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Lovettsville Lady has Gone off the Deep End.

While I have never met Jeanine Martin , as a frequent commentator on The Bull Elephant, I do indeed read her posts and admire her passionate drive to move conservative thought forward here in Virginia. Mrs. Martin never hid her disdain for our current President but in her post today, titled  “ Proof Trump cost us the election” she lends the impression that there is some evidence of this reported Trump  derangement syndrome , bordering on almost a mental illness. I normally ignore these otherwise normal folks who go immediately off on a tangent as soon as they hear Trumps name.

Ms. Martin attempts to make the case using graphs that represent voter preferences ( according to a VCU poll)  but she ignores that Hillary Clinton carried Virginia in the 2016 race, that north of Spotsylvania is a literal bastion of federal & state government employees that are terrified that Trump just might take the candy away. Federal & State employees deserve to be fairly compensated……..but the public sector is out of control, and everyone knows it. Ms. Martin either conveniently overlooks this to further her Trump derangement theory, or downplays it to try and strengthen her argument that Trump was the cause.

Her graph shows for example that the largest percentage of Northam’s supporters ( 36% ) claim they voted to emphasize their disdain for the Trump Administration ?  Of course when one considers the 36% VCU shows in their survey have some correlation to the facts stated above, relative to the angry mob of government employees who hate this President because of the direct threat he does pose to putting the brakes on public sector costs that are often cited as the underlying problem with multiple states such as New Jersey, Illinois, California, New York

In a recent TV interview outgoing Governor Chris Christy ( NJ) was asked what one thing was hampering him from getting NJ back on track, to which Christy replied  immediately…. “public sector pension and retiree health care benefits”.

Mrs. Martin gets it half right, Trump did indeed drive up Democrat voter turnout, but I will point out , you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and the omelet  knows Trump is coming for them too . As a businessman Trump understands costs—his enemies know that and he will at some point turn his attention to this particular issue

Mrs. Martin states that Trump drove up Democrat turnout  because of their hatred for him……and perhaps she is correct. But it does not erase the point that government employees who hadn’t voted in the past turned out in droves and she misses precisely why,  choosing instead to continue hammering a President she simply does not like.

Bob Shannon    Founder  King  William  T.E.A Party

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  1. Gene The Populist says:

    Bob, does Jeanine or Steve even have a voice of their own? Or, like other republican blogs, are they strictly controlled by whoever finances them? Who writes the checks that keep BE online? I can tell you this, Jeanine is a liar. Question the money over there and you are outta there. Steve is a republican propaganda artist. I also question who is really financing John Fredricks radio propaganda show.

    Again Bob, where is the money coming from? Just follow the money.

    On another note Bob. Will you support a coup by Donald Trump to stay in power? Yes or no?

  2. Mitzi R. says:

    Mr. Shannon

    Ms. Martin is a former Democrat. She’s a RINO liberal hack.
    John Whitbeck and the RPV created the narrative that Trump LOST Virginia the minute the results came in on election night to deflect “scrutiny of his epic failure to win in Virginia yet again.” The talking points were distributed on down the lines to all critical personnel who carried out orders It’s Trump’s fault. The Bull Elephant carried the water for the cause by printing lies. Whitbeck even held a conference call with the VFRW martini slurpers and told them it was Trump’s fault.

    Trumpets know the truth. NOT one volunteer of the tens of thousands who showed up at Trump rallies across Virginia was ever called to work or volunteer for Trump not even on election day when the GOP had entire precincts in NOVA without a single GOP volunteer at the polls. Babs Comstock did not want any Trump presence at her polls in her district. My precinct in Manassas where I vote did not even have a Republican table. Where did all that “voter data” go gathered by the RPV at the rallies. Attendees had to sign up by email to get in.

    Whitbeck is a Trojan Horse. and The Lovettsville Lady ain’t no Republican. Just ask Shaun Kenney.

