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Letter From 5th District Conservative

Note: I received this letter from 5th District voter Clay Ramsay and think it is a great letter concerning the upcoming primary to purge Tom Perriello, a disgrace to all Virginians. Please note that Virginia Right! has not endorsed in this race as of yet, but any of those who have filed to run are far more qualified than the Progressive/Socialist we now have in office. Clay has started a new Conservative Blog, and it looks very good. Please check out OurFreedomRising.

I live near Charlottesville. I am of a conservative, libertarian, Constitutional frame of mind. I am concerned that our country is being led and pushed headlong off a cliff into what Reagan called “the dustbin of history”, aka the failed, dictatorial system of socialism.  I am writing this evening because I am concerned that we have an excellent opportunity to stop and reverse that trend, just as the people in Massachusetts just did, but we are in danger of blowing it.

In 2008, liberal Tom Perriello defeated six term congressman Virgil Goode by a few hundred votes.  It was a case of fortunate timing for Periello, as he slipped in on Obama’s coattails and dissatisfaction with Bush and Republicans in Washington.  However, a year later, this is a very vulnerable seat for the Democrats.  Buyer’s remorse has set in.  Citizens of the 5th district still want Hope and Change, but now, rather than an empty, feel good slogan, it has became a rallying cry of Tea Party anger.

So, given such a promising situation, how is it that we are in danger of blowing it in the 5th District?  We have 7 candidates seeking the Republican nomination, six of whom are very much in the conservative, limited government camp.  The remaining candidate, State Senator Robert Hurt takes generally conservative positions, except that he cannot explain away his votes for the two largest tax increases in Virginia history, votes on which he abandoned his party.  In spite of that, it appears he has been chosen by the national party as the nominee apparent.  Republican Whip Eric Cantor has given Hurt’s campaign over $7,000.  In addition, he is the beneficiary of the 5th District Party decision to select the nominee by taxpayer paid primary than by the convention that was requested by all the other candidates and by the local Tea Parties.  Unless the field is narrowed prior to the primary, the conservative vote will be split six ways, meaning that we could have a nominee whose position is supported by less than 20% of the voters.

This really is a shame, because we do have six good candidates who have stepped forward out of desire to serve their district, state and nation. They have each done so at great personal cost in time, wealth and in sacrifice for their families. They did so in expectation of a level electoral playing field.  It appears that will not be the case, but they are persisting.  All six are participating in a series of candidate forums sponsored by the Tea Parties.  Senator Hurt refuses to participate in these forums.

It is more than a shame, it is a potential disaster, because Senator Hurt is the one Republican candidate who probably cannot defeat Periello, in spite of the backing of the national party.  From what I have seen and heard, he cannot motivate the base throughout the 5th district.  The votes for Democratic tax increases are deal killers.  He says he was misled.  The voters are in no mood to accept representatives who can be duped into voting for big government.  The tide has turned.  It is a question of character and absolute commitment to principle.

I attended the recent Tea Party sponsored Candidates Forum in Charlottesville. In front of a packed crowd of about 400 citizens, six candidates explained their positions on a wide variety of issues.  One candidate stood mute. It was a cardboard cut-out of Senator Hurt, who chose not to appear at Tea Party sponsored Forums.  I have also studied the websites of all the candidates.  They are all very strong on stopping and reversing the outrageous spending and abuse of power in Washington.  I would give my full support and vote to whichever of these candidates wins the nomination.   I could not vote for Senator Hurt. My feeling is that if the choice is between two candidates who both support big government, I would rather that responsibility rest with Democrats.

I hope that conservatives all around the state will look closely at the candidates in this race. It is going to be one of the closely watched races around the country, as it was a conservative seat that went Democratic.  Will it swing back, or will it continue to be a guaranteed vote for socialism?

I think the candidate best suited to win this race is Michael McPadden.  He was a Navy pilot for 22 years, and is now a commercial pilot for Delta.  His goal is to be a very active member of the new wave of conservatives who will be elected in 2010. He is strongly motivated to return our Federal government to the constitutional principles on which it was founded.  His website contains a great deal of policy information and about 20 video clips of position statements.  Please check him out at

Clay Ramsay

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

3 Responses to “Letter From 5th District Conservative”

  1. VaPatriot says:

    Clay, I have a couple of responses to a few of your allegations regarding the candidates:
    1. Yes, Hurt has received a donation from the minority whip, Cantor, and appears to have the "blessing" of several of the senior Republicans in the House. However, many TP-ers and many of my fellow conservatives often cite Scott Brown of MA as a beacon that we should follow. Yet, many of those same people are unaware that Scott Brown was also an early favorite of the House Republican leadership in that race and that Sen John McCain gave him $5,000 to get his campaign rolling! Now, does that make Scott Brown a "moderate" or make him any less conservative?

  2. Clay Ramsay says:

    Hi Virginia Patriot (I am sorry you choose to remain anonymous)

    I do not really see the point of your comment. I did not suggest that Cantor’s donation to Hurt had any bearing whatsoever on whether or not Hurt was conservative, or whether or not he is worthy of support. I DO say that Hurt is NOT worthy of support based on his VOTES. He abandoned his party and voted for the biggest tax increases in Virginia history…in a time of SURPLUS. Rather than work to cut the size of government, he chose to stick it to his constituents. He also voted to give non-elective bodies taxing authority. He also supported other big government, nanny state intrusions, such as requiring vaccination of teenage girls for HPV without parental consent.

    Soctt Brown, on the other hand, was elected on the strength of very clear, very strong promises to stop a Federal take over of health insurance, and other administration initiatives. Furthermore, Scott Brown has no problem speaking quite effectively for himself. From all the press reports, and from his absence at candidate forums, it appears that perhaps Hurt can only speak through his paid spokesman.

    Senator Hurt is now on the right side of several important issues pending in the General Assembly. He obviously has strong support in his area. He should stay right where he is and finish the work he has begun in Richmond. He should work to correct the mistakes he has made. He should work with McDonnell to cut spending. If he develops an ability to speak in public, he might make a good governor some day.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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