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Loony Left Shows Hysterical Ignorance in Reaction to Cuccinelli Letter

Ah, Virginia’s Loony Left Wing politics are at it again. The best way to describe the lefty gaggle to someone outside of Virginia is this:

Take one part Rocky Horror Picture Show, add one part Alice in Wonderland and dump it into an echo chamber. Shake, do not stir.

And there you have what passes for News the left can use.

In the case in point, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli sent a letter to Virginia Colleges and Universities informing them that if they have school policies prohibiting discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, Virginia has no such law on the books (despite 25 attempts since 1997). Several inquires prompted the Attorney General’s response.

So, in typical fashion, The Washington Post writes another in a long series of misleading articles and uses an even more inflammatory (and inaccurate) headline: Virginia Attorney General to Colleges: End Gay Protections.

The truth is, Cuccinelli’s letter simply states that the Universities cannot offer protections that the General Assembly has not authorized. The 25 attempts speaks to the intent of the General Assembly.

Cuccinelli is concerned that the university policy “invites creative litigants to deem the university’s benign non-discrimination statement to mandate, by contract, particular benefits or privileges to individuals based on such classifications”.

In other words, you are a state agency offering legal protections that the state has rejected.

What this letter does is take the state off the hook for any liability based on these policies, and puts the Universities on notice that they are not authorized to offer protections that the General Assembly has specifically declined to adopt – 25 times!

So, the bottom line is, should a university find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit based on their unauthorized protection statement, the Commonwealth of Virginia says they are on their own. As a University and individually. But the State is out of the loop.

So, should one of the Universities discriminate against a gay person, who files a lawsuit based on these policies, Attorney General Cuccinelli will not be defending their transgressions. The gay “victim” will only have an issue with the school, and will not also have to fend off the State’s Attorneys. And Virginia taxpayers will not be required to foot the bill for a University’s decision to supersede state law with what they now know are unlawful policies.

So, rather than “going after” gays in some sort of crusade, Cuccinelli is going to keep the state out of it.

But the spin does not stop there. Not Larry Sabato writes: Republican Mass Suicide Puts House In Play For First Time Since 1999

And now thanks to Ken Cuccinelli’s letter last week telling colleges they can and should have policies that allow for gay employees to be fired for that reason alone- this issue is going to swing right back on the GOP in 2011.

It is hard to follow Ben’s logic on this one. How he makes the leap from “not offering special status” to “can and should have policies that allow for gay employees to be fired for that reason alone” boggles the mind. It is not a surprise, though. But I am curious as to why Ben couldn’t find a photo of Cuccinelli in a gay bar with a Confederate flag Tee-shirt.

But the Left Wing Jihad against Cuccinelli takes on a whole new dimension from Lowell at Blue Virginia as the lower liberal tier reverberates in the Rocky / Alice echo chamber.

Lowell goes off the deep end with:

it is highly likely that Ken Cuccinelli et al. will continue and even intensify their crusade against gay people, their assault on global warming science, their refighting of the Civil War on “state’s rights,” not to mention their trashing of Virginia’s education system and quality of life.

Blue Virginia once again shows their “off the hinges” hysteria at any ideas to the right of their uber-liberal “progressive” Socialist views.

The fact is, with the transparent hyperbole spewing from the WaPo and the lefty blogs, Republicans will be all right in Virginia in 2011. The fact is, dishonest stories by the left is what got them to the point of irrelevance in Virginia and will continue to do so.

Virginia wants truth and honesty. The left lost that trust and mis-characterizations such as these will continue the decline of Virginia Democrats.

But their distortions do make me laugh!

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