep in the Patriot movement for almost 9 years now, starting the King William TEA Party in August 2009, and the Mechanicsville TEA Party in March 2010. I served as one of the original groups in December 2009 that formed the Federation VTTP, and served briefly on the Executive committee before abruptly resigning in the Summer of 2010, for the very reasons cited in he response listed above. The PAC’s and the Virginia SRP committee simply co-opted the Federation in short order and have continued to literally control it for the last 6 years.I saw exactly what was happening and withdrew both of the groups I had formed from the Federation for that very reason. The Patriot movement was originally a non-partisan group that quickly morphed into extensions of the local republican party establishment. No better example of that could be found in what happened in Mechanicsville and the subsequent decline of the MTP after I stepped down at the end of 2013 as Chair.

    As to the futile results of the Libertarian party in terms of election success or the lack thereof,I would point out that I have also attended their meetings in Richmond sporadically over the last 4-5 years , endorsing Rob Sarvis for Governor in 2013, and Cliff Hyra this recent cycle .

    The Libertarian Party of Richmond will select a new President this coming week and a new board as well.

    Political grass roots civic organizations are like any organization, in order to be successful any group must have demonstrated Leaders, leaders who have both organizational skills and political strategic minds.

    In King William we rousted 3 sitting incumbents in 2015, both the Tidewater Review, and Country Courier routinely carry our message, through paid ads, letters to the Editor from our members in the community that follow and support our efforts. We supplement that with out road side signs and our KWTP website, and now with our relatively new group FaceBook page.

    Nothing is done by our local governing officials, or our school board without considering how the King William TEA Party is going to react/respond.

    The point is any group needs effective leaders. When I attend a Richmond Libertarian meeting, a city and surrounding bedroom communities with a population of well over 1 million people , and their are 12 people at the meeting, no newspapers, no TV station representation, no media reporting of what the Libertarian group is doing or working on…………the obvious is the absence of the necessary skill set I listed above.

    A new President of this group must have the time he/she can commit, must have the political savvy, and the organizational skills needed to form an effective group, one that will deliver results.

    It is clear that a tiny group out here in King William that routinely gets their press releases published in 3 newspapers, that gets voters to throw 3 sitting incumbents out of office ( rarely seen ) that has the ability to impact actual votes ( ask Catherine Crabill, Jamie Radtke, Dave Brat & Rob Sarvis) then it is not that the Libertarian Party can not have a meaningful impact, but simply will not until you get some hard nose and skilled leadership in the positions to lead these efforts. It is always leadership or the lack thereof that will dictate the end results

    Voters in increasing numbers are moving into a ” independent” status, leaving the establishments of both failed parties. Votes are there for the taking……but only if a third way has some bold brash and creative leadership.
    Bob Shannon King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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