  3. Bob Shannon

    Yesterday at the Tuesday Morning Group E.W. Jackson made a relevant point on Republican turnout numbers, primarily making a excellent point about the number of people in Virginia that self identify as Evangelicals and are not registered to vote. He also added the number of Virginians that are Veterans, many of whom are also not registered to vote

    Overcoming the very clear advantage Virginia Democrats now have, add in the point I made several days ago concerning the explosion in the public sector employment across all 3 levels of government and republicans have their work cut out for them if they ever hope to win state wide races going forward. The folks now employed in the public sector , often times by county/locality are now the #1 employer have no interest in voting for anyone they perceive as a threat to their very cushy compensation packages they enjoy today.
    Any reasonable analysis will show the debt driven by these out of control compensation packages is only going to grow worse. Conservatives need to dig into the new financial tsunami on the way, referenced as the OPEB Other Post Employment Benefits. Promises that began in earnest at the local level about 12 years ago to provide health insurance credits for eligible employees, the pension underfunding that exists, and the buy back of vacation/sick leave not used is simply mind numbing—and no one is even talking about it.

    The local School Boards are ignoring it ( so typical of POLS ) dramatically underfunding the future promised benefits and it will be for the most part homeowners and property owners who are going to get HAMMERED when these folks start retiring in large numbers

    In the next economic downturn ( and it is coming) cuts from the Fed’s and State will drive these localities into a colossal financial meltdown. Local real estate and property taxes will SOAR, and only then will the apathetic citizens get off their butts and get engaged.

    I have often explained the apathy as people not yet feeling enough pain…..well folks the pain is coming because States and Localities can’t print money, and the Fed has out of necessity had to shutter their printing presses. As my Grandmother used to say ” sooner or later the band wants paid”
    Bob Shannon

    Who could appeal to these Evangelicals & Veterans ??? I truly wish I was smart enough to answer that , but I am not.

    • Mac from Nelson says:

      Enlightening comment Mr. Shannon.

      There are many people who simply choose not to vote because they view politicians and government as corrupt or they don’t want to be called to serve for jury duty ( jurors are selected from the voter rolls) or they are Jehovah’s Witnesses who do not vote ( believe God’s Law above Man’s Law). Then there are many conservative voters in Virginia who are just fed up with the Republican corruption in Richmond.

      VA Right Blog did the best job in Virginia politics during the recent election cycle exposing the largest tax increases in state history which came from Bob McDonnell and his Republican controlled HOD.

      But I want to tell you about another group of conservatives who stopped voting GOP. I know because I am one of them. We are the farmers, the conservationists ( not the environmentalist AGENDA 21 whack a doodles, but true Conservationists who are good stewards of the land) who care deeply about our WATER rights and Land Rights who see the corruption in the GA and at county levels where the developers spend fortunes controlling the supervisors and planning commissions through their chamber of commerce money.

      At the heart of this corruption in Virginia is Dominion Energy and their EastCoast Pipeline and plans for Uranium Mining destined to take out two mountain tops and destroy part of a national forest for energy to be sold and exported overseas.

      One industry can’t be allowed to dictate national or state policy like the “Energy Lobby” is being allowed to do. I know for a fact that many conservation voters refused to vote for the GOP ticket last November strictly based on Dominion Energy’s ties to the GOP. When the ReDumblicans run a McGuire Woods lawyer whose brother is a lobbyist in the same firm for AG along side a Lobbyist for Governor we knew they had to be defeated. When Rob Bell supports Uranium Mining at Coles Hill for the Dominion billionaires we knew the Republicans had to lose the house. What choice did we have but to vote Democrat or just stay home. Trump didn’t cost the GOP the election in VA. Years of corruption in Richmond cost the Republicans the election. It’s called Dominion PAC Money.

      Drill baby Drill? Off the coast of the Virginia? The GOP will lose its seat in VA Beach. Just watch the Democrat win the 2nd seat next year.

      Land Application of toxic Sludge and Biosolids in Virginia is affecting hundreds of thousands of Virginians in a negative way.

