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Liveblogging (Well After the Fact) the 97th House District GOP Convention!

I am live blogging at the 97th HOD Convention at Atlee HS

Usual three things: Prayer, Pledge and the GOP Creed.

Already a blockbuster as it was stated by Tom Miller, 97th district chair, that Senators Tommy Norment and Ryan McDougle supports the convention and that Miller will be taking the results to the RPV office at the Obenshain Building in downtown Richmond. This is news as to McDougle.

If this is not a live blog, it is because I could not access the school system’s wi-fi. (Blogger’s note: It is not liveblogged)

I missed most of the Senator McDougle speech – but it is a thank you for coming.

The “delay”, which is usual for conventions, is so every alternative can be made a delegate. It appears to be from a eye view that should be possible.

I am here with the Venezuela flag – that is my protest about the entire process this week. (I plan to have a picture shortly.)

By the way, John Fredericks, who I disagree in part about the so-called “rigging”, and who openly supported Peace (I’ll say if I were a delegate to this convention I would have voted for Scott Wyatt even though I am critical of Wyatt’s lack of vision as to other issues) did not appear. I was looking forward to seeing Fredericks again.

It is amazing that Senator Norment has been so active in the process – essentially taking sides and donating money to support the convention.

Another state senator, David Suetterlein of the 19th district is here speaking – he represents all of Salem, all of Floyd County and part of several other counties in the Roanoke area. The senator stated his opposition to gerrymandering and how his bill was vetoed by the governor. The senator also stated that Norment was not able to be present due to a family obligation. This senator stated: You are at the 97th District Convention! He described the recent past as “unnecessary controversy”; he stated to undermine these kind of involvement at mass meetings and conventions is unacceptable. Senator Suetterlein made a short stump speech stating support for standard GOP items lower taxes, liberty, pro-life (he cast the deciding vote against the late-term abortion bill) and against the Green New Deal. If the Democrats come to power, the Second Amendment will be compromised. Suetterlein also attacked the prisoners voting idea – it was not started by Senator Bernie Sanders but other Dems have embraced it.

Another break: I would say that Senator Suetterlein’s support of the convention is another blockbuster item. So three state senators have supported this convention.

There is a credentials committee report (Now technically there cannot be a report until there is a temporary chair elected but the attempt is to ensure all delegates and alternatives can vote and then there can be further business) and there were very small numbers from King William and New Kent and only about 400 from Hanover.

The temporary chairman – Daniel Bradshaw – was elected overwhelmingly (I did not hear a “nay”.)

Of course I expect Scott Wyatt to win this overwhelmingly. (It would actually be better politics for Peace to get a few votes – we’ll see.) A temporary secretary was elected.

I ran into Commonwealth’s Attorney Trip Chalkley – he is present and I told him why I brought the flag of Venezuela (The seven star flag – the pre-Chavez flag) for two reasons: Solidarity with the people Venezuela and to protest the nonsense (really on both sides to some extent but the big protest is the attempt to change the mode of selection from convention to “firehouse” primary.) that has caused the Wreck of the Old 97!

The Credentials Committee report was re-adopted and passed, so was the Rules Committee report with the reading dispensed. The Nominations Committee reported two: Mr. Chris Peace and Mr. Scott Wyatt. (I would have stated their titles – Peace is a duly elected delegate and Wyatt is an duly elected supervisor.)

There are five minutes for each speaker and neither Del. Peace nor did any representative of the delegate spoke for him. Supervisor Wyatt was introduced by a supporter from his magisterial district.

Wyatt now takes the floor: I hope we get the beginning of a vision for the general election and even for the “firehouse” primary. (If Wyatt wins the “firehouse” primary, the question is moot.) Wyatt took a jab at Peace by saying he lives in the district seven days a week. (This is a reference to a rumor that people have told me but I cannot confirm it officially that Peace has a home in the City of Richmond and spends much time there.)

Wyatt talked about some matters – he fought higher taxes as supervisor, opposed higher density in the Comprehensive Plan. While on a state towing board, Wyatt tried at a request from a fellow in New Kent to protect smaller towing companies from onerous regulations. Promised to fight to preserve Second Amendment and alludes to the Founders. Took a second jab against Peace – if I meet with gun control people I will tell them: People hurt people, not guns hurt people. Fight for insurance across state lines. Argued that his opponent has “on occasion” voted against conservative principles. He asked for the votes of the assembled delegates.

This is a good sign: A bit of vision. Not enough yet. But the start. Supervisor Wyatt did not allude to the “firehouse” primary. (In fact, no one has yet. One person suggested to me – better not say who – there will not be a primary at all. I told this person that the party and courts will decide it. I am afraid there will be a strong preference for the status quo BUT the 1931 case does offer some legal precedent in favor of the convention.)

The vote is about to happen. We are awaiting the counting of the weighted voting (based on the vote in the three units as part of the total. There is no sign of ANY Peace support. The convention will reconvene when we have a count. I can tell you: the count will be overwhelming for Supervisor Scott Wyatt. BUT will it count? Where’s the Brexit Party when you really need it?

