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Meet Democrat Wayne Powell – Eric Cantor’s Opponent

Who is Wayne Powell?

Before last Saturday, I hadn’t a clue. But I went to the Hanover Tomato Festival last weekend and on my agenda – besides bringing home a couple of the home grown fruits my home County of Hanover is famous for, was meeting Wayne Powell.

I intentionally had not done any research at all. Not even so much as visit his campaign website. I wanted an impression untainted by research and his carefully crafted message.

First, I stopped by the Hanover  Democrats booth. I had (wrongly) assumed that Powell would be there. They informed me that he had his own booth and the famous Hollywood actress Madelyn Stowe was making an appearance on Powell’s behalf.

So much for the untainted impression. Anyone that knows me is well aware of the fact that Liberal Hollywood Actors and Actresses don’t impress me much. And to be honest, I had heard the name Madelyn Stowe but had not the faintest clue of who she was or if I had ever seen her act.

Apparently, I was in the minority in not knowing her. I have seen her in several films, but she apparently failed to leave much of an impression.

But my feelings about the Liberal Hollywood Elite is that they are simply parrots spouting lines in order to keep from being blacklisted by the top dogs in the industry. Some may not really believe what they are saying, but I have no respect for them because they are cowards. And Actor I respect is Gary Sinise. Not only is he a good actor, you know he truly believes his political statements. They are pretty unpopular in in La La Land.

As to the rest of them, Alex Baldwin may truly believe the drivel he spouts, but he’s a dork and I could care less. The others are nothing more than a talking head. A teleprompter reader. Without the script, they are biological animations with no actual thoughts of their own. After meeting Madelyn Stowe, my opinion has not changed. She learned her assigned lines and regurgitated them well enough to earn one of the too-many-to-count awards and accolades these empty vessels seem to require to make it through the unscripted portions of their lives.

And I am not sure, but I believe Stowe gave up a botox treatment to hang out with Wayne Powell. Ughh. I have never seen that Revenge Show she is on (is that what it’s called?) but I say her picture on the internet. Hollywood makeup artists  earn every cent of their money. That’s all I’m saying.

Back to Wayne Powell.

I am a bit disappointed that Powell was not confident enough to stand on his own without a “look at me” aging starlet in the vicinity. It was a bit off-putting that he lacked the confidence to meet the public on his own merits. But brushing that aside, and he is a Democrat after all, I moved on to his booth, having been advised by the Hanover Democrats that he was not hanging with them.

One note on the Hanover Democrats. The older gentleman I spoke with was a really nice man. But the HDC would do well to have someone there to answer questions that actually have substance. The fellow was completely unaware that Obama has the Navy paying $26 per gallon for fuel as part of the new “green” fleet. The guy actually had a beef with Defense spending and “Bush’s” wars, but was clueless that the pricetag to top off the new ships was $20 million more that the :evil” petroleum based fuel.

So I walked over to the Powell booth and spoke with one of his workers. He never asked me who I was, and I didn’t offer. But he did confess that the idea of the Wayne Powell candidacy was to force Eric Cantor to spend money in his own district so he wouldn’t be able to fund Republicans in other states with his war chest.

After that revelation, Wayne Powell walked up. And I’ll be honest, he seems to be a pretty normal, descent guy.

And I was a bit surprised that he seemed to be staking out a fiscally conservative position in many aspects to the right of Eric Cantor.

And as most of us know, and despite the Jurassic Media’s insistence that Cantor is a far right wing radical who is owned and operated by the TEA Party, the truth is, Cantor is right of center, but pretty much in line with the voters of the 7th Congressional District in Virginia. He is not controlled by the TEA Party and his election stats are proof that he is satisfactorily representing the voters of his district. He is extremely popular here and that is not likely to change any time soon.

But Powell wants to make Virginian’s believe he is a conservative Democrat.

