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MORE anti-ICLEI agiation in AUSTRALIA! SEE what the AGENDA 21 ADHERENTS have in STORE for YOU in USA!

I wrote about ten days ago about the activist in Queensland named Eugene Edwards who has been waging a lonely fight against ICLEI/Agenda 21 in his home state.

Well, Edwards has friend-ed me on FB and sent me several things I am glad to excerpt for you.

First, typical gobbledygook from his MP; here’s the letter:

I would like to clarify the issues raised by Mr Eugene Edwards in his advertisement (The Cairns Post 25/10/13).

I cannot comment on the impact of Agenda 21 of local planning laws in regional Queensland, however I can say the environmental overlays that have caused Mr Edwards so much concern were inherited by the previous Labor Government.

In accordance with our Government’s policy the determination of environmental overlays is a matter for each local council.

The Deputy Premier and Minister for Planning and the Local Government Minister have made it very clear that each local authority is able to make its own decision on the usefulness and implementation of environmental overlays.

There are instances in Queensland where local authorities have dropped them from the planning process entirely.

In the present case it will be up to the new Mareeba Shire Council to make a decision after the 1st of January 2014 when it comes to power as to whether or not it will adopt any part of the Tablelands Regional Council planning scheme, including the environmental overlays.

If Mr Edwards still has concerns he should direct them to the new Mareeba Shire Council.

 David Kempton

Member for Cook

Edwards was undeterred; he fired back:

Regarding your response to the Open Letter in the Cairns Post 25/10/13.

I would like to know why you ‘CANNOT comment on the impact of Agenda 21 of local planning laws in regional Queensland’.

Is that LNP policy or are you gagged from commenting on UN Agenda 21? If so: by who or what institutions / stakeholders and to what purpose are you gagged for?

If it is because you personally don’t know or want to deal with UN Agenda 21 or its consequences to the future of the Cook electorate, then I strongly urge you and your office staff to read the attached summary of United Nations Environmental Programme’s Global Biodiversity Assessment. It defines what the U.N.E.P. has declared as ‘Unsustainable’ to guide United Nations planning. Each item listed in the attachment is accompanied with the page number and scanned copy where it can be referenced to in the document.

I challenge you or anyone who reads this message to volunteer to live their lives in a ‘sustainable’ way as per the list in the 1st attachment. The attached document shows UN Agenda 21 is a social engineering program as the ‘Western Lifestyle’ has been declared Unsustainable. It’s not an environmental policy. The middle class and our children’s future are the targets.

The list of unsustainable activities includes;

Grazing of livestock and large hoofed animals (page 350). Is this why Dairy Farmers are being shut down in the Cook electorate?

Fencing of paddocks (page 351).

Paved roads and rail (pages 351 and 730).

Modern farm production systems (page 728). Are we supposed to go back to hunting and gathering?

Building Materials (page 728).

Human made caves. i.e.: buildings and houses (page 730). Do you support the policy of removing houses from the Tablelands and the Cook electorate?

Floor and wall tiles (Will you remove yours? page 730).

TECHNOLOGY IMPROVEMENTS(page 733). Are we supposed to go back to hunting and gathering?

Fish Ponds (page 733).

Inappropriate social structures (whatever that means! page 763).

Modern attitudes towards nature from the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religions (pages 766 and 838).

PRIVATE PROPERTY(pages 767 and 782). By implementing UN Agenda 21 at the local level no Federal (as provided by section 51 of the Constitution) compensation will be made to any resident who loses their Private Property rights.

Land use that serves human needs (page 783). So the Table lands are to be cleansed of people?

I want to draw your attention to the Queensland State Government website.

If any local council passes a law that affects the use or access to Private Property it will need to be ratified by the Queensland State Government (LNP).

As per the above link;

You and the Queensland State Government are required to acknowledge its intent to resume the land of the property holders of the Cook electorate.

You and the Queensland State Government are required to publish a ‘Taking of land notice’ in the Government Gazette.