By the way, I did get greeted by more people that at the mass meeting. If I try to say them all, I’ll mess up. But King William Supervisor Dave Hansen said hello, Rick Ryan from the KW Tea Party took the nice picture you see here today, and I greeted Dale Alderman who was working to register delegates. I also said hello to Senator McDougle. I also greeted former Hanover GOP Chair Russ Wright. The 97th District Chairman Tom Miller said hello. I know I will miss somebody and I am sorry.

The convention needed observers from both campaigns to watch the count and the chair had to ask for a Peace supporter to observe the count and one lady said she would. So Delegate Peace will get at least one vote!

Awaiting the count! There is admittedly NO suspense about this result. It will be overwhelming for Supervisor Scott Wyatt. But will it count? First the appeals will start – Peace camp will say no to the convention result and the Wyatt camp will appeal the new “decision” for the June 1 “firehouse” primary. The First Congressional District GOP Committee will decide and the losing side will appeal – probably to the Virginia State Central Committee. Then it will – and perhaps concurrently – go to state or federal court. I like state court better – federal questions can be brought forth and decided in a state court. There may be an attempt to use that 1931 case.

I just spoke with Supervisor Wyatt and he said the RPV has to certify the result of the convention or it goes to the State Board of Elections. This is a different procedure from what I was told. It is still possible there are appeals internal to the party apparatus. Wyatt did not confirm there would be court action but he is confident that he will prevail. He was thankful for the support of both Senator Norment and Suetterlein (I did not discuss McDougle so any slight is MY fault not Wyatt’s) for this convention procedure. I did say I was trying not to take sides but I was more in Wyatt’s camp than Peace’s.

Still awaiting the formal result. Spoke with Michael Herzberg, candidate for the Republican nomination for Cold Harbor Supervisor and he is impressing me but there are two others I want to research. Also saw the “head” blogger Tom White, a delegate today, and I am not fired as a blogger! Finally must recognize Major Mansfield and Larnie Allgood who said hello. I apologize again for missing some people!

The VOTE: 244.56 weighted votes for Supervisor Scott Wyatt and 7.9 weighted votes for Delegate Chris Peace. Peace did receive actual votes from each county. Wyatt graciously and in a very short speech accepted the nomination and the meeting was adjourned.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

10 Responses to “Liveblogging (Well After the Fact) the 97th House District GOP Convention!”

  1. Kim Singhas says:

    Thank you Sandy for this vivid picture you painted of you waving a flag from Communist Venezuela at the 97th Convention today as a demonstration that the 97th LDC has been taken over by anarchists defiant to the Republican Party of Virgiina’s Plan of Organization, rule book on conventions, and throwing out Robert’s Rules of Order as if it were a Banana Republic like Venezuela.

    Yesterday the Republican Party of Virginia’s Chairman Jack Wilson, an attorney, declared this convention was a “fun campaign event” put on by the Wyatt campaign and was not an RPV sanctioned method of nomination. You can read Mr. Wilson’s comments here:

    The analogy of what happened at Atlee High School today to how Communist countries like Venezuela hold its elections is this:

    in the HOD -97th district made up of approximately 80,000 voters, roughly 1700 Republican voters showed up to be delegates at mass meetings held in their counties and today ONLY 458 voters showed up at a Wyatt pep rally to vote. 404 delegates from Hanover County where the pep rally was held, 53 from New Kent County, and 29 from King William if we can rely on the data reported at another blog but not confirmed. By my estimation that is 38.4 % of the delegates who were certified to vote actually showed up. And Wyatt declared himself the nominee. Wow.

    That my friend is probably the most disenfranchising vote that ever occurred at any Virginia Republican convention in history. 458 people out of 80,000 voted for a nominee to the HOUSE OF DELEGATES.

    And that should frighten every voter in the Republican Party.

    I would like to know JUST EXACTLY how many of these 458 people who showed up today are dues paying members of one of the three county Republican units from Hanover, New Kent, or King William.

    We have elections next year and I pray the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia is taken back from these CONVENTION ZEALOTS who have divided our Hanover County republican unit surely one of most Repubilcan units in Virginia with their vitriol and devisiveness. They marched through the 5th- then the 6th Congressional Districts and now the 97th leaving a wake of destruction in their paths.

    These conventioneers would risk losing a safe republican seat when the Republicans are holding on to its Republican Majority in the house of delegates in Richmond by 1- excluding Yancey’s hat draw victory for his tie election with a Democrat in 2017.

    Congressman Wittman- are you watching? Some of your 1st District SCC members have stated they want a convention for you in 2020.

    I am a Peace Keeper and a
    Hanover County Republican Committee member

    • Kim Singhas says:


      Typical: you can’t believe anything you read from the Convention Blog operated out of the 1st District who inaccurately reported 458 delegates showed up at this Wyatt event today in an attempt to legitimize it. I just received an email from the 97th LDC Chair who informed us of the following:

      “When the ballots were counted (with Delegates for both candidates observing the count), Scott Wyatt received 244.56 weighted votes to 7.90 weighted votes for Chris Peace.”

      Folks: 80,000 voters were disenfranchised today.

      Welcome to Venezuela!

