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I continue on the Henrico forum:

First, my notes failed me but Dunnavant mentioned something in her opening about how she lost her business due to Obamacare (she did not specify how) and now worked for a hospital.  Very impressive as I said.  And Whitlock used the same rhetorical device in his speech:  “I may be your candidate.” was his theme.  I would add Haley said something that sounded an awful lot like nullification.  That is a political doctrine not a constitutional one.

The first question:  medical marijuana

Dunnavant brought forth her medical knowledge when she said it’s legal to prescribe but not dispense medical pot.  Janis said science should decide and he would only vote if the science proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it was effective.  I thought the use of the legal term was interesting.

Second question:  How to cut state budget without impacting local government

I think the gaffe of the day was said here:  Dunnavant said the state budget was “well-managed”.  I was surprised her opponents didn’t pounce on her for that.  Whitlock says is it is core function of government – if not don’t fund it!  (I am stealing that if I run for office!)  Haley said he’d try to pass TABOR if he is elected.  Haley also said something that my favorite Democrat (Senator Chap Petersen) would agree with:  Stop tax credits in the code and do what Henrico County does – lower the property tax rate.

Third question:  SOL reforms.

Nobody got this one right.  (The right answer is to adopt the Texas BOE standards and look into other testing methods.)  But Whitlock again took rhetorical honors with this line (approximately right):

“We don’t need President Obama’s education standards pushed down on us!”

I told you Whitlock impressed me a lot.  I am still for Janis because absent the Lord’s word or obvious moral or ethical failure, I stick with the one who I said I would support.  And Janis has experience and contacts to get things done.   But Whitlock did show me something.  I hope he can be elected delegate or something similar.

Janis did play at the end to his knowledge of state government and its players with some nifty name-dropping.

As promised – the Janis presser on the forum:

RICHMOND, VA – Bill Janis participated in a forum of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Virginia’s 12th State Senate district this evening.  The event was held at Deep Run High School at 6:30pm and was hosted by the Henrico County Republican Committee.
Bill Janis very clearly distinguished himself as only candidate in the room who has a real track record of conservative leadership.  There was plenty of talk about cutting state spending, fighting back against federal overreach and Obamacare expansion, and conservative values, yet these are talking points that we can all expect in a room of self-identified conservative candidates.  The one striking difference between the candidates is that Bill Janis has actually done these things in the General Assembly.
Bill Janis stated, “It is very easy to campaign on certain issues, and sometimes even to vote a certain way, but it is hard to show up on your first day and be a gladiator for these ideas in the General Assembly. During my time in the House of Delegates I fought back against government overreach, worked to protect our constitutional rights, and introduced real legislation to reduce government spending in Virginia.  There isn’t another candidate in this race that can say that, and I think the voters of the 12th Senate district have realized this, and will vote for me on Tuesday, June 9th to be their next State Senator.”

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

9 Responses to “MORE on the HENRICO FORUM!”

  1. Ron Benghazi Hedlund

    As Vince Haley continues to take the lead, the pro-Janis crowd will continue to poo poo Vince on minutia in his vast (and simply unmatched in this race) policy knowledge, and puff up Whitlock to attempt to split the vote. Oldest Ray Allen trick in the book.

  2. Ron Hedlund

    Other things that Bill Janis did while in the GA:

    Voted AGAINST a tax bill and killed it one day.
    Waffled the next day and the tax bill moved out of committee to pass the House.
    Thank you, Bill for that tax increase. Will you do the same in the Senate?

    Refused to support 2A after promising to do so.
    Thank you Bill. Will you do the same in the Senate?

    Decided to betray the Henrico Republican Committee and the state party plan and run as an Independent for Commonwealth’s Attorney.
    Thank you, Bill for that Democrat. Will you do the same in the Senate?

  3. Sandy Sanders

    I think the question is a good one. But I am concerned about the science, too. I am not sold on drug legalization although I do contend the Feds should get out of simple drug possession or sale crimes absent a tie with the border or large multistate drug gangs. They also should respect states that legalize pot or medical marijuana. I think Janis had a better answer but I pointed out Dunnavant’s answer so it was noteworthy. Thanks for coming by, Andrew.


  4. W. S. Wright

    For me & my family, we will vote for Haley.

  5. Tim Wright says:

    \”Stop tax credits – lower the property tax rate.\” This, I love.

    Haley would be a great choice, I will vote for him.

  6. John Barbosa says:

    We are pro Haley all the way…


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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