You and the Queensland State Government are required to negotiate fair compensation for the resumption/compulsory acquisition of the private property of the members of the Tablelands and the Cook electorate who lose their private property rights.

More likely residents will commence an objection in the Land Court.

Can you please advise when the Queensland plan is or has been passed into Law by the QLD State Government?

When the ‘Taking of land notice’ was or will be published so the members of the Cook electorate can either submit their written objections or claim for compensation in the ‘specified time’?

The Queensland State Government website also states;

The Queensland Government is committed to delivering a new generation of statutory regional plans. These regional plans seek to provide strategic direction to achieve regional outcomes that align with the state’s interest in planning and development.

You claim that the environmental overlays were inherited by the previous Labor Government. Can you specify the date they were passed? Can you advise me whether the Queensland LNP corporation running the Queensland State Government intend to reverse or enshrine and support the laws that have been / will be submitted by ICLEI, the FNQROC, ‘stakeholders’ and local councils in the Cook electorate?

You pass the buck to Local Councils on being responsible for the Tablelands Regional Council planning scheme. As per the Queensland Government website on regional planning;

While land use planning is primarily the responsibility of local government, the state has an interest in ensuring that broader regional outcomes are achieved through the application of STATE POLICY IN LOCAL PLANNING. The purpose of the new regional plans is to identify regional outcomes to help achieve state interests.”
It is not acceptable for you and the other State members of the LNP Queensland Government to hide behind either the previous Labor Government that worked against Queenslander’s private property rights or any local councils or unelected institutions such as the FNQROC or ICLEI.

I strongly urge you to look at the second attachment carefully, which is a response to the article posted in the Mareeba Express by Ryan Groube on the 23rd October 2013 (page 3). It refers to the false consultation process that the voters in the Mareeba Shire (and Cook electorate) were given by the STATE run Queensland Plan.

Emily Vohland, one of the 4 delegates clearly expresses that ‘it was a top down consultation processes and that ‘we (Mareeba) had no community input’.

However, you claimed that the feedback you received was ‘extremely positive’. Can you please provide details on the feedback you received?

Specifically, I would like to know the feedback from ‘stakeholders’ who are corporations or not entitled to vote in the Mareeba Shire and Cook electorate vs. local residents feedback.

I have also attached the Open Letter published by a group of residents in the Mareeba Express to Campbell Newman in March of this year for your consideration.

There has not been any response from the MP for Cook.  But this inspired an other activist to dare to write in:

Reply to ‘A Missed Opportunity’

This excellent article about the consultation process for the Queensland Plan, hit the nail on the head. As this paper reported, Ms Vohland noted the QLD Plan consultation process was “not the bottom up plan it was supposed to be. Consultation came from the top down and it was very guided.” Hmmm… let’s investigate why.

The article mentioned the generous endorsement of American Steven Ames. According to a letter from Mr Newman to myself, Mr Ames was not part of the consultation process but had heard about it.

Why would some guy in the USA be so interested in Queensland’s Plan?

Steven Ames is heavily involved in shaping community consultation processes around the world including Christchurch, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast City and the Blue Mountains in NSW. He wrote “A Guide to Community Visioning” for the American Planning Association and a chapter in their Planning & Urban Design Standards.

Mr Ames runs workshops such as “From Crisis to Opportunity – Building Communities for a New Normal” hosted by which is driven by the wealthy American Orton Family Foundation. The Orton Family Foundation is very active in shaping community plans and provides “free-seed-money” to those communities who comply with their beliefs and agree to start costly projects (frequently benefitting select businesses).

The Orton Family Foundation are aligned with the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations and Prince Charitable Trusts, etc through various means. For example the Funders Network for Smart Growth & Liveable

Does any of this sound local to you? NO.

That is the first point -none of these visioning plans are actually local except in appearance. Each plan is developed, from woe-to-go using a carefully scripted and structured process that has been developed and tested by people like Mr Ames in many countries and many communities.