We had a good conversation, and as two old Veterans we were able to communicate quite well. Powell is not a war hawk, we both agree that Nation Building is something America can ill afford, and we should leave Afghanistan ASAP. He even intimated that he was risking exposing his inner Ron Paul with his foreign affairs beliefs.

I walked away thinking Eric Cantor may actually have a bit of competition in the 7th District from a Conservative Democrat – something I thought was in the same hiding place as Unicorns and Iraqi WMD’s.

I seriously doubt a Democrat of any stripe can win in the Republican 7th, but we have not seen a real conservative Democrat in decades. Hadn’t even heard tell of one in these parts.

“This guy might be a bit of trouble for Cantor,” I thought as I walked away.

But as Sean Hannity says, “Let not your heart be troubled”,

Wayne Powell is no Conservative.

A few hours of research revealed that he is a left wing Progressive Democrat pretending to be a Conservative to cause trouble for Cantor. Perhaps Stowe even gave him acting lessons while she was here. (Note: I watched ’12 Monkeys’ last night. Bruce Willis did a great job, Brad Pitt played a nutjob as well as Nancy Pelosi could ever even dream of playing and Madelyn Stowe was – adequate. I still don;t get her, I guess.)

But she taught Powell well.

You see, the problem is, people like Powell tend to leave a lot of the real person inside of themselves on the internet. When I found out that this guy was a big time Occupy Wall Street supporter and advocate, his whole facade crumbed. He’s no Conservative. He’s a damn Progressive pretending to be Conservative to force Eric Cantor to spend money in Virginia.

I really hate pretenders (although Michael Weiss played a heck of a Pretender a decade ago.)

Wayne Powell is no Jarod.

Check out the real Wayne Powell I put together in the video accompanying this post. That’s all you really need to know about Wayne Powell.

But stay tuned. There is more.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

6 Responses to “Meet Democrat Wayne Powell – Eric Cantor’s Opponent”

  1. L. Rubio says:

    With all due respect Mr. White. You have not done your research on Wayne Powell and whatever research you have done, you have twisted to represent your own bias against democrats and democracy. As far as your attack on Madeleine Stowe, we are all entitiled to our own opinion…sad that your stance against her, Hollywood, and Wayne Powell comes from your inner fear of equality and justice for all. We the people is just that…all inclusive. Until you are able to open your mind and rid yourself of the hatred you so proudly own, I’m not sure you will ever know what TRUTH is!

  2. Bob MacKinnon says:

    Someone please post the address for contributions to the Wayne Powell campaign. It is unforgivable that Rep. Eric Cantor bet on America going down the tubes by shorting his bonds. Shameful !

    • Tom White says:

      Cantor has $15,000 in short sale bonds in his retirement portfolio and over $250,000 in US bonds in the same portfolio. I doubt he directed the sales personally, but he has a lot more to lose if America fails. If an OWS Candidate like Powell ever made it to Congress, I’ll be shorting US bonds as well. Powell will do the exact same thing the French Socialists have done and we will see negative interest rates on US Bonds like in France.

      I guess if you can’t find a real issue you have to make something up, right Bob?

      • John L. Wheeler says:

        Mr White you showed your true colours by quoting Sean Hannity that is on the level of quoting Michelle Bachman,Donald Trump,Rush Limpbaugh,Allen West and all the rest of the Non-Christian Conservatives.How did Paul Ryan’s budget go over with Catholic Nuns. The same one all of you Greed or Purgatory Right Wing-nuts that do not care about the teachings of our Lord and Jesus Christ.As long as you can hate and denigrate human beings that you do not believe are Worthy of a Baptism or the receiving of the Holy Ghost to be saved and BORN AGAIN.You should be careful for your own salvation after all you say it your self, that an an Occupy Wall Street candidate is not even a choice. Powell is a radical.I guess my Father in Heaven you shold know. I do not beleive it, you are no better in God’s eye’s and probably worse, for judging people(GODS JOB)and worst of all worshiping false profits and then professing their LIES.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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