      Many homeowners who have been “poisoned” and made hostages in their homes by the neighboring farmer who pays virtually NO TAXES on his land valued in the millions who says he can’t afford fertiililzer for his hay fields and must use biosolids and sludge knows the Republicans and the corrupt politicized DEQ Water Control Board who deems “toxic sludge” safe STOPPED VOTING Republican. With each rainfall, that heavy metal laden sludge contaminates the rivers and streams and the bay. MERCURY -Can’t eat the fish.

      I haven’t voted in years. I stopped voting republican after voting for them for 50 years. I am done with the Republican Party. I have nothing left for them and their lies. They take Dominion Money and vote to kill our environment and vote against property rights which includes my Water Rights on my land.They now frack and inject polluted water back into the earth to contaminate the water tables. for What? Oil and Gas we don’t even need in this country?

      The Republicans lost the “Conservation” Voters in Virginia when they made their bed with Dominion and Big Agriculture who promotes ” No Till ” through the county extension agents and Farm Bureau and the use of cancer causing Glyphosate with the help of Tax Payer funded Land Grant College VA TECH.

      The Republicans have lost the Conservation Conservative voters in Virginia and Virginia turned blue.

    • evangelical says:

      Mr. Shannon-

      You are a Marine, a Veteran a VietNam Era Veteran at that. And you can’t understand why so many veterans don’t vote. I know why.
      How could they vote for a government and the politicians who lied to them and treated them so badly.

      Ever been to a VA HOSPITAL? I HAVE. That’s why Veterans don’t vote and neither do their families.
      They were promised healthcare for their sacrifices and they get socialized medicine and third world care there.

      Evangelicals? Many lack any education ( Church of God and Pentocostal Churches are full of them) can only quote Bible verses and barely read. Many are homeschooled and clannish. They marry within their churches. They don’t vote because they have no understanding of the issues. Poor people don’t drive.Can’t afford insurance or a car. Go to Appalachia sometime. you really don’t want people who writhe on the floor and speak in tongues voting anyway.

  4. Bob Shannon

    Mac & Evangelical both raise valid relevant points but if I may I would like to add something to the discussion

    Going back a very long way my football coach use to schedule a scrimmage every year before the season started against one particular school where the students were older, more experienced and would beat us into the ground, it was often 49-6 scores for example, just a horrendous pounding.

    He just passed away last year and when I heard I stopped and reflected on what I learned from him , how he taught me at a young age to deal with adversity and the thoughts left me to conclude the toughness he instilled in all of his players likely carried through decades later when we ran head first into challenges.

    In those games we never gave up, knowing full well when we walked onto that field we were going to take a physical and physiological beating each and every time. We were outmatched in every sense of the word, but it was a fabulous preparation for the coming season when we rarely lost a single game afterwards. I am grateful to this day for his tough minded approach that has served me well my entire life.
    What are our options….do we just give up ? I have 3 adult children and 14 grandchildren now. My life is in the last phase and this effort is driven by two facts
    The first is understanding it is our generation that allowed this to get this bad, we walked away from our civic responsibility and put the car on cruise control. Those of us born in the 40’s & 50’s inherited the greatest Nation mankind has ever known and lived during a time period that history will record as one of the most prosperous also in human history. Our parents left us with a nation that had a roaring economy and opportunity that was without precedent.We, and that includes myself squandered what was given to us, we walked away from the fight that is always there if we are to preserve what we have…we got lazy.

    I simply plead with all of you to recognize the other side will never give up and if we adopt this defeatist attitude we leave this life knowing full well what kind of nation our kids & grandkids will inherit.

    The problems you cite such as medical care at V.A hospitals can improve or get even worse, it is then incumbent we work to elect men/women who pledge to address issues like this, and then equally incumbent on us to hold them accountable.

    God blessed America, but God isn’t going to do the work needed to heal it.We will—-or we won’t , it is that simple. We fight or we walk away from the fight. Between the old football coach and the Marine Corp experience I just won’t walk away because it is hard. Please reconsider my appeal to you to engage the enemy. Believe me–they will not quit

    Bob Shannon


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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