Secondly, these “community-driven” plans start looking awfully similar no matter which community “developed” them. They are popping up everywhere including Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia – each one is described as a “local vision” for the next 25 to 30 years.

Thirdly, every so-called community plan involves a myriad of unaccountable, unelected Non-Profits, Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s), vested-interest business groups and tokenised minority groups. All of these groups weigh into the scripted and structured consultation process – which appears reasonable and fair. However, when the plans have long term impacts for the rights of property owners or call for life-style changes that (1) do not appeal to all of us and (2) will affect some of us more than others; it becomes a great concern. We are in effect being out-voted by a carefully compiled chorus of vested interests.

This chorus is singing a song that has motivated a number of communities to ban at least one visible driver of these so-called community visions and plans. The visible driver is German based ICLEI an unelected unaccountable NGO that shadows and influences our local councils throughout Australia and the world. ICLEI’s website shows Rockefeller Foundation as a supporter (it’s a small world!)

Motions to ban ICLEI usually include a ban on their affiliates from also interfering in local planning processes. Examples include QLD LNP Widebay, LNP Noosa and Alabama State USA; Kansas and Louisiana are debating a Bill to ban ICLEI and the greater agenda it supports known as UN Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development.

Objections to ICLEI are neither based on anti-environment sentiments nor desires to foster horrible communities – the objection is that parties like Mr Ames and ICLEI are pushing a foreign agenda on our towns.

This was apparently a response to an article in a local Queensland newspaper!

Finally, we have what the Agenda 21 adherents have in store when they come to power.  This is an ad from Edwards and others published in  a local newspaper (Apparently the local media is not covering Agenda 21 in Queensland.)  It’s chilling:


Dear Premier Newman,

Residents on the Atherton Tablelands are being regulated to the Stone Age by the Draft Tablelands Regional Council Planning Scheme 2031.

MP Michael Trout says the plan is unworkable and laws must be changed to protect the property rights of rural landholders.“This planning regime is draconian.” “This will affect every rural property, whether it’s 5 acres or 500 acres, so I want to see that we have a planning system that does work, that you can get on with your life, that you’re not getting overruled by a bureaucrat every five minutes.” Mayor Rosa Lee Long agrees, but says the controversial plan has been foisted onto the community by state legislation. “So we’d like to toss that out.” See ABC Rural News 07/03/13

Tasks like building a shed or storm repairs trigger multiple overlay codes with impossible limits like a 10dcb noise limit near biodiversity area high (whispering is 30dcb, a dropped pin is 15dcb!) and 1 lux of outdoor lighting brighter than moonlight.  (emphasis added here by me)

Biodiversity overlays mean humans and domestic animals, OUT and forced planting and maintenance, IN.

90% Tablelands marked bio-diversity area on overview maps. “Development on lots containing biodiversity areas ensures their on-going protection and retention through application of conservation covenants” s3.4.4.1. Covenants are difficult to remove.

30% Tablelands marked habitat regional corridor on overview maps. Overlays are triggered at any time without our consent on ANY property. We lose Freehold property rights and pay for the privilege. How is this possible or legal?

This mega-regulation controls how 20,000 of us will live on our own properties. The implementation will cost hundreds of thousands of rate payer dollars. How many green-police will be needed? It reduces property values. New development costs are prohibitive for locals but not big corporations. Against our will, the TRC will adopt the planning scheme in April/May and will apply to the de-amalgamated Councils.

We ask for your intervention to protect the property rights and economic development of the Atherton Tablelands.

The regulations on property rights in this situation are intolarable.  Today in USA you cannot choose your light bulb.  That was the fault of both parties – Bush and Obama administrations both.

What appears to be going on in Queensland, Australia is something like what happened in USA before the Revolution in Carroll County, MD in early 2011.  Will a Australian town have the nerve or courage to renounce ICLEI?  A prairie fire can come from a small spark.  Let’s not take our liberties for granted.  But not everybody abroad is lost in “climate change” hysteria.  Be encouraged and let’s not take no for an answer until ICLEI is pulled up, root and branch, from the United States of America.


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