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When one examines the photographs of the protestors in Charlottesville and last night’s protests in Richmond it just might pay to ask the question—who are these aggrieved young people taking to the streets for reasons that seem somewhat removed from anything that someone so young could have even possibly experienced yet ?

They are far too young to have ever experienced much of what they claim to protest, discrimination, police brutality, harmful effects of a police state……..they simply haven’t lived long enough yet to have any legitimate claim to being impacted by any of this . So, if that is the case just what drives them and equally important —who are they really ?

Many of them are spoiled brats of indulging parents who continue to subsidize their lifestyle, paying their tuition, rent, medical care and other daily necessities so they can go off and show the world how “compassionate “ or “caring” they are for others plights. Survey them to find out how many are behind on their student loan payments, how many of them are collecting Medicaid benefits, SNAP card holders and leeching  off a society that is footing the bill.

The pudgy pink haired tattooed morons wouldn’t have time to engage in this nonsense if their parents kicked their sorry asses out of the basement, cut off their stipends that affords them the luxury of playing political activists, when many of them can’t hold ( or won’t) full time employment and become responsible tax paying citizens. You want to change the world Spanky…..get off your sorry behinds and go get a full time job so you might experience what the rest of us do, having to watch village idiots of all stripes go out and create mayhem, damaging others private property and burdening society then with cleaning up your messes. The actual loss of human life alone should trigger forceful action on the part of law enforcement to put these morons where they belong—in jail.

Spout off all you want about your First Amendment rights, but remember it is allowing for peaceful protest and demonstration…..you cross that line and throw a bottle or brick, spray some innocent bystander in the face with pepper spray, hit a law enforcement officer with a stick, you get whatever comes your way moron.

For those who want to place this blame on President Trump or any other elected official, take a good close look in the mirror, then go pull the 300 nose rings out of your 22 year old son Jimmy and sell the metal for salvage money—money you can then donate to your favorite pet cause.

In the meantime stay the hell off the streets so law abiding productive citizens who paid for those streets are not inconvenienced by your idiotic juvenile conduct .

Bob Shannon  Founder  King William T.E.A Party


  1. Patriot Mom and Dad says:


    Not to worry Mr. Shannon, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is about to put 1.3 million George Soros snowflakes on a terror watch list and life as they know it is about to be OVER……

    welcome to your new reality show Snowflakes

  2. Cathey C. says:

    Stefan Molyneux explains the escalation of sociopathic hatred by the left after Charlottesville Riots:


  3. Murray says:

    Here’s how the Virginia State Police provoked violence at Charlottesville riot-


  4. Isa Ryan

    Although your perspective is quite blunt I honestly couldn’t agree more. I am 31 and when I was in my late teens and early 20’s, was an angry self-righteous leftist protester. And I have got to tell you, the protest movement then was NOTHING like it is now. I believe these are dissatisfied young millennials who know very little beyond outrage culture. They are seeking meaning and righteousness in all the wrong places. It is very sad. Especially considering now that they have fought actual Nazis, they are most likely all the more emboldened and convinced they are in the right. This is entirely the fault of the MSM validating their cause and likening them to WWII soldiers. It’s insane.


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    Tom White Says:

    Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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