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MORE GOOD UKIP NEWS (which means BAD NEWS for the TORIES!)

This report from UKIP shows that UKIP policies are gaining popular support.

There is a poll in the Independent that states that over 1/3 of Tory voters are considering switching to the anti-EU libertarian party!

Almost one in three people who voted Conservative at the last election are ready to back the UK Independence Party, or have switched already, according to a devastating new opinion poll revealing the danger posed to David Cameron by a growing anti-Europe sentiment across Britain.

Ten per cent of 2010’s Tory voters say they have already decided to back Ukip, while 26 per cent of those who still support the Conservatives are “seriously considering” switching to support the Eurosceptic fringe party. Nigel Farage, its leader, has sought to capitalise on the economic crisis gripping the eurozone.

The Independent poll shows nearly half (46%) want Britain to leave the EU!

UKIP also has gained support with its education and tax policy, calling for a flat tax of 30%:

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “It may be chicken, it may be egg, but whatever it is, it is obvious that what UKIP stands for is slap bang in the middle of public opinion.”

Following Mr Miliband’s comments, the UKIP leader said: “Labour is now questioning the idea that funnelling 50 per cent of children through universities, no matter what the quality of the institution, nor the quality of the degree. It’s something UKIP questioning for years.

“Labour’s fixation with targets like these has been slavishly followed by the current Government, but has not lead to a better-educated population.

“Instead, we have a collapse in funding in higher education and the imposition of fees which are driving poorer students out of further education in its entirety and falsely raised expectations among graduates. Concentrating efforts on the academically able in universities while holding technical and vocational studies in equal esteem with them has to be the way forward.

Elsewhere, following the release of the Tax Commission report, Mr Farage responded: “The TPA and IoD call for a simple, flat income tax at 30%, with a tax-free allowance at £10,000 pa is not exactly our policy, but within inches of it.

Also in other UKIP news, UKIP has its second mayor – in Preesall.  This appointed councillor, Chris Lamb, sounds like a great future MP candidate:

Having served in both the Royal Navy and RAF he became involved with hygiene and health and safety and runs his own company. He is on the board of governors at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Blackpool CVS.

A busy man, Cllr Lamb, 49,  is also an actor and toastmaster, a volunteer for a talking newspaper, does Sign Language and has started training to become a self employed self financed Ordained Priest.

And the olive branch of joint UKIP-Tory candidacies in the next General Election is being put forth by UKIP leader Nigel Farage:

In a bit of mischief-making Mr Farage also suggests that there could be UKIP-Tory candidates at the next election. There wouldn’t be a formal deal but, he says, “what I do know is there are Conservative Associations up and down the country who think this could be a way forward.” He continues:

“All I would say to you is that in terms of co-operation or deals or anything in the future, firstly it’s some way off. But secondly, I can see that there are associations thinking along these lines. If they approach us, would I entertain and contemplate such ideas? Of course I would.”

Another headache for PM Cameron appears to be rising:  Votes for convicts!  I think there is a simple answer, although I concede I do not practice law in the UK!  That is:  Deprive jurisdiction (power) of the British courts to give compensation for depriving convicts of the vote.  That is a future article here at VARight!

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