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MORE on the FLAWED BCS system!

Who said this:

Meet Paul Hoolahan, chief executive officer of the Sugar Bowl, and watch him as he goes tee-hee-heeing all the way to the bank. Understand that he is simply operating on the overriding Bowl Championship Series principle that cash trumps competition. Listen to his smooth language as he justifies the larceny that college football has become. Consider him Exhibit A in a government case against the BCS.

Or this:

Hoolahan will rake off something in the neighborhood of $600,000 in salary and bonuses this year for defrauding college football fans who expected the Sugar Bowl to present the best available game. Instead he awarded bids to No. 13 Michigan and No. 17 Virginia Tech based, it appears, purely on debts and favors owed. It mattered not that at least five other teams had stronger competitive claims.

No, I didn’t say it.  I probably wouldn’t say it.  It was the Washington Post’s columnist Sally Jenkins!  And Jenkins has more here for your reading pleasure.  (Jenkins calls for the league commissioners to take over the bowls and demand they adhere to clean standards.  Anything is better than what we have!)

Eric Crawford at the Louisville Courier-Journal writes the BCS has the “stink of greed”:

The BCS Ratings are about as worthless as a Madoff financial statement. With the BCS, the cliche really is true — you can throw out the record books. The only books that matter are bank books and Nielsen books.

Maybe Bernie Madoff can find work for the BCS.  He’s got people to pay back!

The protest against the BCS is growing – even on ESPN:

On ESPN’s BCS announcement show, [Kirk] Herbstreit said Virginia Tech “could not have looked worse” in a 38-10 blowout loss to Clemson in the ACC title game. He bemoaned the fact that Baylor and its Heisman-hopeful quarterback, Robert Griffin III; Boise State and its record-setting QB, Kellen Moore; and Kansas State and its (potential) “coach of the year” Bill Snyder were shut out of BCS games.

“Is that what it comes down to?” Herbstreit said. “BCS at-large selections are all about who can sell tickets and fill hotel rooms?”

Yes it is.  Now to the solution:  Utah AG Shurtleff.

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