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Here’s a summary of how ICLEI thought the Rio+20 Conference went.  There was (thank The Lord of Hosts!) few substantive accomplishments.  But ICLEI once again convicted themselves of unconstitutional foreign policy actions:

Do cities have to step in where governments are failing to take effective action? Cities are cooperating internationally without borders, without customs, without military forces. They can address the issues of the future without the global power play that we see going on at intergovernmental level. We have once more seen governments defending national interests rather than working together on a common global agenda. We suspect that the mechanisms, rules and routines of international diplomacy are outdated and incapable of designing and bringing about a sustainable future.  (emphasis added)

But US cities CANNOT COOPERATE with foreign cities on foreign policy goals!  The Constitution forbids it!  ICLEI admits it wants to undermine national sovereignty and authority over the cities within it.  This is the worst kind of Fifth Column!  But wait, there’s more:

Will the United Nations want to include local governments in the mechanism of decision shaping and even decision making, or shall local governments create their own voluntary institutional frameworks for commitments and accountability? They have actually started doing so. Twenty years ago, with Agenda 21 being adopted by the Heads of States and Governments at the Rio Earth Summit, Local Agenda 21 was spearheaded by ICLEI and may be regarded as a global success story of moving towards sustainability. In contrast, not many countries can demonstrate a national success story of having implemented a national Agenda 21. Similarly, it took nations 13 years to get from the adoption of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to the entry into force of the rules for implementation, the Kyoto Protocol. In contrast, it took local governments only 8 months until ICLEI convened the first municipal leaders summit on climate change and initiated the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign which involved about thousand local governments in local climate action planning. In 2010, Mayors signed the Global Cities Covenant on Climate (Mexico City Pact), committed to voluntary climate action and accountability, and established the carbonn Cities Climate Registry as a global reporting platform. In 2011, Mayors signed the Durban Adaptation Charter, thereby making commitments to climate change adaptation action.  (emphasis added)

ICLEI ADMITS it implements Local Agenda 21 – they even brag about it!  We have done better than the national governments have done!  ICLEI also admits that it is a voluntary institution with foreign policy goals:  Commitments and accountability.  That is how property rights and liberty interests are threatened.  What more admissions ICLEI works with the UN and has a foreign policy?

Advocacy. ICLEI has followed the preparations and negotiations of the outcome document closely and is the only Local Government Organization which has been present and actively engaged at every single UN preparatory meeting from May 2010 to June 2012. In addition, ICLEI has made a number of substantive contributions. ICLEI has also acted as Local Authority Major Group Co-Organizing Partner (LAMG OP) for the Rio+20 Secretariat.  (emphasis added)

So ICLEI is not in league with the UN?  They just said so!  Why are 500 some US cities still in this clearly unconstitutional confederation?  Local governments in the US cannot engage at UN meetings!  Show your local leaders in ICLEI communities these facts.  Ask them to get out.  Let’s get veteran’s groups like the American Legion and the VFW to denounce ICLEI and Agenda 21!  Many retired military or reservists serve on local governments.  They need to lead the drive to GET OUT OF ICLEI TODAY!

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