    • Mr. Nobody says:

      You talk about how many Wyatt people turned up at the convention yesterday. Well, the real reason Peace refused to participate in the as originally planned convention is that no matter how many people showed up for Peace, Scott Wyatt would have prevailed. Hence the need for the bogus 911 LDC meeting as Peace determined at the last minute that he could not buy enough delegates votes to win. Peace is just plain radioactive in Hanover. Peace is more interested in Communist Chinese pork bellies than the 97th District.

      Now, just so you will know, I have chickens that possess more intelligence than you. After what, 12 years in the Virginia House, and with those 80,000 voters you mention, Nina Peace’s son Chris, could not get enough people to show up at a convention to win. Does that tell you anything?

      No matter what the outcome, Chris Peace is damaged goods politically. Chris Peace, radioactive in Hanover, Virginia.

  2. Mr. Nobody says:

    Sandy, did you forget to mention that Tommy Norment and Ryan McDougle are as good a friend as any lobbyist ever had? They will both undoubtedly expect some form of allegiance to the “establishment” in exchange for their support at and of the convention. Only a fool or a naive rookie would believe that they both were not there to protect the interests of the establishment.

    • Miss Nobody says:

      Mr. Nobody:

      Scott Wyatt is Sons of Confederate Veterans ( SCV) and they didn’t wave Confederate Flags at the convention today?

      • Mr. Nobody says:

        Well, click on the link below and looks like Chris Peace lobbied for the Museum of the Confederacy? Along with Verizon, Smithfield, and just look at the rest. Anybody who votes to put a lobbyist in public office needs to have their head examined. Look at the gifts. Peace went to the Masters, US Open, NCAA basketball tournament, all on Dominion’s dime. What a joke. Just where is your documentation about Wyatt?

  3. I knew my email box would be lit up pretty good. So I’ll try to explain to all and will do so in a blog post. Probably tonight or tomorrow.


    • Rick Ryan says:

      Sandy, to me, choosing between a convention or a primary is conditional. In states having open primaries, like Virginia, I don’t want Democrats choosing my Republican candidate. This is particularly true with Chris Peace, whose hollow claim to conservatism is contradicted by his progressive voting record.

      The Peace campaign argues that a convention disenfranchises voters. This is a not so transparent invitation, particularly in elections having only one opposing Democrat candidate, to crossovers. The Democrats will vote for the lesser of two evils. Evil being the Republican candidate who gives only lip service to the Creed. Conventions allow only knowledge Creed believing Republicans to choose their candidate.

      Rick Ryan

      Old Church

      PS Scott garnering more supporters than Chris to the mass meeting is NOT rigging the process. It is democracy.

      • JP says:

        Not very well thought out. What is the difference between Democrats voting for Peace in an open primary versus Democrats voting for Peace in the general election? The system that allows anyone in office to take legalized bribes in exchange for bad legislation may be legal, but it is also corrupt. The incumbent receives large sums of money in exchange for bad legislation, and has an extraordinary advantage at election time. So, don’t shed tears about any BS that is alleged in the selection process in the 97th District.

        12 years in office, in the very heart of his district, Chris Peace cannot muster up enough people to vote for him at a convention to be a candidate. That sir, is a sorry assed record. That is what is important.

        Chris Peace is nothing but a lobbyist.

  4. Ted O. says:

    Much obliged Sandy for reporting to the Commonwealth that Dale Hargrove Alderman who is the defacto Delegate in the 55th as his legislative aid so Delegate Buddy Fowler can earn a state retirement off the backs of the taxpayers was there working for Scott Wyatt at registration Saturday.

    She and other Wyatt supporters like Middle Resolution Pac organized the Mass Meeting in Hanover County taking over the credentials committee and certifying delegates for Wyatt who did not reside in the 97th while slating off Peace delegates. This led to the appeal by the Peace campaign that was to be heard that Thursday night by the Hanover Republican Committee but was cancelled due to the 97th cancelling the Convention. YOU DIDN’T READ THAT IN THE FAKE NEWS BLOGS DID YOU? That the mass meeting was rigged? With fake delegates for Wyatt? Apparently some rogue IT tech from the Mechanicsville Tea Party and a Wyatt supporter got himself appointed to credentials and cheated it for Wyatt.

    It was the same Dale Alderman who convinced outgoing Hanover Republican Chairman Russ Wright to appoint Scott Wyatt to the 97th LDC with the sole weighted vote for a convention for himself.

    Wyatt failed to tell his little secret to anyone that Robert Cornelius is Wyatt’s good friend when he sent HIS PROXY to vote for a convention for Wyatt. Lots of failures to disclose here and YOU all think this guy Wyatt should be a delegate in the General Assembly? That’s laughable. Where’s the moral compass on that? Ethics violations before he is even elected.

    Wyatt never would have run if it weren’t a rigged convention.

    And that is Jack Wilson’s leg to stand on. This was rigged by people who all made certain they had primaries for themselves……. Delegate Buddy Fowler and Dale Hargrove Alderman, Senator Ryan McDougle, Hanover Commonwealth Attorney Chalkley, and Senator Sioban Dunnivant – Middle Resolution Pac one and all.

    But Peace got a convention. Go figure.


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